Celtic Are Not “Circling” George Baldock No Matter How Many Clickbait Sites Write It.

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Today, another non-story but this time out-with the mainstream media and trending only on the clickbait blogs which pretend to know things that they don’t. And I don’t mean Celtic sites, most of which have shot this garbage full of holes, as it deserves.

The story in question says that we are preparing to swoop for George Baldock, the right back we were linked with constantly last season and didn’t move for. Whatever interest the club might have had in him didn’t survive contact with Plan Ange.

I think that perhaps Baldock was on the list that Eddie Howe was working from. He fits that profile. No-one would have questioned it. Baldock would also have given us something at right back.

He’s a good player, with plenty of experience.

But he would have been ridiculously expensive, and at 28 hardly fits the club profile. I am not saying there’s no room for experience, but we definitely did the right thing moving for a player who was seen as a “comer” instead of a Sky Sports Scouting deal.

Baldock ceased to be on the radar from the moment Ange tossed the Eddie Howe list aside. His was, of course, not the only name on that list; some of them, like Ben Davies, continue to be linked with us in spite of Ange clearly not being interested.

The media is largely keeping away from the story. Which is smart.

Because there’s nothing in it, and there would still be nothing in it if the Juranovic stories were true, and this Baldock story rests entirely on the basis that it is, retreating old discredited ground, and recycling pish, about links to Atletico Madrid (denied by that club) and the idea that he is “expected to leave” (denied by everyone close to the story).

All the Celtic sites which have written about this story have dismissed it as utter fantasy, and that’s good because that’s what it is.

The story mixes various strands of nonsense that have already been refuted.

It is not speculation; it is fiction designed to get hits.

That’s why it should be ignored.

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