Ferguson’s Talk Of Bassey Being Worth A Tierney Fee Is Insulting To The Ex-Celtic Bhoy.

Image for Ferguson’s Talk Of Bassey Being Worth A Tierney Fee Is Insulting To The Ex-Celtic Bhoy.

Barry Ferguson reckons Ibrox should hold out for £25 million for Bassey because that’s what Tierney left Celtic for. What a grotesque insult to our former footballer, and what a sterling example of the blindness and stupidity at the heart of this whole debate.

I’ve written about this Bassey nonsense a bunch of times and I’m bored with it now, but every time you think you can leave it alone until it dies its natural death there’s another daft development. Ferguson thinks the same way those inside Ibrox do; if we got £25 million for a left back then that has to be the going rate for Glasgow based left backs.

Thistle should be looking at theirs and salivating. He’s clearly worth a fortune.

This, of course, has as much to do with wanting to match Celtic as it has to do with the money itself. The holes in this are so obvious that they shouldn’t need pointing out. Tierney had accomplished much more than Bassey, and over a longer time period. He had proved his consistency over and over again, and he was doing at a younger age.

Tierney was, and is, an exceptional football player, who has proved by virtue of his time in London that he is capable of excelling at that level. It’s not the last big move of his career either; he can play at a City or Liverpool or in Spain or anywhere he likes.

Bassey hasn’t proved anything yet except that the hacks can generate enormous hype on his behalf. If he was half the player Tierney is – even half the player – he would never have been allowed to leave Leicester for a pittance in the first place.

Or does the media really expect us to believe that he’s grown as a football to that extent in the space of 24 months at Ibrox? It’s an absolutely barmy suggestion and it simply does stand up to the slightest examination. Ferguson must think we’re all mad.

All this stuff is, as I’ve said, pretty tiresome. But comparisons with Tierney are offensive in their stupidity. Bassey is nowhere near the player Kieran was when he left Celtic, a guy who was already a regular for club and country, who had Champions League football experience, a guy who had won multiple trophies and titles, a guy who had already attracted offers from Premiership teams. A guy with 170 appearances in the Celtic side.

The comparison is preposterous. It is a joke.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    There is no comparison between the two players, unless you want to compare a thoroughbred to a mongrel, a superstar to a journey man. They will sell him though eventually and probably announce the transfer as say 8M plus 17M add ons.

  • harold shand says:

    ‘ We want the same as what they got for Tierney ‘

    Always in our shadow ya hun dogs

  • Frank Kelly says:

    Ach, let them think what they want. The (genuine) fee offered will be his value.

  • Archie says:

    Poor journalism

  • SSMPM says:

    I reckon they should follow Ferguson’s advice and wait for the £25m because of his professorship in football intelligence and savvy as a manager its bound to happen. They really are the village idiots idolising the wicker man

  • Johnny Green says:

    It is looking likely that Ajax are prepared to pay the huns a substantial fee for Bassey after all and they have done well to get the figures quoted.19M or 20M if accurate is quite impressive. i did not think they would get anything close to that.

  • Damian says:

    Is it an insult to Tierney if Bassey actually goes for a similar fee, or only an insult for Barry Ferguson to say that he thinks so?

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