Once Again, Celtic Fans Need To Remind Keevins Readers That He Takes Them For Mugs.

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Know what I find infuriating about some of what you read in the Scottish media on a daily basis?

The implied insult to the audience.

There are people in it who sit there in front of their word processors and know that what they are writing is total nonsense, but they do it anyway. They do it because they think that the average reader buttons up the back.

I think this has sociological, and psychological, underpinnings and I’ll explain why.

There was a time when the media had genuine power.

It was a time before the internet was big, before blogs and alternative sources of information.

Don’t get me wrong, so many alternative sources of information are dire and the internet is filled with so much disinformation that it’s actually dangerous. The mainstream media still, by and large, plays with a straight bat and it’s the best place to go to find genuine experts playing a role. But there is no question that in certain circles – and sports-writing is one of them – that the bloggers have replaced the hacks as the go-to sources of info and opinion.

Look, we’re nakedly biased. People know what they are getting. And whilst we’re not experts on the sport, you only have to look at guys like Alan Morrison at Celtic By Numbers to realise that some in the blogosphere are far better at analysis than their mainstream counterparts could ever hope to be. It’s about knowing where your skill-set lies.

There are people who have been in journalism too long.

They harken back to the days when their opinions could put people under pressure or boost the fortunes of their friends.

The days when Celtic fans booed Fergus McCann because of a relentless negative media narrative … a shameful incident which would never have happened in the present day.

Those people have never gotten over the way their profession has been transformed.

They have never gotten over the loss of that power, the power to move opinions.

And along the way, as the bloggers have taken a grip on the narrative, some of them have finally been called out not just on their years of pushing agendas but on their colossal ignorance too.

Some of these people got by in years past on the lack of any way for us to call them on their lack of knowledge, their dreadful judgement and their appalling stupidity.

Those days are over. We should not let these people away with a damned thing.

When they sit in front of their word processors now they don’t do it to move opinion. They do it to settle petty scores and sensationalise just to stay relevant. Underneath it all there has always been a measure of contempt for their audience, but now they wear it out on their faces. They lie, knowing full well that many of us know that and will highlight it.

And when you think about it, what could be more contemptuous of the audience than that?

To know that you’re full of it, that people know you are full of it, that they will let other people know that you are full of it, but to persist with the lies anyway?

What does that say about the writers’ view of the remaining handful who take him or her seriously?

We know who I’m getting at. He is at it again this morning, in his article on who will win this year’s SPFL title. I don’t care about his pick, I could have told you who that was going to be before he published a word, and nor do I care about his alleged rationale for doing so.

It is like everything else with this guy; the more he tries to explain his “thought process” the clearer it becomes that he’s driven by spite and incapable of objectivity.

He’s thick anyway. It’s been years since he any insight to offer or opinion to give which wasn’t rooted in decades of prejudice and malice.

Even back then, in his heyday, he was abysmally stupid about the sport he’s been paid to cover, which his arrogance in no way hides and in fact just makes more obvious.

I couldn’t care less who he tips for the title, although this contention that we’re playing “pass the parcel” for the title is hilarious since Celtic has had it ten years out of the last eleven.

He no more knows how that game works than the one he’s paid to write about.

But I draw the line at his contention – and this isn’t the first time he’s made it – that “Celtic fans didn’t know Ange would win the league, so how could we poor hacks?”

He isn’t getting away with that. He’s not going to slither off the hook that easily.

Alone, of all the sports journalists in the country, he went much, much further than simply saying that we would not win the title. He is the one who tipped us to finish third, and at one point, early on, talked about us finishing as low as fifth.

That is not getting a narrow call wrong, that is the summit of ridiculousness, the pinnacle of halfwittery, enough to make anyone in the business unworthy of the least respect from either their peers or the audience.

Contempt for the audience reeks off that article today.

Contempt for the handful of people who still take this clown seriously, because his previous comments are all out there, on the record.

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  • Jimmy says:

    C’mon James. Give keevins and other like him a miss, seen you on Endless Celts in your dark room. Come on out and into the daylight where keevins and his like have no value. I mean this respectfully, we are just about too embark on a season as champions and in a season that holds champions league ties, you should be on a high. Instead of the feel good factor that is around being a Celtic supporter you choose to give us a dour story about a nobody. Cheer up.

    • Hans says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Droopy McCool says:

      He’s a fucking idiot but as long as he gets reaction articles like this his employers think he’s current. I only hear about him on here and I couldn’t give a topless hand- shandy about the wank.

  • harold shand says:

    These hacks like Keevins and Kenny Miller are just taking for granted that their new signings are all going to hit the ground running just because ours did .

    Doesn’t always work like that though

    Their keeper is now suspect and the orcs all said it themselves throughout last season .


