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Hugh Keevins Barmy “Fivers And Tenners” Nonsense Has Celtic Fans Laughing At Him.

Image for Hugh Keevins Barmy “Fivers And Tenners” Nonsense Has Celtic Fans Laughing At Him.

What an idiot Hugh Keevins is.

There are things stuck to car windscreens with a higher intellect. Celtic fans have long known this. This week, many of them are scratching their heads at his latest bizarre theory. The rest are just laughing at him.

As he said the other night on the radio, expanding on a theme he covered at the weekend, he thinks we’re back in the days of a “fivers and tenners” arms race with Ibrox.

And don’t think for a minute that he’s talking about us having the advantage.

This is what he wrote in his barking mad column at the weekend, which I wrote about on Sunday.

“Now that Celtic have given the biscuit tin a decent burial and Ange Postecoglou wants another two players to add to an already richly upholstered squad, is there an inclination inside Ibrox to indulge in a 21st-Century game of fivers and tenners?”

Dear God. Yes, he really is suggesting that the club that hadn’t spent a single penny until they sold one of their best players might fancy trying not only to match Celtic for spending but to top ours with a 2/1 ratio. This is bar-rattling at Hidden Hills.

For the record, and just so this idiot can grasp it, we have spent three times – not even twice, three times – more than they have in this window. To even match us they need to find a minimum of £10 million more down the back of the sofa cushions.

If they want to play “fivers and tenners” they need to spend at least £25 million more, in the next few weeks.

Those days are over.

Maybe he didn’t notice the impact crater the last time he was at Ibrox; that’s where the hunk of rock slammed into the OldCo in 2012, as a direct consequence of their insane spending. They haven’t learned a single thing from it, and still spend far more than they make.

But they no longer have a bank’s largesse to fall back on.

It seems impossible that someone so breathtakingly stupid could have spent an entire career covering the game here in Scotland when he possesses such appalling ignorance of the big issues and the developments in it.

Murray’s bombastic, lunatic boast was not a strategy but a product of an enormous ego run amuck and given free reign by an industry which almost collapsed. Keevins looks back on those days with fondness instead of embarrassment at how a handful of bloggers saw what was coming long before it did and wrote about it consistently.

That he has failed to see the writing on the wall this time is not a great surprise, but that he thinks that Ibrox will ever again be in a position to match us a tenner for every fiver we spend does suggest that his head has been lost somewhere up his own arse.

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Celtic’s summer started disastrously when Eddie Howe turned the club down. On which date did he make that fateful decision?

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Wee shug still harbours a grudge at being horsed from Celtic supporters club.

  • Tony B says:

    Poor auld demented doddering Spew Heavins, still talking pish after all these years.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah auld shug mug with the dug what a Fanny.But doing what he is told to do and talk up sevco’s finances.
    Auld Hugh Hawkins (Benny’s da fae Crossroads) sitting there thinking and believing the lies and stories of sevco banking £80 million from last season,with it all to spent on players.
    I would ask him to do the sums and add up the proper CASH layed out and paid out on players this season,but him being as DENSE as he is he would probably over shoot the figures by £20 million and tell us all its £100 million they will spend and not the £80 million they have.
    As I have said before he makes Gascoigne look intelligent.


    We really shouldn’t make fun of the elderly.
    However, in Keevins case it’s richly deserved.
    Just another anus licking fanzine media no mark selling his
    Integrity for Sevco.
    Sickening that this is the standard of media scrutiny in ‘ ra best wee bigoted ku try in ra wurld’.

  • Neil Smith says:

    Surprisingly he hasn’t yet drowned in the vast amount of Hun soup he’s taken all these years … Vile character

    • Bjm says:

      Off topic, on cruise with the wife visited Athens and the acropolis just spotted a statue of big ange next to

  • Starman says:

    Briefly hear the Ditherin Auld Cunt waffling a lot ae PISH last ngt fur 5 Mins!! The FILTH have bought Fukin NAEBDY, sum DUD who cdny get a game fur a Greek Pub team, Another Barton Jailboy & noo sum Welsh Leek NAEBDYS EVER FUKIN HEARD AE BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • harold shand says:

    Should’ve been put out to graze after his racism worse now than 60 years ago nonsense

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, 10 years on, and Keevins still can’t report the truth.

    Murray supposedly said that for ‘every fiver, he would put down a tenner’.

    10 years ago it become very public knowledge, that Murray had been putting down a tenner of HBOS money – certainly not his own.

    And that’s the main point, which Keevins chooses to ignore:
    the newly combined bank, Lloyds HBOS, wanted its £17M back ASAP.

    Murray was never going to pay that, and with the Big Tax Case looming, he dumped Rangers FC onto Whyte for one, shiny pound coin.

    Keevins still can’t criticise Murray after all these years…?!

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Its all to get people to phone in on the radio as long as you dont mention andy gray or the unpaid debt.

  • Frankie says:

    6mil for haribo if he had not been soled no money to spend what a desperate lot as for shug he should go chasing butterflies in a large field.

  • Michael Conway says:

    The best part of keevins was flung in a bucket when he was created

  • SSMPM says:

    Over a hundred years ago the captain of Scotland was a black man

  • Duncan says:

    Is Hugh aware that the Brox Board sunk £43m in last Season to post a £24m LOSS?
    That’s a £67m black hole in case you are wondering Hugh.
    So the apparent £34m made from the fantastic Europa run is woefully short of making the Investors responsible a single penny.
    I doubt their expenditure will exceed any incoming through the sale of key players.
    Unless that is someone is daft enough to believe the hype.
    Celtic won the League with a newly constructed team and without breaking the Bank.

    Rugger Guy Hugh is most certainly not.

  • Peterbrady says:

    And every game every goal every trophy is tainted with the original filth cheating now the new poison scum doing the same when will they die

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