Why Is Scotland’s “Anti-Sectarian Charity” Condemning IRA Chants In Las Vegas?

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How nice that Scotland’s “anti-sectarianism” charity Nil By Mouth were able to get themselves on the front page of the papers again today.

As an organisation with a penchant for self-publicity they never disappoint. It’s just not clear any longer what this lot are actually for. They are publicly funded, so perhaps it is high time the question was asked.

This weekend, thousands of people will march through Glasgow’s streets in a sectarian show of force, and this of course is an annual event.

Nil By Mouth may or may not have a view on that.

But we know they do have a view on events which took place in a ballroom thousands of miles away where some folk sang a song.

All I can say is that the Catholics and particularly the Irish Catholics of my city are glad they have their priorities straight, because clearly that’s the bigger issue, right?

More and more it seems to me that Nil By Mouth are available for a quote on just about any issue which our media deems worthy of examination.

Quite what they do with the rest of their time God alone knows, because over the last few years sectarianism in Scotland has continued to flourish and particularly at football matches without their making a dent.

Nobody takes these people seriously, in part because they are selective about who they choose to go after and don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word which defines their mission.

For what does the IRA have to do with sectarianism?

Nil By Mouth and some of the chattering classes may find Republican songs and chants distasteful, but a lot of people feel the same way about the SNP.

We wouldn’t all lose our minds if Flower of Scotland was sung at a fringe meeting. For sure, nobody gets in a flap when it’s sung at Hampden.

And yeah, I can already hear the whinging and wailing of people appalled that I appear to be drawing a parallel between the forces of Wallace and Robert the Bruce and the volunteers of the IRA … so for the record, let me make it as clear as I can.

I’m not saying they are similar; I am saying they are virtually the same. The differences relate to the times in which they operated. But on a fundamental level there is none whatsoever.

I dislike the IRA songs at Celtic games.

I positively loathe the add-ons to otherwise normal tunes, which are moronic beyond belief. Those which have been attached to Celtic songs are particularly ignorant and momentously stupid; Willie Maley certainly did not give us “the IRA” in any way, shape or form and to me only someone stone stupid would sing that line.

But Nil By Mouth accomplished nothing today with their comments to The Record except to help that paper sell copies and to remind people that their organisation exists at all.

Other than that, I cannot think of one other thing they achieved.

If they were mothballed, Scotland would not even miss them.

When the Orange Walks are parading through this city this weekend not a single Catholic will feel better for knowing they are “on the case” because, to be blunt, I don’t know anyone who thinks they are.

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  • scouse bhoy says:

    the radar up to their usual . front page negative celtic story back page sfa bullying newco. i never bought it by the way had a look on the paper rack. scotlands sevco media shame.

    • Effarr says:

      Nil by Mouth should be asked to detail exactly, preferably in writing so that we can all memorize it , how chanting about tha IRA can, even loosely, be described as sectarian. The fact that Compson seems to think it is isn’t enough proof.

  • John S says:

    The sectarian marches need to be banned as incitement to discrimination and violence, which they will prove by themselves yet again.

  • James Mallon says:

    Scumbags with embarasing totally low IQ history.
    How are these people allowed in a civilised society, the efforts (non) of the legal system is part of the problem.
    The world looks on.

  • JimBhoy says:

    The marching flegshaggers bother me not in the slightest. Most are blindly led into these occasions and mindset at the behest or real bigots who enjoy the power aspect.Their brethren looking up to them.

    Herd mentality full of brainwashed kids.

    The one unfortunate consequence is that they need to keep in line in all things Orangey and proddy which may have a big bearing on this wee country of ours trying to get out of a useless corrupt partnership with Westminster as they all fall in line to worship the butcher’s apron. Tons of jobs and businesses going because of Brexit and cutbacks to Scotland and these folk still vote for a bit of Britishness keeping their masters in power. I blame the faithers, I really do.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Beautiful Sunday is now sectarian?? Is it an anti-weekday song? Is it because most of the kafliks congregate a couple of times a day on Sunday’s?

    The redtops bow to the last of the eejits that actually buy their products. Those papers will be down the tubes soon, they know that, unfortunately some of their award winning sports journalists will find other mediums to talk their shoite.

  • Dinger says:

    As long as you have a crown you will always have the orange order and sevco

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Run by scum hun cunts, as you say when do you hear them when the retards are marching. HH

  • Michael McCartney says:

    After being discriminated and persecuted by the British constructed and sponsored mini state built on the principal of one section of the population being forever in political power, the discriminated section of the population eventually rise up and demonstrate peacefully against the injustice of their situation. This is violently put down by the discredited police force who are eventually joined by the British Army. The persecuted section of the population then turn to the only alternative a guerilla war against the corrupt and discriminatory state. What the hell has that got to do with sectarianism?
    I’m pretty sure that the ex footballers and Actors on the stage in Las Vegas didn’t join in any add on words to the song but that doesn’t stop the Scottish Media including BBC Scotland putting it out as newsworthy hoping that some of the mud will stick. Scottish Journalism is Scotland’s Shame.

  • Kev says:

    When your backed against a wall, what do you do!! Just lie down and be beaten or defend yourself with the only means you can. Human nature answers the question. This elitism in our society is home bred and reinforced by a capitalist media.

  • MarkE says:

    Irish people & ex-pats singing about Irish history is no different to Americans singing the Star Spangled Banner, French singing La Marseillaise, English/British singing GSTQ, Scottish people singing FOS etc

    …the outcry about this from multiple British based news providers is the only discriminatory thing about the story as it reeks of sectarianism on their behalf towards another nations history and culture, and how their people choose to celebrate it!

    Britain were the instigators whose historical acts of imperialism led to most of the aforementioned songs being created in the first place, and the British press really need to take a big step back here!

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