Celtic Fans Aren’t Losing Sleep Over The Desperate Focus On Neil Warnock’s Allegiances.

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I do not care what Neil Warnock says, thinks or does.

Neil Warnock is like Kris Boyd; a Village Idiot School Reject who ought not to be allowed near a microphone for his own good.

He is the clownish stereotype of what a lot of folk who don’t like football think of those involved in the game as a whole; a pig ignorant yokel, one step up from a trailer park.

When he was the manager at Cardiff City, he embarrassed the whole club by having a pro-Brexit meltdown during an interview where he displayed astonishing stupidity and ended with the words “To hell with the rest of the world.”

His board moved swiftly to distance him from those remarks, and no wonder.

It was a deranged rant.

It wasn’t untypical of Warnock.

He is a bizarre individual, who because of his time in the game is treated as some sort of elder statesman instead a bad joke that went on too long.

He’s all over the papers today bigging up how much he loves Ibrox; at a time when the press badly needs some feel-good stuff over there this darling of the tabloids is a god-send.

I just don’t know that anybody really cares.

This was the guy who in 2011 rightly called El Hadji Diouff a “sewer rat” before apologising to sewer rats, and then signed him a year later.

Does that require mental gymnastics or does it display a level of intellectual dishonesty that ought to be disqualifying to the notion you should ever be taken seriously?

Neil Warnock’s career in football can best be summed up by a remarkable, and hilarious, experiment that a veteran Football Manager player and blogger conducted when he made the Englishman the manager of Barcelona in-game and then meticulously documented his season in charge. Just for a laugh.

I still get a kick out of that article.

It only worked because the perception of Warnock as a throwback, a dinosaur, a clown is so steeped in the public consciousness.

How tragic of the papers up here to regurgitate his Ibrox allegiances, which have been a known fact for years.

I mean who cares?

This is what they are filling the Sunday papers with, this and another story about a tennis player who goes to watch the club over them from time to time? Are they so desperate for positive stories that they think this dreck matters?

Football Scotland describes him as having had “a brilliant 42 year career” in the game.

Christ almighty.

An eternity bouncing about the lower leagues of England, pissing people off and making an arse of himself.

They talk about how close he came to an Ibrox gig.

God, I wish he had gotten it.

Nobody in the Celtic support, or at the club, would have lost sleep over that hilarious prospect.

It would have been the summit of the Banter Years.

I love how this is dominating the discourse over there today; it really is this easy to distract them from their absence of summer transfer business and the implications of it, including the huge finance gap between their club and ours.

They are so easily manipulated.

They can be tricked by anything, like a cat when you roll a ball of string across the floor.

Whatever else it’s doing, it stops at once and that ball of string becomes its sole focus.

No wonder Warnock fits them like a glove.

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  • Tony B says:

    It is known that the huns are the dumbest fans in football, and insulting bollocks like this (well it would be insulting to anyone with half a brain) is right up their alley.

    Ooh Neil Warnock likes us so we must really be ra peepul.

    Pathetic pish and bollocks to appease the stupid sevcvnts who, lets face it have nothing else to feel good about.

    • Scud Missile says:

      But they do have something to feel good about lol,they have banked £80 million from last seasons success in getting to European final and Scottish Cup win.
      £80 million they have from it must be true because James Bisgrove said so.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Let’s see what next week will bring us in the Pundit Bingo Transfer stakes.
    Wee Quark aka Alex Rae must be favourite to be first out the blocks closely followed by Miller then Boyd, expect a special guest star appearance from King of the ALKIES McCleish.

  • Seppington says:

    This is Warnock being shown in a positive (i.e. hunnishness dialled up to 11) light. This will ensure happy thoughts in gullibilly heads when he is unveiled as their new manager after Tyrion departs due to the klub not being willing to spend big bucks to catch us. Warnock is used to scrambling around in the “whoops section” of the transfer market for the fitba equivalent of a bashed tin of spam and that’s about all they’ll be able to afford…

  • Pan says:

    The word bigot comes to mind when he is mentioned.

  • Frankie says:

    The idiot goes on about their trophy room, but they will never get the BIG CUP to show in there.

  • Drew says:

    Who cares what that old bawbag allegiances are

  • Effarr says:

    You lower yourself to their heathen standards when you take Our Lord’s name in vain.

    Give it a by.

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t know what is more sad. The Daily Record writing these articles or you writing about the Daily Record writing them. And that’s not a criticism of you. It’s more a criticism of the people in our support that require to have what you said explained to them. It’s not rocket science. It’s pretty simple Don’t pay any attention to anything the Daily Record has to say. Ever. And that’s it. Go enjoy life.

  • Damian says:

    Good grief. Is this what it’s come to? Someone says something banal but vaguely positive about Ibrox/Rangers and they get a polemical essay hitting out at them. Who cares?

    • Roonsa says:

      Thanks mate. I’d never heard that word polemical before. I am going to steal it and pass it off as my own patter.

      Thanks again xxx

  • harold shand says:

    Boyd , Ferguson , Miller and now Foster have all had the call these last few days to get out and tell the orcs everything in the garden is rosey

    If it was Celtic they’d be straight on the phone to Commons , McAvennie and Andy Walker to slag our club off and stir it up

  • James Mallon says:

    Effan and sympathisers, go and take an effen jump.
    Leave your morals to the Loyals and catch up with life.
    Sad,sad prejudgemental effendi moralistic.

  • Hans says:

    Why James? FFS the guy is irrelevant. When you write stuff like this, you look worse than the obsessed at Ibrokes.

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