If Celtic Gets Ange Those Extra Players In, What Happens Elsewhere Won’t Matter.

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According to the boss man, at the end of yesterday’s game, the next seven days will see tell the tale of the coming campaign.

He expects to further signings this week. If Celtic delivers on that, then the final shape of this year’s team will have become clear to us, and there are good reasons for our being optimistic about the campaign ahead.

Hell, most of us are optimistic already.

And why should we not be? When you look at last season, it is clear that not only was our title win a shock to our rivals and enemies but that it was unarguably deserved because we were the best team in Scotland.

Nobody believed we could turn the trick inside a season, and especially not with the scale of the rebuild we had in front of us. Nobody believed that a manager fresh in the door, and from the other side of the world, could gel as squad of players brought to Celtic from all over the planet, to function as a unit and perform with such aplomb.

The thing that haunts me – it shouldn’t, after a successful season, but it does – is the question as to how good the campaign could have been if we’d started quicker and better, if the manager had gotten his squad in place sooner and had more time to develop his plan. I genuinely think another Invincible campaign might have come off.

Now, with this team playing some of the best football in pre-season that I’ve seen from a Celtic side, to the extent even our unfriendly media is drooling over it and admitting that we’re looking powerful, there is an understandable anticipation about seeing how we intend to make this team even stronger. That question will soon be answered.

This site keeps an eye on other clubs, and it keeps a close watch on the media too.

But this is still a site written from the point of view of Celtic fans, and primarily about our club and the truth is that as amusing as it is to look across town and elsewhere at times, the future of the game in this country is going to revolve around us as it’s traditionally done.

We are the defending champions, and we go into this coming campaign filled with the confidence that title automatically bestows. But it’s more than that, it’s a combination of this squad and this manager and the style of football we play.

Nobody in Scotland could stop us last season, and it is very hard to see who is going to do it in the coming campaign.

Ange sounds like he’s confident, and he should. He has a formidable squad now, and anyone who wants this title is going to have to pry it from our cold dead hands.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Ange saying that he expects two new signings in the next week is very heartening and it also tells us that the proposed signings have already been in motion prior to now. In other words the board have not been standing still and are backing him. There may still be hiccups getting Ange’s targets over the line, but by Ange announcing it he has put pressure on the money men to deliver.

    Not talking about the other lot and what they are doing is not necessarily prudent, ignore them at your peril. They have strengthened their squad, albeit not with quality signings, but their most recent loan acquisition from Bayern Munich could well be a good one as BM are normally full of top class players. They are also selling Bassey for an incredible fee that I did not think was possible, but nevertheless they have done well there and more importantly it gives them more funds to possibly invet in their squad.

    I have no doubt that we have the better squad but the gap is not massive and they are going to make it tough for us. i still worry about our defence and I hope the two new signings can address that concern.

    Game on.

    • Scud Missile says:

      Where is the proof Shirley is on his, way out of ibrox,I haven’t seen or heard anything from Brighton or Ajax to back this story up.
      Looks like your taking onboard the lies from the daily sevco and other toilet paper media outlets.

      • Johnny Green says:

        That’s a shame bud, did Ajax not get in touch with you to run it past you?

        Tell you what Scud, support your local Search & Rescue Unit – and get lost!

    • Mark B says:

      Agree 100%…. reverse the result of one Celtic Rangers game last season and we don’t win the league. It was pretty close. They reached a European Final and lost only one game domestically except to us at Dundee U. They have started to get player trading right and are now sound economically as a result. They have strengthened more than us in terms of additions to squad (Jota and CCV brilliant but they are not net new players only a left back so far).We need to strengthen CH andDM and even then it will still be close.

  • SSMPM says:

    You can really only make an assessment on what you’re seeing. Offensively we’re shockingly good, defensively we’re well vulnerable, we all know it and so will our opponents. The standard in Scotland is I believe on the rise so ignore them and their additions at your peril.
    I hope the two additions Ange is talking about come in and more importantly have strong defensive quality. That’s what we’re going to need to fill/seal these gaps and provide the foundation from which to allow our forward players to rampage forward. Anything less than quality we already have, and that’s not gonna be enough to have successful SPL and CL campaigns.

  • Edvardo Mitsingero says:

    Our ‘cold dead hands’ ain’t exactly a good description of this young vibrant team who, with a couple more additions, will look red hot.

    You don’t need to finish quotes exactly as they were the first time, it shows a lazy lack of imagination, and particularly when they’re this inappropriate to the subject and most particularly when they come from psychopathic old gun loving Yankee Republicans.

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