Has Ange Given The Celtic Board A Deadline For Getting His Remaining Deals Done?

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In spite of a lot of rumours, Celtic haven’t yet one critical piece of transfer business over the line; the signing of a defensive midfield player. The season kicks off in just over a fortnight. What I found interesting about this is that Ange seemed to suggest, the other night, that he expects to have new players in by the time it does.

In my view, those players should have been in already. Because Ange wanted the team building done before pre-season even started. We’re three games into it now and with a single outfield addition from the last campaign.

The manager has been backed with serious money, but the lack of intensity, the lack of aggression when it comes to getting transfer business done and which is shown frequently by those above him continues to be a concern.

We’ve seen this too many times before with these guys. Celtic drags its feet on transfer business, always, and that’s been to our detriment over and over again. The thing with Ange is, he understands the importance of bedding new players in as quickly as possible … and he is fully entitled to expect a stronger squad than last season.

And for all the money we’ve spent, at this moment in time this is not a stronger squad than it was last season. That’s just a self-evident fact. The bulk of the transfer kitty has been spent on retaining two players … key players, and we’ve had have been weaker without having done it. Nonetheless, this is a squad that needs some new additions.

The manager knows that the heart of this team – the title winning team – is still intact. Of the players who have departed for pastures new, only Rogic and Bitton played big roles and they were replaced in January. For all that, Ange has lost some squad depth.

We all know the key areas where he wants some improvement, and it’s up to those at the top of the house to get those deals over the line. The manager clearly has an input into the transfer business, but it’s those who write the cheques who are in charge of that process … we have plenty of money left to spend. It’s high time they got on with it.

The manager wants it, and he deserves it. His recent comments suggest that he’s making that clear to those at the top of the house.

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  • Gerry Graham says:

    As long as Lawwell has his say on what’s going on you’ll always get this attitude during the transfer window..Big Ange will be told what Strachan & O’Neill were told and like it..GO WITH WHAT YOUVE GOT..And this is FACT

  • SSMPM says:

    Well Gerry and James if what you say is true then we better start adding a new manager to the transfer search. If its not then (and I know premature is not a word that you’ll want associated with you) we’ll have some new signings in soon and still have a manager.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Sometimes you just have to be patient. What does being aggressive in the transfer market actually mean? Having targets and going for them early does not mean the selling club and player are of the same mindset, for they are also weighing up their options and doing what is best for their own aims. Does being aggressive mean having to pay over the odds to get what you want? I don’t think we should be doing that and, even if we do, there is no guarantee it will hasten a successful outcome. We are presently in a very good place compared to this time last season and going forward we should be happy to let Celtic do their business in a controlled manner. Ange will get what he wants in due course.

    • Benjamin says:

      I agree Johnny.

      This squad in its present form is vastly superior to the one we started the season with last year – the squad when CL qualifiers started. Some of the players signed late last year – Jota & CCV in particular – were’t available earlier in the window because the selling club was looking for a permanent transfer (rather than a loan) at a price outside of Celtic’s range. This squad is more than capable of starting the season on a 12-0 or 15-0 run and winning the league with 100+ points. Improving the squad further is only going to matter in Champions League, and there are very few players that fit the profile for Celtic – meaning wanting to come, can immediately step into the starting 11 and improve it, will accept Celtic-level wages, and available from the selling club at a price Celtic can afford. As we get closer to deadline day, the pool of players that fit that profile will certainly expand as teams/players rush to get deals over the line. Being patient likely means getting a better player in a few weeks than is available now.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Being funny and trying to be funny are two different things Lardass, and you just failed miserably.

    Why not comment on the blog and show us your own lack of wisdom.

    Just saying like.

  • John Clarke says:

    It’s not that simple. The club is dealing with lots of people at the same time. Players, agents, other clubs, lawyers, accountant, the CELTIC BOARD and more. There is player market intelligence to collect or procure. The Club has a plan to meet its needs within budget constraints. There are players to move out by sale or loan; players to get by buying or loan. The Club added a coach. Someone has to organize the day to day activities. There will be travel and lots of communication going on. It all takes inordinate amounts of time, especially when unexpected delays occur. The squad will be slightly stronger but better prepared for the coming season. This applies to the fantastic Japanese players. One Celtic pundit has suggested Reo Hatate to replace Tom Rogic. Tally up what has been achieved this summer break. INCLUDE THE B TEAM. There have been many transactions finalized.
    All parts of the club are doing a mighty job. The SPFL summer transfer window closes Monday midnight September 2. James, you might be an anxious person. There are lots of Celtic Fans who are not frustrated.

    • James Forrest says:

      I’m not concerned with whether Celtic fans are, or not, frustrated.

      I’m concerned with whether the manager himself is.

  • James White says:

    The mythical defensive mid appears to be the current flavour of the month across the Celtic fan blogs. I see it differently. The priority, imo, is an oven ready centre back, even if Jullien stays beyond the current window.
    Celtic will defend as a team, and will attack as a team. The work rate required will be phenomenal, but that is Ange’s season two plan.
    Our big games come in September and October, everything should be geared towards peaking during those two months.
    Joe Hart is our defensive mid !

  • Johnny Green says:

    Joe Hart is our defensive mid !

    Heh heh funny, but worryingly you might be right, he gives me the heeby jeebies,

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