Conflicting Reports On Celtic’s Alleged Scouting Mission In Israel Last Night.

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Mohammad Abu Fani was linked with Celtic earlier in the window.

He is a defensive midfielder, playing in Israel. He is talented too, and last night he came off the bench in a Champions League qualifier and scored against the Greek champions.

And reports today have suggested that we had scouts in the stand, watching the game, to make a “final decision” on whether or not to move for him.

This sounds fairly cut and dried, right?

But in fact there are conflicting reports about it, and some doubt as to whether or not it’s true. Bizarrely, the Record’s media group is split on it, with one title saying our scouts were there and the other saying they weren’t.

This guy was one of a number of players, in that position, we were supposed to be targeting in the window, and Ange does still say there is business to be done. Fani plays in one of those positions where there’s an argument to be made for us still being a bit short.

So this story can’t be ruled out, and we have history shopping in that marketplace. It stands to reason that we do have scouts there, and that perhaps a couple of them were watching the Olympiakos game last night.

It is odd for there to be two contradictory reports at papers effectively under one banner, so who are we to believe? That’s not readily apparent.

But we’re still in the market and scouting is still going on, so it could be either or.

One thing is for sure; we will not be idle for the rest of this window. If it’s not this guy it will be someone else, and probably in the same position on the pitch.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    The Record’s media group is split on it…….The Record, Nuff said, and there the story ends.

  • Roonsa says:

    Look. No offense to the guy. But I don’t want a player called Fani at Celtic. The Media would have a field day with that. If we were to sign him we’d need to change his name pretty quickly.

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