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Record Writers Bitterness Seeps Out In Article About Celtic’s Aussie Tour.

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Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m now coarsened and cynical and unable to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. But when I saw this headline late last night my first thought was “forgotten by who?”

And what exactly does that headline mean?

That the organisers are forgotten, which seems strange, or that that the tournament itself has been?

You’ll notice the name of the writer, yeah? Enough said?

Just who exactly is it who has done the forgetting? The Scottish press, now that the Ibrox club is no longer involved? Doesn’t that just reveal a certain, petty bitterness? Because that mini-tournament was being touted as a Very Big Deal when their favourite team was still in it. Now it’s what? A non-event? Albiet one we’ll net several million pounds for.

Apparently it’s Everton who the organisers are in negotiations with.

They would do fine. To be honest, any club will do fine now that we’re no longer sharing a stage with the Goon Squad at Ibrox.

Celtic fans over there are looking forward to the occasion.

This is their chance to see the team in the flesh and pay a special tribute to the boss.

Nothing about this has been “forgotten” from their point of view. But The Record would have you believe that the whole idea has been dying on its arse since the Sevconuts gave in to pressure from their own supporters.

Graeme Young of The Record writes, in another article on it today, that “the tournament suffered a blow” when that happened.

But did it really? Celtic were, and remain, the whole point, the main event, and a lot of our fans were very unhappy at the prospect of giving the other lot the exposure that such a fixture would have handed them.

The whole thing is just so much better. Ange can enjoy his home-coming without it becoming a hate fest.

The media might not like it, but this mini-tournament is even more important than it was, even more interesting to most fans than it was … the only people who’ve “forgotten” it are those who can’t see past their blue tinted specs.

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  • Gav says:

    Everton fans generally follow Celtic as their 2nd team. I’ll be delighted if its Everton. Tickets and accomodation are already booked?.

  • Tony B says:

    I’ve known a few Piries in my time and they’ve all been huns.

    Nuff said.

  • harold shand says:

    That paper wants people to believe that huns are phoning up saying Jota’s scared of V.A.R but not a single hun’s phoning up about their clubs lack of signings


  • James White says:

    No point in sweating the small stuff JF, and this is small stuff. Professional, time served, journalists now compete with former player pundits, for headline grabbers. Don’t take the bait, it’s a race to the bottom.
    Celtic will, hopefully, head to Australia for a bit of bit of mid-season respite, with a lead at the top of the SPFL and Europe after Christmas secured. The club will earn a few bob, non- World Cup players will get a bit of sunshine. I expect the games to be reasonably competitive but not overly so.

  • Michael Conway says:

    The daily ranger is a gutter paper not even fit to wipe yir back end

  • Effarr says:

    It’s obvious Pirie himself
    hasn”t forgotten about it or he would hardly be writing about it. In fact, he seems obsessed. Obviously caused
    by inherited hatred and a sad bigotry that”s in his blood and will be passed on to his unfortunate descendants.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Having lived s worked in Sydney these clowns talking crap!! Celtic have and always had many fans in Sydney , huns not any really as soon as they leave brigadoon they realise their poisin not on Yeah you meet some out the western subhurbs but they just bigots that keep it on lowdown!! Celtic only club from here anyone knows there from brigadoon Fact!! We used well out number all English teams fans to 10 food on games saw it plenty the huns didnt even have a bar ! Used to come on to ours in disguise they reveal themselves tho us being decent people we just escorted them out now imagine this the other way there been carnage! But that’s the poison for you and I am talking hunders of Our fans to in cheers bar they even opened up the night club downstairs for us as we packed it out and there was often many didnt get in! So no they scum are no loss it’s a great thing! And again puts out the message we want no part their only relevance as part the bs ” o f” which 99 percent of us always detested! Never used it in my life!

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