Why Can’t Riley McGree Stop Trying To Justify His Decision To “Snub” Celtic?

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If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, you’ll have come across one of those people who, in the aftermath of a breakup, posts constantly about it.

Not about their pain, but about how they aren’t in any pain.

Not about their anger, but about how they are “rising above it”.

You can’t help but notice that they are, in fact, in Hell and struggling badly.

Some of them keep on going long after the stage where everyone who knows them has gotten the point, heard it loud and clear and just wishes they would give themselves a shake and learn to embrace the new possibilities of life.

I suspect a lot of people are starting to feel that way about Riley McGree and his constant, incessant, assurances to the rest of us that he has no regrets about snubbing Celtic for Middlesbrough, and about how he will “defend it to my dying day.”

But why defend it? Does anyone care? Who’s he defending it from?

Not from us, we’ve moved on, we couldn’t care less. We’ve got Matt O’Riley who has more than impressed us, and Matt will be playing Champions League football next season.

Yet McGree was at it again at the weekend.

If you were trawling his Facebook page I’m certain you’d find lots of “no regrets” posts as well as those inspiring quotes those poor people seem to like so much, and which are supposed to present the impression of confidence.

I find them tragic.

I find his constant need to assert his satisfaction tragic.

I suspect he tortures himself with the decision he’s made and realises already that it was a huge error, done for the stupidest reasons, and that he realises he’s blown it.

Of course that could be misreading the situation, but if you’ve seen enough of those pages and read enough of their content you’ll recognise all this naval gazing for someone going through a real series of doubts.

And on top of that there’s something else, of course.

One of the reasons he keeps on mentioning it is that he’s continually asked about it in front of the media.

It’s obvious that if he genuinely thinks he’s done the right thing that he is one of the only people who does.

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  • S J Turnbull says:

    Who cares James, let the guy stew in his own juices.

  • MarkE says:

    I’d never heard of him until today, and will have forgotten him by tomorrow.

    He’s just one name out of hundreds linked with our club yearly; he’s been asked questions, answered them, and the world turns…

  • Frankie says:

    He had the chance didn’t take it, this did not bother Ange we all know who it is bothering now.

  • Lubo's Boots says:

    Got to be honest. I had forgotten all about him, and as for his comments, I don’t care. We’ve moved on and it’s a but of a non story. I don’t bear any grudges against him going to an English club – many players do. We struck gold with O’Riley and that’s all that matters.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I agree Frankie, he regrets it and is feeling guilty that he let down Ange. He won’t get a second chance, he’s blown it.

  • Roonsa says:

    If the media are the one asking the question then it’s actually quite funny. But the boy should just say, “look enough already, I’ve moved on and am happy where I am”. Because, as this article states, no Celtic fan gives a Friar Tuck. I wish him well. If Middlesbrough get promoted next season then good on them and good luck to him. He made his choice, there’s still time for him to prove that it was a good choice. Whether or not it was the right choice, however, it really means nothing to me. It’s time to let it go, Riley. Let it go mate, let it go.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Having lived in Australia I cant tell you right now he wont regret I! See they worship english football ” the epl” as they love to say, the only proppe that even use thst term! But they bang on about that on fox and sbs! And this subject only comes up as he gets asked by aussie journalists! Especially after we won the league and for aussie ange success with our Grrat Club validates them! Trust me on that they as in Aussies crave validation and relevance mainly because they are so far away from us and america who most Aussies really crave attention ” awesome dude” been there go to phrase for 20 years!! They are sychophants of the english league the royals and american tv shows fact! And they crave relevance big that’s the real issue

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