Charlie Nicholas Has Driven Sevconia Tonto Today With His Latest Prediction.

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As regular readers know well, I am not the greatest fan of Charlie Nicholas nor any of the nonsense that pours out of his mouth on a regular basis. That’s why, on days like these, I take such amusement in the anger across the city. And boy, is it fierce.

He has said, first, that Celtic will win the title. We all agree with him on that. But he’s tipped Aberdeen and Dundee Utd to win the domestic trophies, and said that Ibrox’s rag-bag bunch will not win a single thing.

This has driven their fans slightly nuts.

Nicholas is a bit of an attention seeker, and you get the impress that his columns in the Express are frequently pitched at stirring the soup. He could not have done a better job of it than he has here.

But in terms of Celtic’s strength he has a point.

He also has a point about Aberdeen having started strong, as I pointed out yesterday. His prediction is not terribly surprising, nor terribly controversial, but you would think he detonated a grenade.

Nicholas is a shameless self-promotor and this will certainly get him ink. Watch how the hacks who always stay silent when Boyd says ridiculous stuff suddenly pipe up here. I would love to hear how they argue against Nicholas’ analysis of this though.

Because we’re the champions and we’ve strengthened our squad.

We went on the long unbeaten run, and that’s why we won the title. We’re also the League Cup holders and should have beaten Ibrox’s mob at Hampden and completed the treble.

He’s lucky he doesn’t work for the BBC. His bosses would have him and demand that he apologise lest he spark another “conflict” with the club over there. Such is life for anyone in the Scottish media at the moment.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I loved Charlie as a player, but as a pundit I have no time for him and never will.
    If he has upset them, then well and good, but he still talking horseshit.

    This season will pan out the same way as the last one did. Celtic or them will win the League Cup, Celtic or them will win the Scottish Cup and Celtic or them will win the League Title. Hopefully this time, we can collect all three.

    • woodyiom says:

      I wouldn’t write off Hearts winning one of the cups. They are, by far and away, the 3rd best team in Scotland and on their day will cause both us and Rangers problems.

  • Ian says:

    Can’t stand this guy a total twat

  • Bhoy4life says:

    We have long since reached a stage where absolutely any negativity by any pundit or media gets completely destroyed by the klan, for far too long now they have been spoon fed rainbows and moonbeams by their fanboy penpals and TV/radio ex player commentators which has resulted in zero tolerance of even objective constructive criticism…they just cannot and will not accept it….all very sinister indeed.

  • Roonsa says:

    Boyd has been keeping his powder dry for this very reason. He has said he hasn’t picked a winner yet for the forthcoming SPFL title as he wants to wait till everyone else has had their say.

    We all know who he wants to win it and he won’t want his Brothers in William to be upset for too long.

    Expect a crack-a-joke bumsplat piece from him in whatever rag pays him money to do whatever it is he does before it is translated into readable print by some lackey. Defecate noisily into a pail, most probably.

    • Mark b says:

      Last season we deserved the League. But it was very close. They have strengthened I believe better than us so it will be close again. They are a good side you do not get to a Europe Final unless you have quality. They deserved to beat us at Hampden if you can’t see that you are wearing the old hooped spectacles.I hope their LB signing does not outshine ours. Davies is a good signing so they Will be hard to beat. Looking forward to another close close race as few teams will beat them outside of us.

  • jrm63 says:

    Not sure how this will go. I am concerned about how few chances we created against Blackburn and Norwich. The goals we scored had an element of fortune. Yes we have moved the ball well but we did not create that much. I still dont understand the Rogic decision. I get the pressing in Europe etc. but looking at the domestic games last year Rogic was absolutely outstanding, goals, assists, passing through the defence.

  • Bob (original) says:

    We have virtually 2 good teams within our squad – sevco just don’t have that strength in depth.

    When we get to January, that could really make the difference – and again, the best sevco can do then is gamble with a couple of short-term loan deals like Ramsey and Diallo.

  • john clarke says:

    They won’t stop Celtic FC. There’s more to come from Joe. He’s working on it.

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