There Will Be No Celtic “Compromises” Whatever The Moronic Record “Jury” Thinks.

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“Celtic transfer priorities could force signing compromise in key area” screams The Daily Record’s Monday Jury. That, in fact, is a re-write of the original headline, which can still be seen on Newsnow and the other aggregators. It reads “Mounting Celtic transfer expense could force signing compromise in key area.”

I guess that one was a little too obvious even for them. The effort to find some kind of negative in the Carter Vickers deal is extraordinary. These people cannot believe that we’ve gone out and made such a big signing. Which is reflected in the piece.

The discussion is actually about who we partner Carter Vickers with, with the inference being that Starfelt – who was excellent last season – is not up to snuff. The suggestion is also being mooted that we spent so much on Carter Vickers that options are limited.

This is fanciful nonsense. It feeds into this barmy idea that somehow the size of the fee for the big American caught us by surprise; it didn’t, as it was agreed beforehand. On top of that, you have to love the idea that somehow we are the ones who are skint! It’s their favourite club which is trying desperately to sell because it can’t buy otherwise.

It’s not our club’s fans who are peeing their pants over one of their players accidently posting a picture of the Wolves training ground on Instagram. The media is following suit and getting all excided although Bassey can’t possibly be there as he’s still on international duty (and is actually playing right now) for Nigeria.

Trying to paint Celtic’s transfer situation as though we were in some sort of bad shape is only one facet of what this desperate publication is up to.

On their last “Jury” they were talking about the Ibrox club might not need many signings … so even as they claim that we do (but might not be able to afford it) they are claiming that Ibrox doesn’t need any but has plenty of money just in case.

We don’t need to make “compromises.” We know what’s in the budget, we knew what we’d have to spend getting the loanees here and what would be left in the kitty afterwards. We have the Champions League cash. We have no problems with debt. We are, as ever, in good financial nick … the mad fantasies of the Sevconuts aside, all’s well in our house.

The Record clearly has some difficulty with that.

That’s what happens when you let your inherent biases get in the way of objective reporting.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Al that was from the glue sniffers and alkies convention this morning from the pretend journalists at the daily sevco was to out some negatives our way to keep the klan klub and their fans happy.
    No mention of any new arrivals at the BIGOT dome MONKEYPOX stadium to report so they turn it on our club and all negative.
    How they think sevco will challenge us for the season ahead with the same tired old players on year end extensions to their contracts only they know.
    No mention of Kent, Aribo or Fatso running into their last year of their contracts but trying to call our players out with 2 years left on theirs,you couldn’t make it up.
    Anyway Happy Days to Happy Gilmour their big season signing,all that dosh from 2 Cup finals and their big signing is a nickel&dime player on loan.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Their negative stories about Celtic’s transfer budget will just make the eventual dealings that CFC complete all the more sweet. It is best just to ignore the media’s desperate inane ramblings and let them feed the gullibles with the twisted lies they deservedly gobble up, it matters not a jot.

  • Bigmick says:

    How very dare we have our house in order.
    Vindictive, biased views based on desperation won’t change that.

  • harold shand says:

    They wrote Starfelt off after a couple of games and even though we won the title with the best defence record in the league they still keep writing him off

    • Scud Missile says:

      Aye laughing at the mistakes he made last season calling him out and we still won the league,yet not a mention of the ibrox klubs mistakes throughout season.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    The scum have spent 300k in total on transfer fees in 3yrs.
    Billions millions trillions flowing thru the club and yet no one at the Retard asks where is all this money?
    They just keep farming out the transfer jackpots are coming in…but they never do…
    Hurry up and die ffs….

  • Peterbrady says:

    The filth will try to steal the Sunderland player for nothing with the help laptop loyal and the rest of broque wearing scum

  • Johnny Green says:

    I see Brian Laudrup is trying to give the Huns a bit of hope by comparing their present close season situation to Celtic’s “utter chaos” situation at the start of last season before us going on and winning the league and defying all the critics. He’s not entirely wrong and in fact the Huns are in a far better place right now that we were a year ago. He is telling them that anything is possible no matter the negatives and I suppose he is giving them a bit of heart as is his intention.

    However there is one thing missing from his analogy, the all important ‘Ange factor’. They have Gio, they don’t have Ange and his magic wand to make the impossible possible and since there is only one Ange then, try as they might, they will have to settle for second best once again. We welcome the chase!

    • Damian says:

      I really hope the club isn’t this complacent. Gio won the Dutch championship with the third richest club in the league and he got Sevco to the Europa League final (with a hell of a lot left to do to make it out of the group when he joined). Celtic were dreadfully placed to win the league this time last year, and things appeared to get worse before they got better. If Sevco wins the league next season, that would hardly be a shock. So Laudrup needn’t have tried so hard to cheer Rangers fans up. They lost by four points. They dropped points in several games they needn’t have. They played seven more games than Celtic across the campaign. The margins are not huge.

      Falling into the trap of thinking of a manager as a demigod is dangerous. Ange is an excellent manager. That will be the case whether he retains the title or not. But there’s no magic wand.

  • Damian says:

    Either that or it’s just a statement of the obvious. If you have a limited transfer budget, whatever the limit might be, then comprises of some sort inevitably have to be made. If you can afford to spend £25m, and you’ve spent £10m, then you can thereafter buy the best players you have identified and who are willing to sign for you, up to the tune of £15m. You are therefore not in the market to sign one of the best players in the world, let alone more than one. So you have to compromise and buy a player who’s less good than that.

    And inference is something that a reader does, not something a writer does (unless they’re writing about an inference they’ve made from something they’ve read or heard). I’m presuming the writer here has inferred that Starfelt isn’t good enough, rather than that being what the Record has implied?

    Starfelt was dreadful in the first half of the season. The team was restructured very well in the second half, so that CCV was in more cases the last outfield line as opposed to Starfelt, and his effectiveness improved enormously as a result. It would be entirely possible to upgrade on Starfelt. There are unquestionably better central defenders in Celtic’s price range. But, personally, I’d be willing to compromise on this improvement and concentrate on the midfield, full back and winger positions. I can infer from the club and the manager that they are thinking that way too.

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