Keevin’s Goram Piece Reeked Of Attitudes Scotland Should Have Left Behind.

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This time last year, Hugh Keevins was forced to make a grovelling apology for idiotic remarks he uttered in the aftermath of Kyogo being racially abused by Ibrox fans.

His comment was that things are worse on that front than they were 60 years ago when the issue was “virtually non-existent.” He was slammed for it, and not just by the Celtic sites who were furious.

Keevins contradicts himself constantly, and it should not come as any great surprise that he has done so again in relation to all our yesterdays.

At the weekend he wrote a piece on Andy Goram that was so sickly sycophantic I wanted a vomit bucket.

His claim that the death of Goram “marks the passing of a moment in time for football” is, of course, bad enough. Goram hasn’t been involved in football for years, so his death doesn’t influence the sport in any way.

The point of the piece was even worse.

Describing the funeral today as the passing away of days gone by, he mourns those days and the life of the Ibrox keeper by talking about how they were “a time when the composite picture of a professional’s life still left room for what was innocently known as high jinks.”

The way people in our game constantly talk up how great some of the individuals from the dregs of it were always reminds me of a moment in Trainspotting, not the film but the book, in which Renton muses long and hard on why he and his friends tolerate the presence of Francis Begbie, and how in conversation with neutrals they find themselves extolling virtues in the guy which don’t exist.

I wonder if Keevins or others ever take time out for such introspection.

This in a paragraph in his piece about how McCoist, Brown and Donald Findlay were going to get up there today to share their stories of Goram’s “high jinx” with the congregation.

Amazing that he should pick those three in particular.

Brown is a stone bigot and a pure fool. McCoist has not been shy about stirring sectarian soup in the past. Findlay was once sanctioned by the Law Society of Scotland and resigned his position on the Ibrox board for indulging in sectarian karaoke.

No wonder Keevins didn’t recognise racism when he saw it 60 years ago. He has been walking around with the blinkers on for almost the whole time. And he’s not just been blind but deaf as well.

The man he is lionising in that piece was not a go-lucky chap simply having a good time and no harm done. Goram consorted with the gutter rats of sectarian violence, and in doing so legitimised them as folk heroes and role models.

Goram was a scumbag who treated many people in his life like absolute shit.

This was a guy who left a trail of destruction in his wake.

Keevins hand-waives it all away as “high jinks”, and uses to highlight the point the life and career of Chick Charnley, by talking about his red cards and an act of self defence against a burglar.

What does any of that have to do with Goram, who wore a black armband to commemorate the life of a sectarian murderer killed in prison where he deserved to rot?

For Keevins to even attempt to compare those as if they were alike is despicable.

“When former players like Andy and Chic are booked to speak at social functions it’s not so the audience can hear their opinions on inverted full-backs, false nines or VAR. They are there to deliver tales of the bevvy and the bust-ups that formed the recreational hours of careers otherwise devoted to displaying the rich talents bestowed on them … and the anecdotes have to be told in a way that “contains humour reflecting attitudes of the era,” as disclaimers say prior to the showing of old films or TV shows with naughty words.”

Those were Keevins words in the piece …. “humour reflecting attitudes of the era.” That would be the era in which sectarianism and racism never reared their heads eah?

There are plenty of comedians and after dinner speakers who still tell jokes reflecting the attitudes of those eras. The Scottish Football Writers Association booked one for their last annual dinner and then pretended not to know they had.

Keevins is representative of those attitudes. He comes from that era and he cannot understand, and doesn’t want to understand, why we’ve moved on.

Even the story he and Charnley had a laugh over isn’t one that I would have found particularly funny.

It’s about a charity do that Goram and Charnley attended where the hosts left a supply of wine under one of the tables. Goram found it and proceeded to get stuck into it not knowing that it was meant to be the first prize in the raffle.

Not knowing? How about telling the bald truth of it; he just didn’t give a shit.

What Keevins thinks was a funny “aww shucks” moment shows what a selfish arsehole Goram was when he was getting up to those “high jinx” of his. That Keevins thinks this story paints a flattering picture shows how wired to the moon he really is.

Honestly, this is a guy who should have retired years ago.

He’s an ignorant throwback to a bygone era with attitudes that have no place in modern Scotland.