    They always win the pre season cup don’t they ?

  • john clarke says:

    A sport journalist should give sound reasons to support forecasts. Besides, who cares what a biased or suspect Journo thinks about who will win the Premiership. It’s not in-depth reporting.
    Many in your Celtic Blog commentariat are more erudite football pundits, than the Journos (?) you don’t like. If Benjamin and Johnny Green were expert commentators on Sky Sports or BBC they would be worth listening to. Include Sean and there would be a barney with Johnny. Terrific TV or Radio.

  • Hugh K The old fenian hun says:

    Keevins writes the way he does because he, simply, is a coward of the highest order. He even sounds like a snivelling coward. If you wondered what a talking weasel would sound like just tune in to CSSB

  • TC says:

    He basically claims that those who think Ajax would pay serious money for a dud look foolish and outdated. This from a man who wrote that Sevco would finish more than the 25 points ahead of Celtic from the previous season. Should have considered a change of career years ago. Midland Banker springs to mind.

  • whiteseatbhoy says:

    I like many other Celtic fans had money on us winning the league in August because what I read on the blogs. best form guide by far

  • Starman says:


    • Roonsa says:

      Comments like these just detract from the genuine criticism he deserves. Or, should I say, lack of attention that he deserves? He is not biased. He is not a hun. Whether he is a jakey bastard or not would be conjecture if anyone cared. Which I don’t and nor should anyone on here.

      The guy is just a really poor sports journalist who offers noting positive or any insight whatsoever. It’s all bargain basement sensationalism with no logic applied.

      What amazes me is that 1) anyone – huns included – reads his claptrap and 2) He gets written about on here so often.

      I honestly could not care less about what he says in his newspaper column or on that awful Clyde SSB show. I think people who whine about what he says have more to be ashamed of than he does for saying them.

      What is worst of all is the asinine comments about him being a hun or a dirty orange bastard. He is just a prick, for fuck sake. Nothing is needed to be added to that. Just ignore the cunt and move on. Jesus. How easier does it need to be before people get it?

  • Tony B says:

    It would be bad enough being a hun, but imagine what depths someone would have to plumb, how low they would have to sink in order to become what Spew Heavins has become; a hun arse licker apologist and lickspittle toady.

    Sold his soul for Orange gold.

  • SSMPM says:

    Stupid comment. I agree with some of what what you say about him but his words do have an influence particularly on the gullibles, some of whom agree with him and repeat his discriminatory comments as some kind of fact and in some cases act on it.
    I don’t care what you say, if he makes, for example, racist or sectarian comments he should be called out – not ignored. He is a fool that has jumped on the wheel of bigots, and he knows his remarks keep him relevant amongst the worst examples of oppressive scum. Of course he’s aware of this but carrying on regardless, unchecked, na he needs calling out

    • Roonsa says:

      His words have influence? On whom precisely? Idiots like the people who refer to him as a hun?

      That is exactly the reason we DO need to ignore him as people like that can never be reasoned with.

      Keevins is beyond parody which is why, as far as I am aware as I have never watched or listened to it in over 30 years, that even the stone cold unfunny Only An Excuse does not lower itself to lampoon him.

      You can not argue or reason with stupidity as it is a pointless exercise. As far as I am concerned, Keevins is not even worth this particular exercise as he has zero respect from anyone who matters.

      He is the pied piper of easily led fools and anyone who gets upset by anything he says or puts into print really need to take a long, hard look at themselves and reassess their priorities. Or just die of stupidity, I couldn’t care less either way really.

  • John says:

    James,do us all a favour and stop writing articles on this goon.He’s a d*ck and everyone knows it as you can see from the comments. Starman”s post way OTT however.

  • SSMPM says:

    I don’t read the dr, sun, scotsman, or subscribe to sky. So I made my choices where I get information from, a long time, years ago. I read this blog for example and respect James’s angle on most points. I understand why he writes about this shit. It is relevant to the gullibles, their propaganda machine, media, press, gullible anti Celtic supporters, etc. Its what I wrote if you bothered to read it before you started your rant and listening to your own blow. I’ll decide what I read, what or who I think is stupid or worthless. I think we all pretty much agree that he is exactly what you say, but his corruptible words hits headlines and headlines are read and can have negative influence on our supporters and our club whether you think so or not. If you don’t think that matters, no great loss, I do.

    • Roonsa says:

      Good for you. I am not sure, however, where Keevins’ corruptible words “hit the headlines”. But if it bothers you, carry on. I have other, more pressing, things to worry about. Like whether to have two eggs with ma tea the night or just the one. Probably just the one. I can have a piece later on if I get a bit peckish.

      I bid you good day.

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