Desperate Daily Record Tries To Stand Up Its Juranovic Story Naming Celtic “Alternative.”

Image for Desperate Daily Record Tries To Stand Up Its Juranovic Story Naming Celtic “Alternative.”

The Transfer Lie That Won’t Die took a funny new turn yesterday when The Daily Record published a dire piece suggesting that Celtic have a readymade “alternative” to Juranovic already on our radar.

The writer of this awful piece was the notorious Mark Pirie, one of the worst writers in the whole country.

He is a joke, and this latest article is a joke.

The Juranovic story ought to be interred in a shallow, unmarked grave.

It’s dead. There’s nothing to it and there never was.

The basic foundation of it – the Romano tweet – has been demolished entirely. Nobody at Celtic “expects” him to leave this summer. Neither the player nor his agents “expect” him to leave.

The Atletico Madrid story has likewise collapsed.

Still, The Record tries to push this. Their “suggestion” that we target Yan Couto – who was linked with us last season before we signed Juranovic – is both lazy and unappreciated.

Nobody inside Celtic is going to be dropping Pirie a “thank you” letter for it.

The thing is, I am sure that we already have contingencies for all manner of events and eventualities. There’s little doubt that we’ve thought through the possibility that Juranovic will have his head turned by all this speculation; that is the point of it, after all.

And I have no doubt that we’ll already have our list of options … and I doubt that a guy who had the chance to come last year and opted for something else would be on that list, if that’s what really happened with Couto.

Juranovic isn’t going anywhere of course.

That’s the truth of it, and that truth has been blasted out all over the newswires in spite of those who want to keep this story going.

The likes of Anthony Joseph have gotten to the heart of it by talking to the people at the centre of the story.

People at Celtic. People connected to the player.

The Record’s insistence on pushing this when the issue is dead is a statement about how piss-poor the journalism over there is. That they think Celtic needs advice on who we should go for if, by some chance, this story grows actual legs … that’s just insulting.

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  • Tony B says:

    Pish bollocks and deflection, since we all know what the huns at the Wreckord don’t want to talk about.

  • Delbjoy says:

    And they wonder why ther sales r declining ,

  • Edward Murison says:

    We are not sevco do not need sell anyone all players signed paid for with cash not haggling how much need pay upfront before taking a 2 million dud to club.only player will leave is Julian while thick boys Miller and aswioe paper record rangers wud take 6 million for el buffalo player who has wanted out ibrokes for years no club interested in him bassey or aribo not one bid where has season ticket money went and money recieved Europe run its all gone and havnt even paid elec bill yet moonbeams counting chickens a player slippy said wud not accept 50 million for simply because knew himself nobody even bid 50pence for no interested clubs none of the players at all so where are they going find money to pay transfer fees they digging up guy who not wanted at club because can’t score goals must say if that’s gio ambition nxt one leaving club.cud be himself why hang around just see his team humiliated win nothing must be looking at celtic and know we can’t possibly catch them or compete with them fans get ur money on celtic treble

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