Here We Go Again With Another Round Of Calvin Bassey Transfer Bingo.

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We can’t, surely, have gone through so many teams that we’re now with Ajax and Brighton can we? Good God, man, that’s a strange place to be in. But that’s what the headline writers are saying tonight, that both of those clubs want the Englishman.

None has shifted from that notorious £25 million valuation, which has as much of being realised as I have of pulling Sophie Turner.

That would make him Ajax’s second most expensive signing ever.

Brighton has never spent that sort of money on one player … so you’re talking about both clubs going way out on the limb, and breaking records, for a one season wonder.

How probable does that sound to you?

It should be pointed out that it took me five minutes to research that and to establish where he’d lie on their record transfer charts … the hacks have no excuse for not doing this stuff, except that to put that in the headline would reveal how unlikely it is.

Even if the player was worth that kind of money, both of those clubs know that there are cheaper options elsewhere who’ve been around the block a bit. The media genuinely does think that the targets of these stories are idiots … and that so many of their targets (i.e. Ibrox fans) believe them confirms that they are.

Calvin Bassey may or may not develop into the kind of player that will draw genuine interest and not just hype.

You have to remember that the same people who slapped that value on his head had a similar idea about what Joe Aribo was worth … what a joke that turned out to be, and if they are waiting on a £25 million offer for this guy then Hell will freeze over first.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Celtic fan, last year of contract for players. Celtic fans realise that The Celtic Board made top Dollar for the Want aways. Sevco fan looks on in awe, and demands that their Board does likewise. Sevco Board sell players at “significant undisclosed fantasy fees, (with and ons) lest we forget. Sevco are not producing proper audited accounts, and can pull the wool until the account is published, sort of, the truth is out there, let the poor dears read it. We are in total control of our fate. Sevco are controlled by circumstances.

  • Nick66 says:

    Pretty much sums them up. Bchunk.

  • Roonsa says:

    He has played 37 league games in his entire career, all in the SPFL. £25M? I mean honest to fuck. Who writes this pish?

  • Frankie says:

    I think all these so called pundits have been drinking the lavvie water.

  • SSMPM says:

    They’d sell their granny if they could – currently rated at £22m.

  • Peterbrady says:

    When he goes and he will for no more than seven all the shite will start from media toads ten chins park is skint and squinty makeing a comeback lavvie supping zombies will get there pitchforks and flaming torches to march on the auld hoor looking for a scapegoat

  • Donald Macintyre says:

    I was surprised that a 2nd generation fan was on superscoreboard saying they might not get that type of money especially after one was on claiming worth more than Tierney because played in European final.
    If they get anything like that for a young man who cost £250000, what is Juranovic worth, they are the only fans who fantisize how much they will get for players that no one bids for ?.
    Where are the diehards questioning there transfer dealings, they have spent less than the Aribo transfer after making millions upon millions from their European adventure.
    They will always be the wee corner shop with big ideas

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