Celtic’s First Choice Defenders Should Be Nervous. They Are No Longer Guaranteed Starters.

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For the whole of last season, there were basically three players at Celtic Park who knew their positions were safe, barring some calamity. They were our two first choice centre backs and our left back Greg Taylor.

They were essentially first picks. We knew we would get a rival for Taylor in this window.

Most people thought we’d sign a backup centre back.

But we haven’t done that, and this is where our central defence starts to look exciting. Moritz Lenz is no backup, and that should be enough to keep both of our current starters on their toes … which is how Ange Postecoglou wants them, of course.

Last night, I was on the Endless Celts podcast where we discussed the signing of Lenz.

I find it extremely interesting, because if you listen to the manager this was one of the guys we wanted last year. He was one of our Plan A’s … and that means that Starfelt and Carter Vickers are the guys we signed instead. Lenz is not coming here as a bench warmer. He’s one of the guys the manager wanted all along … and he’ll do more than challenge for a place.

So those who are worried that our defence looks a little lax, a little unfocussed, a little all over the map should relax. Because the competition for defensive places is going to be fierce at Celtic Park this coming campaign, and this is without the manager’s other targets having an influence and we don’t know who they are or in what positions yet.

It adds to the sense that we’ve got a balanced squad here, one where the manager has just about completed Phase One of his rebuild, and what a rebuild this is.

The team which takes the field next weekend for our opening game will bear no resemblance whatsoever to the one that started last season.

That is a triumph for Ange … and even more so that this team, put together in one big hurry, will unveil the league flag.

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  • Tom Foolery says:

    Lenz is definitely a curious one. On one hand Ange tells us he only wants players who want to be here and yet this guy Lenz turned us down and went elsewhere, had a nightmare in one way or another, yet here he is. I really hope he was worth the wait! I don’t think our defense is lax per se, i think its more down to the way we set up that time after time leaves them looking exposed. I’d also have felt much better if we brought in someone of a better quality than Ralston to challenge JJ…if JJ gets injured and misses any CL games we really will be in some serious do-do. I just hope everything falls into place…time will indeed tell.

  • Rod says:

    Unfortunately I think your headline is misleading. The usual defence can feel at ease…there is no real pressure! Not seen anything up til today to even contemplate a change unless as is now FORCED on us through injury. Get it sorted Ange!!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Competition is definitely a good thing and if Lenz and Julien along with Welsh are all in the frame then that is a good thing. I still think that Starfelt is not good enough and should be replaced completely. Someone on this site previously, and brilliantly described him, when he received the ball, as being like a short-circuiting robot, what a great description. I also have never rated our Kilmarnock class LB and I hope that Bernebei is an upgrade, but I am not convinced with that either after what I have seen of him so far.

    • Dennis Begley says:

      I think Johnny your one of the supporters who just like complaining and never happy,as forralston he ended up one of our more consistent players last season and starfelt settled down after a shaky start,maybe you should go and watch your football elsewhere.

    • Gerrard Duffin says:


  • Gerrard Duffin says:


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