Scottish Football And The Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

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  • Tony B says:

    If Keevins thinks consorting with and giving approval to Loyalist muderers is merely “high jinks” then he is indeed a lost soul.

    Shame on him and the other lickspittles in the Scottish media who enable these peepul.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Goram…….I always worshipped the ground he was going into.

  • Starman says:

    Goram wiz a good keeper but he was UNDOUBTEDLY A MONKEY HUN SCUM BASTARD!!

  • Mark Barrett says:

    FINALLY! Someone has written the truth about this man! You’d be hard pushed to find a bigger bigot unless it was the rat he was wearing the armband for. Thankfully, INLA took care of him & now they’re both where they belong. Super Troopers!! ????

  • harold shand says:

    He writes stuff with a clear intention to get Celtic and Rangers* fans at each other throats

    Then he’ll write later on about how it’s terrible that both sets of supporters are always at each others throats

    Don’t play his game, ignore him , don’t write about him

    He’s a dinasaur hack who’s days in the business are numbered

  • Peterbrady says:

    The sooner auld spew goes the way of bigot goram sand all there ilkthe better we need to cleanse Scotland of dinasaur zombie filth

  • king murdy says:

    glad to hear someone call out goram for the bigot scum he was…hope he died roaring…
    as for keevins….sure he is just a buffoon who has made a living on the division between ourselves and the huns…he claims to despise it, but, but as we all know…he, and many like him, thrive upon it…
    i can’t make up my mind, who are the biggest scumbag’s…the goram’s or the keevin’s of this world…
    may goram keep hell burning for keevins….

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    The only sad thing about that fuckin orange bigot is that he didn’t die 40yrs ago, and i look forward to when herr lip goes. HH

  • Tony B says:

    “Laughing at”? Read the article again. Laughing is the last thing the writer is doing here.

  • Gerry Graham says:

    Goram was the dregs of society..Fully paid up member of the Berlin Bar in Belfast..A bar full of thugs & Murderers..Every single one of them in that bar had either Murdered or Seriously assaulted a Roman Catholic..And Goram was a part of that little clan..Didn’t hear Keevins mention how many times he put one of his wives in the A & E most weekends..He even wore a black armband when Billy Wright was shot and even lied saying it was for his dead auntie who had died 6 months previous..Hes a rat and always will be in my eyes…?????

  • DAN DWAN says:

    Great article James 100% spot on.

  • Frank Kelly says:

    I dip into Follow Follow on occasion.
    There was a collection for Gorham for the last few months/weeks of his life.
    A good few explained that they would not contribute due to the kind of man that he was.

  • John S says:

    It appears that Keevins is saying that Goram was an alcoholic and a thief and that’s funny ?

  • Roonsa says:

    Goram had no redeemable qualities whatsoever. None. Others from his era like Terry Butcher and …. errr …. I hold no grudges against. But him, Graham Roberts and John Cunting Brown are ex-players who I would have no sympathy for if someone threw acid in their face.

    I hope Goram’s death was excruciating. I hope I am wrong and there is a Satan and he’s sticking a red hot poker up Goram’s tailpipe right now and for eternity. I would hope for nothing less for those other bigoted pricks. Amen.

    • Scud Missile says:

      As the painter said in Chewing The Fat your taking that to far. Calm down ya MANIAC your sounding like a sevco nut.

    • Jimmy says:

      You say you hold no grudges against him, yet you be happy with acid thrown on his face and then hoping he died in excruciating pain. Way too far FFS. Have a serious word with yourself.

      • Scud Missile says:

        Exactly mate the Roonsa guy that posted does seem a bit of a roaster on not Roonsa.

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    At the risk if repeating myself,and apologies if this is so, why do sites keep posting articles relating to HK?, every single time this happens,it gives him the oxygen he so desperately craves,and needs,he’s a hopeless pundit, talking about him,jerks him relevant.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Just think what he is passing on to his grandchildren,look at grumpy grandpa with his high jinx stories that was my good auld days so follow me in all you do because its made me a good living feeding from BIGOTTRY..

  • Scud Missile says:

    Auld Shug going to the BIGOTS funeral it gave him a chance to wear a shirt and tie and feel important,no doubt a sevco tie as this was the instructions left by Goram.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I thought Keevins was deid, he has looked deid and buried for years much like his career.

  • Gangrene Machine says:

    He also needs to get his adenoids sorted.

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