Celtic Site Catches The Daily Record In A Filthy Lie Over Juranovic Interview.

Image for Celtic Site Catches The Daily Record In A Filthy Lie Over Juranovic Interview.

Congratulations to the ever-excellent Joe McHugh over on VideoCelts, who tonight has broken a story about how The Daily Record mistranslated – certainly deliberately – the interview Juranovic gave to the Croat media the other day.

The Record did their own version of the translation.

Because the story involved Atletico Madrid, the Spanish also did a translation. To say that in one section they are markedly different is an understatement. They are totally different.

In the Spanish version he says that he didn’t even ask his agent about the stories, because he’s happy at Celtic and is focussed on playing for us in the Champions League, although Atletico Madrid are a great club. Open and shut, right?

The Record has invented a quote!

Their version has Juranovic saying he hoped the stories were true. Nothing about not even asking his agent, but an oblique suggestion that he would be happy if the Madrid club actually came in for him.

I’d say The Record needs to explain the difference in those versions – which you can read in full here at Joe’s piece – but really, who needs to hear their pitiful excuses?

They wrote the version they wanted, the version their audience wanted and that should come as no surprise to us at all. This is how they operate. This is the level they work at.

Celtic fans should know better than to believe a word that rag writes.

The Record has been getting away with this stuff for years. Before the blogs, they were able to do so with impunity. Now that we are watching every move they make they aren’t able to.

Well done to Joe at VideoCelts for correcting their “erroneous” version of events.

Congratulations to him for exposing them for what they are; liars, stirring the soup every chance they get.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Dirty sleekit bastards, that really angers me and surely they can be sued for it. Celtic should be banning them from Celtic Park and refusing to entertain them in any way.

  • Jimmy says:

    Video Celts is the worst Celtic site on planet earth. Ever excellent quote is psychophantic nonsense, you should be above that James.
    Whatever the record or any other ones have got to say amounts to nothing. It’s crazy time just now so ignore them all. 99% of Celtic fans couldn’t give a flying fox about the record. Joe Mchugh quotes them all the time for his stories. You made the point the other day of a Celtic site falling into a media trap and writing nonsense. That was Video Celts, don’t be so two faced James.

  • Jimmy says:

    No Celtic fan responded to his story. What does that tell you James.

    • Seppington says:

      There’s a comment there now. It was posted on a Friday night when most folk aren’t in a fit state to comment!

      VideoCelts is hands down one of the 4 best ‘tic sites. What’s your problem? Did Joe ban you?

      • Jimmy says:

        Sorry Seppington he did get 1 comment. Not bad out of 9 million Celtic fans worldwide. Normally his comments section are a Ghost town and for good reason. Multiple sevco stories might be your thing but I like to concentrate on my own team. He bans anyone that disagrees with him. Only the Sycophants are left. Not my thing being a follower.

        • Seppington says:

          I and others post comments there regularly. You’re taliking pish. He put up with that TED prick for months so no he doesn’t just ban those who disagree. I’m no-one’s sycophant, I’ve disagreed with Joe twice in the last week and no ban for me. Seems to me you’ve maybe been a naughty boy and are feeling butt-hurt about it. Perhaps you’re one of the many greetin-faced sods that feel the need to criticise Joe, James, and other site hosts who write stories that tell the kind of truth about our corrupt opposition that you won’t find in the mainstream? Well I and others are very glad for the work Joe et al do. Why can’t people like you understand that as Joe hosts the site he therefore chooses the content he wants. If it isn’t to your liking there’s nothing to stop you from not reading it and finding another site that’s more to your liking without the need to bitch about in the comments. Try CQN, it’s maybe more your bag…

          • Jimmy says:

            Feel free to voice your support for him but when he started banning people for dissagreeing with him, he showed what he is all about. Cqn, now that is funny because that is often what is written written about by Joe mchugh. No chance of you getting banned then. As for Ted he let him post on his site for many months when all he was doing was antagonising other writers. Joe Mchugh knew that and done nothing about it. As for this site I have written on it for many Many years. You get to express your opinion without any issues.

          • Seppington says:

            I’ve never seen any issues with him banning folk though admittedly I’m just a commenter and have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. The TED thing happened here too, and it took forever to get shot of the twat so I’ve no idea what the issue was there. To me there’s not a lot between the sites, James’ stuff is more opinion-based but he posts as many if not more anti-hun articles so why is it okay here but not at VC? Honestly just curious.

          • Jimmy says:

            Won’t let me reply below. I challenged Vc editor when he was allowing that clown kyogos dream team to put in a message that morelos was a special needs freak. I also challenged another poster calling sevco fans retards on many occasions. All these stories were added without challenge apart from myself who supports disabled adults in my job. We should be much better than that. A guy recently supported vc editor calling another guy who disagreed with him on a number of occasions a Proddy. Allowed again by Vc because he is desperate for replies.

  • Gerry Graham says:

    Well done Joebhoy..Caught them again in another lie..I haven’t bought a paper since 2012 and this is one of the reasons..They only print this shit to hurt us..But once again you called them out..Great work Joe..Hail Hail??

  • Eddie Hainan says:

    We should just Boycott these rangers rags Record,Sun, Liverpool fans did it big style after a damming article about Hillsbourgh.the Sun was not allowed in any store thats a big ask for us but The Celtic Fans should just stop buying on mass ,let’s c how massive sales drops effects them.Keep the truth coming .????

  • Bob (original) says:

    Was going to write: proper, Scottish football journalism died many, many years ago.

    But then again, did it ever truly exist?

    The DR, BBC, etc. will not be missed. 🙂

  • SSMPM says:

    They have enveloped the qualities of their favoured southern nation, lie then lie about the lie. This is however about their ever decreasing readership, their own survival lie depends on the survival lie of the best european team

  • Peter says:

    Who buys this lying rag

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