Christopher Jullien Has A Choice To Make. Celtic Has Already Made Theirs.

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The rumour mill churns out some amount of stuff. Did Jullien go to Germany and fail a medical? No, he went over there and the two sides were miles apart over personal terms. There don’t appear to be any major issues over his long term fitness.

So this comes down to money, and what Jullien was demanding. He is entitled to ask for security for himself and his family, but he ought to be a realist about it. He’s not played regular first team football for over 14 months. That is clearly going to be a factor in any offer that he’s going to get.

Chris Jullien is a very good player when he’s on form. I would not have had any problems had he and the manager sorted out the issues that arose last season. For all that, I don’t think any of us would fail to support Ange in the decision he’s clearly made.

That decision will not change simply because Jullien has failed to do a deal with the club over in Germany. It’s clear that his time at Celtic is over with and this has already been talked out and the final call made on it. Before we’ve even got a replacement he was allowed to go over there in the first place, and discuss a loan with an option to buy.

Reports in Germany this morning suggest strongly that the Schalke deal could yet be done; the player and his agent are apparently still in talks with the club.

From his own point of view, that’s definitely a smart move.

Jullien needs to consider whether or not he would be content to sit on the bench for a long time to come, or whether he wants to go somewhere and get on with his career. His time at Celtic, as someone considered a first team player, is at an end.

Any hope he had of a future here was gone the moment he spoke to the French media … the irony is, I think he’d have had a chance of clawing something back if he’d kept his mouth shut and got to this pre-season and worked hard to prove that he had something still to offer us.

His decision to do that was foolish to say the least. Ange is not the sort of manager to tolerate such a thing, and I have no idea what Jullien was thinking when he did it. From that point on he had two choices; to apologise and get used to being on the side-lines or bow to the inevitable and move on.

He seems to realise it, and that the move is the best thing for everyone. Now he has to be realistic about his departure, and not throw up obstacles to it.

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  • mark B says:

    Its a shame we paid 7m – yes 7m for him, I think our most expensive signing ever. He did really well that first season and we missed him badly season before last. A fit, focussed Julien would have been a great addition – giving us 3 top centre backs. If he leaves, in my view we need to buy another top class CH. And we still need a DM. And weve have not got value at 7m. This is not good at all, I wish he had just settled back after injury and not made comments, big shame.

  • MarkE says:

    He’d do well to sort things out with Schalke! A chance to play regular football in the Bundesliga is not something many players would turn their noses up at, and at his age it’ll likely be his last big money move, which will be his main concern!

    He’s clearly on better money at Celtic than whats being offered by a club in Germanys top flight, which is surprising!

  • Johnny Green says:

    I thought that a loan deal guaranteed the player would be paid his normal wages, that either the loan club paid all of it or that his home club helped pay part of the total? I am obviously wrong, I think, in this case or why would there be a problem?

    From Chris’s point of view, at his age, he should be determined to get his career back on track and that can only happen now away from Celtic Park. He needs to bite the bullet and get on with it.

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