As Predicted, This Will Be A Big Week For Celtic In The Transfer Market.

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Yesterday, I stuck up a piece saying that this was set to be a big week for the club. It’s pretty obvious that it is, because we’re now heading towards pre-season training and the manager will want as much of his finished squad available to him as he can get.

Holiday time is over.

The serious people will soon be back at their desks, and I would imagine that Ange will be going to talk to those upstairs and asking what the status of his wanted deals are. He knows where he wants to strengthen. He wants business done fast.

Just because there are no qualifiers it doesn’t mean that people at the club can drag their feet. We know what the fees are for some of these players and Ange will do his sterling job of selling them on the club. Hesitation, he won’t stand for. Waiting around for people to make their minds up signifies doubt and someone trawling for better options.

Jota will sign this week. Siegrist was meant to sign already. I still expect us to do that deal too, but if he turns us down because English clubs are on the hunt then that’s a cross we’ll bear as there must be half a thought that he might not and thus Plan B can be put into effect.

The days when we waited on people – to our own detriment – ought to be over with. We’re Celtic, and it’s time that name started to ring out again where it matters.

This is going to be a good week. An exciting week. A week where we close the big deal we’ve all been waiting for and get at least one of those others over the line. We’re now counting down to the pre-season training; Ange has made it clear he wants the main work before then. Remember; as things stand, even if we get the Jota deal done, we are, at present, going into the start of training weaker than we were at the end of the last campaign.

Time is on our side … but it doesn’t mean that we have it to waste.

I think this will be a big seven days.

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