The SPFL’s Latest Statement Is Laugh Out Loud Funny In Its Breathtaking Naivety.

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The SPFL has responded to the statement tonight from Douglas Park, wherein he slammed the governing body and accused them of all manner of crimes against his club.

The SPFL’s response was supposed to be robust and aggressive.

Instead, I found it laugh out loud hilarious because it expresses surprise at something that should have come as no surprise whatsoever.

Yesterday, when they made their announcement every single one of us presumed that the Ibrox club would be foregoing its sponsorship payments, since they aren’t actually participating in the contract.

Within an hour the media was being briefed that this was not so; whatever the outcome here, it was clear that Ibrox interpreted it as a victory … as many of us did.

And they were certainly spinning it that way.

Tonight, following Park’s deranged statement the SPFL has issued a statement in which it has said that it presumes that the non-disclosure agreement which the league, the SFA and the Ibrox club had in place no longer applies, since Ibrox is briefing the press on all manner of issues relative to it.

The naivety of these people is second only to their spinelessness.

How many lessons do these people require before they comprehend that Ibrox could not give two shits about agreements or contracts or handshake deals or anything else?

How many more times do they have to get pissed on before they stop standing under the stream?

Ibrox has made it clear over and over again how little they care about any of that.

So they broke a confidentiality agreement. It is the least of their offences.

If the SPFL had shown some balls in the first place and acted robustly, and sanctioned these people for stepping out of line, or at the very least booted the club’s representatives off the board then football governance in this country might not be in this sorry state.

Even tonight their statement is pitifully weak; they are asking Ibrox’s permission to consider the agreement null and void so they can get their side of the story out, although Ibrox isn’t giving a toss that it exists at all.

And when Ibrox actually tells them that no, they can’t disclose anything because that violates the contract what exactly are they going to do about it?

Nothing. That’s what.

When you put yourself in a weak position don’t be surprised when people treat you as if you are weak.

The SPFL’s statement tonight is toothless posturing.

Even now, when something that isn’t water is running down their faces they can’t bring themselves to get out of the way and do something about it.

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A Celtic player goes in for a 50/50 ball and the oppositon player comes over the ball with his studs raised and takes it and snaps the Celtic player's leg in the process? What is the correct response?

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  • Chris says:

    It all goes back to Doncaster, Regan and the 5 way agreement in 2012.
    Doncaster saying nonsense that a club can survive liquidation.
    The SFA and SPFL dropping their original demands for title stripping for seasons where the dead huns won matches with players not eligible to play and cups won using the same.
    Projecting yourself as weak has led to this.
    Doncaster not standing up for himself and instead letting the sleekit Lawwell dictate, thereby getting a new version of the dead club into a position to resume a ‘new old firm’ as soon as possible.

  • SSMPM says:

    Scottish football is full of unrealistic dribble. We are and always have been the second class citizens in a first class stitch up system to suit and maintain the dominance of protestants in Scotland. That’s not just football, its society. The forces that want to defeat us as a culture are strong and established
    We need to come together again as a club. We need now, more than ever perhaps, to be on our own side.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Whatever the ins and outs of the cinch sponsorship shambles, the facts are;

    – it has become increasingly difficult for the SPFL & SFA to attract sponsors: the publicity around this cinch deal won’t make that task any easier in the future,

    – the club from Ibrox is at the centre of high profile negativity affecting Scottish football, yet again,

    – Doncaster looks weak / incompetent, yet again after 10 years as SPFL CEO.

  • John S says:

    Other clubs can now seek their own sponsorship agreements confident in a cut from any SPFL deal they don’t participate in.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The Celtic fans are to blame not sevco not the SPFL not the SFA.

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