Ibrox And Its Media Allies Cling Desperately To “Celtic Snubbed” Transfer Story.

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Well they really are desperate in the media rooms and over at Ibrox now.

Celtic has gotten behind the Ange Postecoglou vision. They have backed the manager with serious money. We have spent more in this window than we did last summer, and the window isn’t even closed yet. There will be other signings. There will be more spent.

Over at Ibrox, they are trying desperately to scrape together a mere £2 million to buy a 28-year-old striker on the back of a single game against them last season. A former legend from the club he’s currently contracted to says they should take Ibrox’s offer with a smile because the player will be easy to replace, so little has he given the cause.

No wonder the media is desperate for an Ibrox good news story. No wonder their fans are reduced to slagging us for completing two transfer deals that not one of them believed we would do. They are smarting about this, and I’ll have more to write on this issue later … but for now let’s look at the straw they are desperately clutching at.

That’s the “news” yesterday that they had signed some 15-year-old kid from Motherwell who we were apparently also interested in. I told you this was part of the media’s strategy. What amazes me is how much their fans have grabbed hold of this as proof that there’s a whole new plan being worked on, one that will overcome us.

Needless to say, there’s not the least evidence that we really were in for this guy. And fifteen is way too young to decide whether this is a “wonderkid” or not. The number of players that age who are touted as being more than they are … it’s a huge leap between being a class act at that level and graduating into something more.

So it’s not exactly a story that fills me with dread. It’s not one that makes me doubt the strategy we’re following, of backing the manager where it matters; in the first team, in the here and now, in making us stronger for the season ahead.

But Ibrox fans are so easily distracted by this kind of garbage, and for some of them the idea that they’ve signed some player none of us has even heard of right out from under us (even if that’s not even the true story) has quieted them for a day or two.

Eventually, though, there has to come a reckoning over there. Our signings happened a week later than we’d hope for – which to us is a huge improvement – but the fact of them remains; this is a club finally going the extra mile for the guy in the dugout.

Their own summer so far has been a disaster as far as their fans perception of them as having money in the bank goes. The signing of some kid doesn’t change that.

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  • MarkE says:

    They’re bitter, scared, bitter, hurting, bitter, angry,..did i mention they’re bitter!?

    We’re miles ahead of them in every department; infrastructure, squad depth, financial stability and forward planning…

    We have what they want, and they resent us for it; they’re a new club permanently raging at the failings of their old club, forever trying to convince themselves and the world they’re something they’re not…let their bitterness consume them!

  • John Copeland says:

    Fifteen!! I’ve got holes in my cardigan arms older than that.

  • harold shand says:

    Kris Boyd reckons on Sky Sports interview that they’ve not signed anyone yet because it’d be a waste of money signing a player in June if they’re not playing any games


  • SSMPM says:

    Who’s that you’re listening to?

  • Martin H. says:

    Same as the 8yr old they signed last week, apparently celtic daft, I suppose their going in the right direction, within 2 weeks, they might have signed an adult.

  • Michael Conway says:

    Certain media outlets just can’t hide there leanings towards a certain club that went into administration then liquidation,(the daily ranger & sky sports news).it seems that if you deprive the NHS,schools & armed forces funds by using EBTs you get lauded by these media outlets

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