Mark Pirie’s Piece On Ange And Mooy Is Pathetic Anti-Celtic Stirring For The Sake Of It.

Image for Mark Pirie’s Piece On Ange And Mooy Is Pathetic Anti-Celtic Stirring For The Sake Of It.

What a dire writer is Mark Pirie of The Daily Record.

His article today, dredging up a five year old story, about how Aaron Mooy and Ange fell out over the latter subbing the former whilst manager of Australia is barrel scrapped gunk. It is gossip not news.

“Aaron Mooy’s Celtic transfer olive branch as Ange Postecoglou leaves Australia spat in the past for Parkhead reunion” is the headline, as though there has been some bitter feud going on between these two for years.

It is an appalling headline, over an appalling article.

What is it with these people? I know they have quotas to fill and targets to hit, but I would rather write nothing at all than the kind of stuff some of these folk fill their publications with.

Pirie is getting quite the rep for the dreadful stuff he puts out there.

This is truly abysmal though.

“He looks set to find his way back to the Scottish Premiership and will look to make his mark on the Champions League under Postecoglou next term, but the pair haven’t always had a straightforward relationship. Tensions between the pair spilled over into the Australian media after Mooy was benched for a crucial Word Cup qualifier against Syria back in 2017,” he wrote.

He goes on to quote both men, speaking in the press after the game before he freely admits that Ange selected him for the following year’s tournament.

There was no issue to speak of.

Nobody, at the time, thought it was any sort of big deal … Ange certainly didn’t hold any grudges.

Not that you’d know that to read Pirie’s spiteful little piece.

I don’t know what the objective of writing such utter nonsense is, but it reeks.

“Postecoglou is set to let bygones be bygones once again by green-lighting a transfer for the free agent,” is how he chooses to finish, as though these two men hated each other and only now reconciling.

This is gutter level stuff, but not a shock coming from the author. He is working hard to replace Joel Sked at The Scotsman as the worst hack in this country … and he’s getting there.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    The episode concerned is totally irrelevant and his childish and snidey comments smack of spitefulness. It looks like this possible signing might just put his blue nose out of joint,

    Great stuff!

  • John says:

    He is playing to the gullible Rangers fans , nothing else.

  • Seppington says:

    The objective is to needle us Tims, pure and simple. Bitter, bitter hun scumbag. The concept of “professionalism” does not exist in hun hack heads, their only thought is “durr me hayt ra sellik, whaur’s ma krayawnz?”…

  • John Copeland of says:

    This guy is no writer! As I’ve said before he’s just a glorified typist! When was the last time anyone at the Daily Record had a real good old fashioned exclusive!? ‘Nuff said!

  • Tony B says:

    Everything Pirie writes must be seen in the context of the fact that he is a HUN.

    Nothing more need be said.

  • John S says:

    Well, at least he switched his tablet on (a skill) and did some research (moling) to come up with something disparaging that he thought some disappearing demographic would read.

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