Ange Sends A Terrifying Warning To Celtic’s Rivals: “The Challenge Is To Improve.”

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This morning, I watched Ange’s short interview with Sky Sports where he laid out the requirements for the season ahead.

The team will have be told this already, and Ange has gotten the point across many times before.

For all that, what he said is terrifying in its implications for our rivals and a warning to the hacks who have suggested that a combination of factors will make this season trickier for us than the last one.

“The challenge is to improve,” he said about a team that had a 30 plus game unbeaten run in the league.

To get better, then. To be even more clinical and ruthless and committed. What dreadful news that is for those who have attempted to ignore this man’s career history, wherein his teams get better as time goes on.

Some of the hacks have convinced themselves that we’re facing some sort of “second season syndrome”.

Keith Jackson wrote of it as if we’d simply surprised teams last year by being basically competent. It’s as if they all went out expecting us to be awful, to be weak, to simply crumble when put under pressure.

I know some folk did … but they were mostly in the newsrooms. For those who understand football better, it was obvious that we were a dangerous team which is why so many managers played against us with all their players behind the ball. Those who tried to be more adventurous were more often than not ripped to shreds.

Ange could not make the warning clearer. Everyone at Celtic is more focussed than ever, and utterly determined to make this an even better season than the last one. We have a summer to prepare, which we didn’t get before.

We have a settled squad, without loans, with most of the players committed to the club and with a handful of others knowing their fates already. Those guys will have to play for their futures, but those futures won’t be at Parkhead.

This team will be ready. This team will be even better than it was.

This team is going to roll over all opposition like a tank this season.

Ange sounds relaxed and confident, but determined.

This is not a man who is going to fall prey to complacency.

When he says that the aim is to improve he means it … and that’s bad news for the rest of the league and especially the side across the city.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    As the advert goes I’m Luvin it,more of the same please Ange.

  • Benjamin says:

    Won the league with 93 points last year after dropping 11 points in the first 7 weeks. Have to think this team with the additions they’ve already brought in will easily clear 100 points this season.

  • SSMPM says:

    It will have to be down to each individual player from last season to improve then and be better because so far last season’s 1st team squad hasn’t realistically been improved apart perhaps from the Argentine bhoy less Tom and Nir. While I thought our CB’s played well in the friendly, it seems Ange doesn’t want them either, in particular Jullien strolled it, so that needs resolving or we’re weaker. I’ve doubt Ange will try to but that is yet to be determined.
    Guchi is like a new player I guess after his assault last year and I have high hopes for him so in all honesty we are not strides ahead from last season. Not Yet

  • Johnny Green says:

    Every manager of every team intends to improve on the previous season, that is just standard manager talkspeak. Unless your team had won the quadruple then that is perfectly possible to do. Let’s see who’s team actually manages to do that, the proof will be in the pudding.

    • Droopy McCool says:

      True that every manager wants to improve (you would hope), but Ange measures improvement in terms of performances on the pitch not a trophy count. If peformances improve, we’ll be in the position to win trophies as a result of our improvement. Even if Angeball wins a qudaruple he will look to improve the following season as well.

  • Johnny Green says:

    There is no doubt that Celtic will be starting this season with a better squad than we started with last season, that is a definite. However, is it a better squad than the one that finished off last season? I thought we huffed and puffed a bit end of season and we did not finish it off in style.

    So far we have brought in a good back-up goalkeeper, but he’s no better than the one we already have. We also have brought in a LB who, because I do not rate GregTaylor, I am assuming he will be an improvement. I don’t know that though, because I have not seen him properly, perhaps I will get a better idea today.

    So really, right now we have not improved last season’s squad all that much and what we are relying on is a natural progression. We expect the players who are now all fully bedded in together to improve under Ange’s system. That is positive thinking and I do believe we will get that improvement, certainly in the SPL. However, whether that improvement gets us the added impetus we need in the CL group is another matter and I still feel we need that additional spark, that quality that will benefit us in Europe.

    We need another couple of strong additions and Ange has suggested that we will do that. I just hope those additions have the ‘x’ factor that will properly improve the squad that we already have.

    It should be an interesting few weeks prior to the season’s start, we are all up for it, and it is exciting times at Celtic Park.

    Let’s start by beating these cheating fukkers today, I will never forget or forgive their treachery as long as I live.

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