Ross County’s Allegation Against “Celtic Fans” Is Serious. We Should Demand They Back It Up.

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How easy it is to smear Celtic fans through the media these days. Ross County has done so today and The Record is only too keen to publish their allegation that their ticket office has been “intimidated and threatened” by our supporters whilst they tried to buy briefs for the wrong end of the ground. That story smells like a rotted fish to me.

I went online a moment before I started to write this, and did some poking about. There are tickets for this match on sale on at least a half dozen “tout” sites. And we’re expected to believe that our fans have attempted to go through Ross County’s own ticket office and then issued threats when their efforts were rebuffed?

Excuse me for having doubts. Someone is playing games here and it ain’t us.

Ross County are just one of a number of clubs in this league who have failed, lamentably, to market their tickets to their own fans in significant numbers and yet persist in trying to lock paying customers out of games. Scottish football, it seems to me, has had a collective outbreak of insanity over this stuff in recent years … and it’s costing teams.

These are pretty serious allegations to make, and especially through a public forum. Ross County’s own statement is shabby and missing a few crucial things like hard facts. They talk about “suspected Celtic fans”; what forensic examination have done into these folks that they have been allowed to form that suspicion, a suspicion that allows them to attack our entire support?

Celtic should be asking for clarification. Hell, Celtic should be asking for evidence and making it clear that this kind of public hatchet job isn’t going to wash. The overtly aggressive tone of their club’s statement is also bang out of order; our fans have no history of making trouble up there and so quite where this nonsense has come from I don’t know.

Engaging in threats and intimidation? It seems a bit stupid to me when the first requisite for getting tickets up there is having to actually pick them up in person … I am sure their club records these sort of calls. Maybe they want to pass them onto Celtic, for our own investigatory purposes. Had they done that instead of releasing their spiteful statement, I would suggest that this article wouldn’t have been necessary.

But that, of course, would have denied them their opportunity to play to whatever gallery they are aiming for here.

Look, anyone who gives ticket office staff abuse is a moron, for want of a word that I can get away with. We don’t want people like that amongst our fans far less mingling with the opposition, but their statement reads as a blanket attack on our fan-base, without a single word in support of the fans who just want to watch their team.

It’s a sufficiently serious charge that Celtic should be asking if they can prove it. If they can’t, then they had damned well better withdraw it.

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  • Jimmy says:

    I have commented on this site for around 10 years but no more.
    Yet again you are offended James. Funny that because you have allowed comments on this site that aren’t worthy of a Celtic site. I have called you out before in allowing that halfwit Starman calling people Special needs freak. Your reply was that you were too busy to read the comments. The term Retard can be found in the comments here often. As someone who is an advocate for children and adults with severe physical and learning disabilities I am absolutely appalled to read this on a Celtic site.
    Roonsa is referring to people as spastics, he tried to explain that it was not related to disabled people, what an ignorant clown. He also calls out people that disagrees with him as proddys. He states he is a Kafflick and goes to mass every Sunday, get over yourself ya clown nobody’s interested in your life. People are having a go at fellow Celtic fans for having a different opinion to theirs. ALL ALLOWED BY JAMES FOREST. Offended by Hugh keevins but not about disparaging comments made to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. YOU ARE A DISGRACE JAMES FORREST. Stick your site up yer arse.

    • Seppington says:

      You write that big screed after saying JF doesn’t read the comments? And you’re calling others clowns?

      Pot meet kettle.

  • Malc says:

    +1 Jimmy. Some of the comments here are laughable, while some are downright awful, not even worthy of a rAngers message forum. Some of them deserve to be deleted purely for the fact they are inane rambles, and as for the spelling/grammar? JHC! To have no moderation of the comments too is poor at best and not having time is no excuse. If you’re going to offer a platform then you should make as much effort to ensure the platform upholds the same standards you would set for yourself.

    As for your other point about James being easily offended, again +1 here. But that’s the internet today and a constant need for new output and those all important hits. It’s easier to get offended by Hugh Keevins and the Daily Record than it is to offer quality content and the lowest common denominator usually loves that type of rubbish so hey, why not?

    This site used to be pretty good, but the quality of output trend is definitely on the downslope. Shame really, but I guess that’s 2022 and beyond for you.

  • James Mcginn says:

    2weeks ago I applied for2 tickets I got them then a week later they withdraw them and said I was getting a refund ( still waiting),I phoned them up and all they said was I was not getting them.Now two points I would like to make first I got tickets for the two games last season and second I was taking a South African friend who Chas never seen a game to the match he is now asking what kind of crazy country is this.

  • owen dolan says:

    The only reaction to this should be do not go to the Ross County ground this season the loss of good honest money will do them more harm than good….

  • Jimmy Mccairn says:

    The very least we should demand evidence of this accusation, and the SPL look into this slur on our supporters and our Club

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