Police Scotland’s Investigation Into The Ibrox Fans Was A Farce That Bilked The Taxpayer.

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So yesterday, Police Scotland ended their investigation into the racist and sectarian singing by a section of the Ibrox fan-base during a march to a game last season.

They claimed that in spite of months investigating this they didn’t produce enough evidence to make a case. It’s like some kind of sick joke when you think about it, isn’t it?

Their own officers marched alongside a couple of thousand black clad bigots. This wasn’t Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick, a crime committed outside of their view where they had to piece the evidence together … it happened right in front of them. Their officers weren’t just there on the scene, they practically enabled the crime.

Police Scotland launched a very public appeal for witnesses. Here’s my question; didn’t they just ask their own officers “What did you see?” What we have here is a bizarre version of policing which I can’t believe isn’t more popular across the force.

Here’s what they do. They watch the crime happen in front of them. They actually stand back and observe it. And they let it take place. Then, later on, when the dust settles, once all the perpetrators have gone home they do an investigation and hope to identify and prosecute them later. This really is a system which the robbery squad should try out.

Imagine their officers just happen to stumble across an armed robbery. All the criminals involved have masks on. Taken to its natural conclusion, Police Scotland’s policy on that should be to allow the robbery to happen, let the crooks leave with the money and then … look into it later.

Or, and here’s a thought, why not – and I know I’m not an expert on policing so this might sound radical – arrest them on the spot, there and then, whilst in the commission of the crime?

That’s a slam-dunk in court, isn’t it? No phony alibis, no wall of silence … who needs one when you catch the guys involved, red handed, with the weapons and the money actually in their hands? I hear you, folks, I hear you … that’ll never catch on.

Amidst that sarcasm is a serious point. Police Scotland spent public money facilitating an illegal march. They allowed illegal stuff to happen during it. Then they spent even more public money investigating said illegal stuff only to find nothing.

That’s a joke. In another force, in another country, with competent controls that would result in people losing their jobs.

Police Scotland has been involved in one disaster after enough since its inception. I believe it to be institutionally sectarian and bigoted and that’s something there ought to be a public inquiry into.

This same week, they were told to publish the full details of their discussions with politicians and even the football authorities on just what the Hell happened during the lockdown when they permitted a vast gathering of fans in George Square, which ended up in a night of rioting all through the city centre. They resisted that for over a year.

But the facts will all come out and then we’ll find out how that decision was made, yet another case of them facilitating a crime in the first place, things getting out of hand, the feather duster being applied rather than the big stick and then a rash of arrests lasting months – at even greater tax-payer cost – weeks after the fact.

There is something stinking here, and every political party in the country should want answers.

This is not policing as we used to know it. This is a joke.

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  • Seppington says:

    Aye good luck with getting politicians to do anything about the polis, they’re just as terrified of them as they are the rest of the horde. As long as the UK exists the Scots polis will treat the Scottish Parliament as an irrelevance because all they care about is protecting the union at all costs. Even if they wanted to change things Sturgeon et al are pretty much toothless as it stands and the fuzz know it thus just take the piss. Institutionally speaking, Scotland is a corrupted cesspool.

  • Fat mike says:

    According to the record Ibrox already has a media guru, transfer guru and now a coaching guru, maybe they have a policing guru on the books too!

  • Ral says:

    Is it any wonder they strut about as if they own the place . They know they are untouchable an absolute farce

  • Martin H. says:

    Problem from holyrood down the police and media in Scotland do as they are told, no other political party would be allowed to redact reports, the way the snp do normally get support of most Celtic fans, but a lot of us, are just being played by these con artists.

  • john clarke says:

    READ; Policy and code of Conduct on Public Processions, Published by Glasgow City Council.. The Council makes the decision to allow PROCESSIONS. I believe the Police should be the co-consent authority with the Council. Rangers supporters should have applied 28 days in advance. For pragmatic reasons the Police broke the law and escorted the unruley mob. They had no other option. There were 45 arrests and 20 for the 16 MAY 2021 celebrations. The Scottish Sun wrote a comprehensive report on the 6 May incident. Were the media interviewed?. There must have been TV footage to view and smart phone video and audio. Police can see and hear. They planned to have 500 Police there. James, Thanks for your report, on what could be?, a snow job. You are highlighting incompetence all round I think.. “Scottish and perhaps British shame; inflicted by Rangers supporters”. Not good.

  • TAM Milne says:

    Police in this country do as they please because they have no one to answer to as they police themselves which is the reason the public should be asking questions of why so many have convictions while doing their job years ago if any of YOUR FAMILY had a conviction then YOU who had done no wrong couldn’t apply for a job as a cop but now it’s just a joke time for change

  • SSMPM says:

    Scotland’s shame. I pretty much agree with above comments but that shouldn’t stop Sturgeon et al from trying to highlight what’s working properly or not and why. I can accept that police behaviour its not under their direct control but they could institute an investigation/inquiry into them. I just want to see them make an effort, to try to show decency is at the heart of governance.
    Anyway really looking forward to Sunday, guess we’ll be playing catch up but excited about the season ahead and the development of our style of play. I’m still greedy for a couple more quality signings, not signings for the sake of it, probably loans to buy but a bit more 1st team squad quality.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    the whole disgrace stinks to high heaven. i have said many times that no one in authority government or police were ever taken to task about this is a scandal in itself. the second riot just defied belief.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Nothing’s changed then, once at Celtic Park whilst I pointed out to a polisman (the copper with the most braiding on his hat) that that lot were throwing stuff over their officers heads and into the kids section of the main stand. Seats, bottles etc etc.

    At first he didn’t hear me properly but when he did his reply was;

    ‘YOU sit on yir arse or I’ll come up there and lift YOU’

    That said it all to me and plenty more besides; crime happening right there and then and he screams at me for reporting it and threatens me rather than front up an do his fqn job. SCUM 1 & ALL.


    And as far as I’m concerned they cannot be impartial and my wee tale above shows that.
    They’re NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and therefore should be investigated and / or split up and re-educated. Scotland’s shame resides in a police station near you, you don’t have to go iboaks.

  • john clarke says:

    Coming together like they did, broke Coronavirus lockdown rules. They should not have been there. All Anarchists!

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