Whatever Craig Levein Might Think Celtic Does Not Fear VAR Nor Should We.

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Craig Levein is bumping his gums again today, promoting the idea that we have something to fear from VAR because the loud noise of the crowd at Celtic Park will no longer be able to influence referees.

If I thought for a minute that was the only thing that did influence refereeing in this country, I would be halfway grateful for it.

Naked bias is a bigger concern, and that only affects us in an adverse fashion.

We certainly don’t benefit from it in any way.

Levein knows there is bias in Scottish football. He has been one of the more reliable people in the game when it comes to expressing that view. He also knows – but is less inclined to say – which club it favours. He said that VAR will not benefit Ibrox any more than it will benefit us, and I agree with him that they have legitimate reasons to be concerned.

But as usual he cops out of exploring it except through the prism of crowd noise. I don’t know why this guy doesn’t just say what’s obvious to all of us.

He is crazy to think that there are any concerns about this at Celtic Park except in the half-hearted way it is being implemented and the fact that we’re not starting the campaign to come with it already in place.

Long before a handful of decisions in our favourite converted Ibrox to the cause, we were fully in favour of VAR and pushing strongly for it.

We’ve been dying for this technology to gain wide use in Scotland, and whilst we are all – naturally – concerned by whose fingers are on the switch and who will decide what gets looked at and what does not, we are, in the main, pretty happy with the outcome.

Honestly, Levein can chase himself. Celtic is not afraid of reform, although we’ve never publicly led the efforts in that direction. Why should we be?

We know full well that the SFA refereeing fraternity is a cesspit and that anything which makes it harder for them to get away with their “honest mistakes” is a victory.

In light of the bizarre battle between Ibrox and Hampden it’s worth taking a look back at the A-Z of Scottish Football Scandals … check out our extensive article by clicking on this link. It is amazing how many of these involved Ibrox.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Why would anyone listen to levein? Played soccer for 20 odd years and never won anything. Selected a scotland team to play 5-5-0 tactics. Declared himself unfit on Albert Kidd day. Wouldn’t give him the time of day. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      What this guy said. Levein is a clown and has proven himself to be a clown on numerous occasions. We all know he doesn’t like Celtic. Remember the long grass v Celtic thing (like it mattered)? Brendan Rodgers regarded him with the respect he deserved. None. Sure as f**k I am not going to afford him anything more than that.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Soccer?! Hmmm very strange hearing that term here or anywhere in uk

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Or hearing anyone said it that that now lives overseas like i have myself, never soccer! Always Football! Foot and a ball! Eh

  • Roonsa says:

    Soccer is not a word I use but I have heard it used by the Irish at times. Maybe because football is GAA to them.

    Back in the day (late 90s) my goto football website was which I think was started by an English guy who then made a mint selling it on to ESPN. At the start all it was was football results posted for ex-pats to keep up with their team back home’s progress. Glorious days.

    Roonsa’s FACT OF THE DAY. The word “soccer” comes from the term “Association Football” (the “soc” in “association”) which is the name the English gave to the sport. Whether or not they invented the game is open to debate. Scotland also played a big part in the game evolving to becoming the sport we love today (e.g. passing the ball between players is something the Scots added to the game in its infancy).

    Another sports FACT same time tomorrow.

  • harold shand says:

    I always chuckle to myself when i hear this guy on the radio , it’s just mental that a complete failure as a manager has the brass neck to have a pop at other managers and that he’s being held up by the BBC as their go to guy for football knowledge

    I work beside die hard Jambos and they despise this guy for what he done to their club

    He’s a fraud that was on the take with agents with all the dross signings he made and he’s only on the BBC because he’s not shy with fact he hates Celtic

  • Scud Missile says:

    Look at that photo of this bawbag he looks as if he just joined the OO.
    A guy stuck in decades gone by with thoughts and opinions to match it.
    He is finished in football management terms no club will ever again go near him with all his negative thinking around the game.
    He is now only left as a two bob pundit to try and earn a coin and he is even worse at that than when he was in management.

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