Three Of Celtic’s Transfer Rumours Are About One Position … And It’s Telling.

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Of the many transfer rumours about our club which are swirling at the moment, I think it is telling that three of them around the same position on the pitch, and it’s one that a lot of the fans thought they had identified towards the end of last season.

The position is the defensive – or holding – midfielder.

There were four games towards the latter part of the season which seemed to make the case for some kind of signing in that key area of the team; two against Bodo and two against the Ibrox club.

It was notable how both those sides were able to dictate the pace of the game due to their extra man in the middle of the pitch, and a more physical approach.

It is the one part of the Celtic jigsaw which Ange hasn’t yet put in place, and many of thought that it would be critical to our approach.

Since then, we’ve been linked with three players in that position; one in France, one in Israel and the latest, a Brazilian playing in Belgium. These guys are all tough tackling battlers. I find it interesting that Ange is looking at that.

Today we’ve gotten our first deal over the line, the one for Cameron Carter Vickers and I could not be more pleased.

But there’s no doubt that a lot more work is being done behind the scenes and it is increasingly clear that part of it at least is being done in relation to this area of the pitch.

If the big guy thinks that we need a little more dig and a little more fight in that area, well I doubt that any of us would disagree with him for a minute. It’s obvious we do.

We have enough firepower in this side that we’ll get by most of the time without having this particular tool in the box. But on those days when we do need it, it would be good to have it and clearly the boss is thinking along those lines.

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  • jrm63 says:

    Does that mean 4-4-2 on certain occasions? 3 European away games ( and say 1 or 2 at home) and maybe 2 at Ibrox? Celtic fans have been arguing about whether we need for as long as I can remember (40 years). But they cannot stay match sharp on 6 games a year. That means they play most games. That is probably the end of 4-3-3 as a settled formation. Interesting times

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Great strategy, Looking at three players for the one position. If Celtic makes a reasonable offer, Hopefully Agents and clubs will be a bit more willing to get the deal over the line knowing they will just move on to player A.B.or C.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Ange has an eye for a player but we need replacements for Jota if he does not join and Tom and Biton just in comparison to last season’s team. Not suggesting they should all be purchased, happy to bring some players on but we need first team quality.

    Couple of decent players at Scottish teams also.

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