Scotland’s Gutter Rag Tries To Drag Celtic Fans Into Our Rival’s Latest Cesspit.

Image for Scotland’s Gutter Rag Tries To Drag Celtic Fans Into Our Rival’s Latest Cesspit.

You have to hand it to the media; they know how to dredge the gutter.

Especially those papers which perennially operate from there.

We all know that The Sun is the one most football fans associate with that gutter. It is no surprise to find their Scottish rag swimming in the sewer this morning with a diabolical headline.

Would you look at that for God’s sake?

Running battles up and down Paisley Road West, miles from our ground, but right next to theirs. Their fans, caught on camera, fighting with Spurs fans. Their forums openly boasting about it when they aren’t looking for other people to blame.

And The Sun tries to drag us into this with them? That’s ridiculous. That’s the tabloid press in Scotland at their absolute worst, actually spreading the blame instead of tackling the people directly responsible for it.

Celtic fans were only interested in watching our team yesterday.

If others wanted to beat the shit out of each other on public streets that’s their own affair and the disgrace reflects only on their club.

We weren’t part of it. We want no part of it.

That rag owes Celtic and our fans an apology.

How dare they try to paint us as somehow involved in those ugly scenes, which took place at the other side of the city and didn’t involve us at all? Police Scotland’s statement on the violence paints an appalling picture of what went on, and everyone knows who was involved in it.

The Scottish Sun is a gutless newspaper which refuses to name the actual culprits.

It’s one thing to refer to them as “football fans” without actually stating what everybody already knows – that it was Ibrox’s thug element directly involved.

It is quite another to make us a part of their disgrace.

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  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Everyone knows they are vile scum but this bs reporting allows casual people to tag our Great club and fanbase with that poison and we know why! So ” der hun” can feel comfortable with his/her hate! Not a chance! This is where this Nicholson should be out putting that rag and all rags straight!! We have a spineless tory board that allows this thats more of an issue, as this reporting has always been thus!! But we never had a real leader appart from Fergus to destroy this utter bs lie!! As I said the world know they are poisonous filth but that boardroom allow us to be used ! That is more the issue! Makes me sick, scotland journalism is full of cowards even scared to name the huns without bringing us in to it everytime! Must be great be an hun no wonder no matter what they do its ” what aboot them” they are given that by these cowards tho not just cowards these pathetic creatures are huns themselves! Then you have guys like keevins! ” keep the Heid diwn” generation still shit scared to call them out! And he in his 70s! Utter cowards!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Heid down I meant ,yes that generation my own family had a few the old uncles that never praised and often say we lose beforehand to soften the blow if we did, that’s keevins tho he in a position to call out the utter lies and bs! But for the easy life and money that guy in his 70s! Still fails to, disgrace of a man for me , as he know full well what they cretins are and always have been! So shame on him and his ilk utter cowards!

  • Allan Kirkwood says:

    Police Scotland were as bad. They used the phrase “across the city” suggesting there was trouble elsewhere

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Exactly Allan read that to pathetic do they want to believe this no it’s their psyche to appease their hun backgrounds and poisonous beliefs! Only in this wee bigoted land I never fail to tell people of it ! Lived overseas for years and told plenty more need to know but our own club need to quash this bs! Watching a Celtic video on youtube tonight league cup win of 1965 again the poison brought home their despicable ” enabled ” poisonous behaviour in said game they invade the park attacked our players then then did same in 69 and 1980 but still it’s never them!! Every occasions this happen the hun is involved and always when they lose! Just think hibs 2016! Plenty more in Newcastle, Wolverhampton, Chesterfield, bohemian, trammere, Aston villa 1976 which is on youtube and shows their unrepentant scum like responses they still use today! Also Sunderland in 1983 when they were banned from playing in England! Fact then there was Manchester 2008 when english police knew there would be mayhem it was clowns like ewan Cameron of real radio at the time e that lobbied publicans to demanded more were allowed as Manchester police had capped 20 000 tops as they had previous banned them from a testimonal match and in champions league game in 2003 they were bused in then out! This scum are allowed to behave this way by their enablers and we know who that is!! What a place! But dont dare drag our club into this shit! Our fans are up their with the best we love this club and 99 percent of of carry that with pride and behave and always have! But we need real people to represent us on thst joke board! Even the bottle incidents last season nothing ! Then they attacked our family section at fulltime and that board of theirs went on the attack!! Shameless but still we allow for that posion they better be banned in September but wont hold my breath really wish we had real people of substance in that boardroom and for desmond to be gone!

  • Jimmy says:

    The Sun have a very poor reputation for a reason. Loathed by many. Gutter is about their level. However, coming from yourself that allows some horrendous posts where, a poster would throw acid in someone’s face, they wished horrendous deaths on people dying from a cancer. Pot and Kettle James. If you are going to allow such posts you are residing in gutter level yourself James. Again, Pot and Kettle.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Are you Sean McCaffrey in disguise?

      • Jimmy says:

        Everything I write is accurate. Please enlighten me as where I am wrong. Maybe you prefer being a Psychophantic follower. It’s not for me. If someone is two faced it needs called out on this occasion jf needs called out.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Sunderland in 1993 I meant where they slashed innocents fans ,disgusting low life’s are most these cretins that live to hate, makes me sick ban them for good Celtic!

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Are Celtic fc. Going to call in the editor of the Sun and Record for a sit down and a tongue lashing, about their awful weekend of “reporting ” do these papers do this kind of thing for the reaction.
    Thankfully most people don’t buy their Tripe publications.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Celtic fans should be, but won’t be applauded for their hospitality to Norwich fans.
    Outside seen lots of Norwich fans strolling about taking photos on the celtic way.
    No tension just a relaxed day out for them.

    Meanwhile across the city OFFC fans attacking police and away fans.

    Hope Celtic media team are on the case this morning. Ban the Sun and any other paper who can’t write the truth.

    • Jimmy says:

      Here here Benny. Every fan that comes here from Europe and afar go home telling of the great time they had.

  • Paddy O'Doors says:

    It’s not any better today either were they have mentioned Ciaran Dickson as an “ex. Celtic B team being involved in a hit and run”…absolutely no mention that he also played for Sevco or trialled for other teams as well

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