Andy Walker’s Choice For Celtic’s Most Important Player This Year Is … Interesting.

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Andy Walker picked his crucial player at every club in the league list today, and although a lot of sites are bizarrely publicising what Kris Boyd said, as if any of us care who he thinks Celtic’s most potent player will be, there’s be very little talk about Walker’s.

And Walker’s, to me, is more interesting by far even if he were not competing with that idiot.

I keep meaning to do a long piece on who the best player at Parkhead might be in the coming season. I’ve started it but just not got it over the line. I am personally settled on Hatate, because I think he’s a genuine super-star. But the arguments for other players is good, and I am not closed off to it. But one player only just made the list.

Crucially, he’s the guy Walker thinks is the one to watch.

It’s David Turnbull. The top scorer during our pre-season, as I pointed out in a piece earlier in the week, and a player who is definitely good enough to play a huge role. The question as to whether he will play every work is one only two people can answer; the boss and Turnbull himself. It is up to him to make the case unassailable.

I’ve been saying for a while now – and I’m a huge fan of this kid – that the real challenge for Turnbull is to leave behind “David Turnbull, formerly of Motherwell” and to become “David Turnbull, of Celtic.” The distinction is obvious. Once he becomes a Celtic fan favourite his past career ceases to matter and becomes one of those obscure quiz questions in years to come … he has taken giant strides towards that exalted status already.

I do believe that this is the year he will make that transition complete and become a genuine player you cannot imagine the midfield without and who we might one day be in a fight to hang onto. He has all the necessary qualities to do it. He is the last truly exceptional player that we signed from another Scottish club, and we missed one and turned up our noses at another couple … but he and McGinn were the two major standouts.

I think Turnbull has already been excellent for Celtic, and I love that with so much focus on the new players and the Japanese boys in particular that we’ve all, I think, lost sight a wee bit of how certain players – three in particular – have grown under Ange. It’s no coincidence either that all three at Scot’s; McGregor, Ralston and Turnbull. I actually think there’s an argument for saying Taylor has become a better player as well.

I know this; of the three managers Turnbull has played for Celtic under, this guy is the best one to bring him to the heights he’s capable of. Ange’s whole career has been built on the development of footballers and you can see how some of them have grown under him … Turnbull has one Hell of a role to play in this coming campaign.

For once, Walker has said something that I don’t totally vehemently disagree with. I might still think Hatate is the one to watch … but this is food for thought, and definitely something we should be paying attention to. This is the kid’s big year.

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  • Seppington says:

    I watched a youtube vid of all the ‘tic goals for last season and was surprised at just how often Turnbull assisted or scored. For once Walker’s lone brain cell has had an actual real thought!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Hatate has the ability to blow everyone away, and Turnbull could step up this season too, in the big games especially.

    But, CalMac is still easily the most important player for me – and just hope he remains fit all season.

  • Roonsa says:

    Hatate still has to prove that he can last the season. Circumstances weren’t ideal for him last season. He started really well but faded towards the end. He had a good excuse then. He won’t have one this season. We need him to be tearing up the huns and decent oppo in Europe. If he can do that then sure, call him a superstar. He’ll be sold for megabucks next Summer and we’ll wish him well.

    Turnbull and Jota are other contenders for our big players this year. But Bob-a-job is 100% spot on when he says Calmac is the man. He’s a footballing metronome. I fully expect him to be be right up there when the plaudits are handed out next year.

  • SSMPM says:

    Turnbull, I can’t believe I’m saying this, is a very astute choice by Walker. Could be wide open this year, so much talent and promise there. If they all fulfil their potential, wow what a silky season ahead.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We have 4 exceptional midfielders and, just like our forwards, they will all get their chance throughput the season competing in a team that will need to rotate players in order to maintain a freshness in the side, and in order to fill gaps because of the inevitable injuries. Those injuries can hopefully be lessened by sharing the load and giving players a break.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Hatate will be thee midfield maestro we need, we only got 60/70% of his true repertoire.
    Kyogo will be top scorer in Scotland, Hatate will be voted players player of the year.
    I firmly believe we will win the treble too.
    Cannae wait…

  • Damian says:

    The ‘three managers’ are Ange, Lennon and Kennedy? His first season was the season before last. He made it into the team around November of the Covid season.

    I’d be amazed if Walker’s prediction is even close to true. I don’t see how he can be optimal in a 433. He can play anywhere in the 3 of a 4231, which Ange could change to (as he has at previous clubs). But I don’t see it.

    Would be happy to be wrong, of course.

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