This Website’s Goonish Stalkers Get More Desperate, And Vile, Every Single Day.

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It’s been a wee while since I did a piece on the handful of assorted trailer trash who stalk this website and frequently try to get their comments up. I won’t highlight any one of them in particular, save to say that there are a number of them who aren’t even Sevco fans. They don’t get their 15 minutes of fame. They get the bare minimum of my time.

I am writing this today because I was working out on the move yesterday, and when I finally had time, late last night, to relax a bit I had more than 30 pending comments … and when I checked them they were all from the same people who have been nipping my nut for months now.

Some of them object to my politics. Too bad. I wear it on my sleeve, and this site doesn’t claim to speak for the vast sweep of our support. I was amazed when some of them popped up yesterday to kiss Lizzie’s wrinkled old hand, but I probably shouldn’t have been based on some of the previous stuff they’ve tried (and failed) to post on the blog.

Celtic fans pledging their love for the Queen. You think you’ve seen it all and then … oh dear God, what is there even to say? If someone’s in the wrong movie here it sure ain’t me.

Across the city, of course, they accuse me of being obsessed with their club.

Imagine that. Ibrox fans who regularly read every single word a “Celtic site” writes, and then accuse its writer of being obsessed.

Christ almighty.

I have never hidden the fact that I read plenty of what they write over on their sites, and on their forums too. I’m in the information business and they are frequently a great source of it. But mainly I do it for kicks, because they are hilariously brilliant, delusional, demented and totally at odds with reality. Ibrox Noise is, of course, a personal favourite.

I’ve also been clear that this is not a Celtic site … I have to repeat that over and over again. I inherited this site, the name came with it … my own former site was called On Fields of Green and it was labelled, as this one is, a “Scottish football site from a Celtic perspective.”

The difference is crucial.

I have written articles about Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen and other clubs on here … I do that quite regularly. Only Ibrox fans seem to think their club is special to me.

I’m not sure why their fans read The CelticBlog. Certainly not for laughs. They don’t appear to find much of the content particularly funny.

In fact, they lose their shit over it all time and time again.

I know that one Ibrox forum head frequently jokes that “if you want to know what (we) are doing, read a Celtic site” but I would challenge him on that basis by reminding him that we’ve given his readers more truth and fact than his website ever has.

When he was cheerleading for Whyte, and then Green and then King and promoting every word that came out of their mouths as pure gold, sites like this were calling them charlatans and liars and crooks and digging into every claim they made.

We told their fans the facts; if they chose to believe goons like him then too bad, so sad … these guys attack us in part to protect what’s left of their own shattered, shredded reputations.

If those of them who frequently try to get their posts up on the blog were willing to engage with the facts, or debate the points that I write then that would be one thing. Instead they write bile.

Guess what their favourite subject to mention is?

Yep. Got it in one.

Some of them put a lot of work into their posts; the moment I see the names at the top I simply read the first line as I send them to the trash bin.

I realise I’m giving away a trade secret here but … guys, you waste your time writing long screeds of abuse. I barely glance at them before they go down the memory hole.

It bears repeating again and again; these people’s posts will never see the light of day on this site.

One particular poster, who was an utter pain in the arse when comments were not being moderated, has given up the ghost … I advise that some of the others do likewise.

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    Keep at the bastards James, this site is one of many, however, the writing and content here stands above the rest, for me at least.
    Thanks and keep up the great work. TYVM HH

  • Frankie says:

    All true James the things they see on our sites is giving them more truth than what that club is feeding them.

  • SSMPM says:

    On the head son, spot on. If they just read hun blogs, papers, etc, then they’d still believe its the same club instead of pretending it is

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Cap doffing to the Royal Mafia from Celtic fans well I just don’t get it,what is wrong with them

  • scouse bhoy says:

    in reply to one of a comment regarding lefty {i wont repeat the word} it was not the lefties who gave us the bedroom tax and zero hour contracts. what is the monarchs view on these abhorrent laws ?

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