The Scotsman’s Headline On Juranovic Is A Ridiculous Effort To Keep A Non-Story Going.

Image for The Scotsman’s Headline On Juranovic Is A Ridiculous Effort To Keep A Non-Story Going.

The media simply refuses to let their garbage Juranovic story die.

No matter how many times this has been beaten around the head, it continues to live on. The big guy himself has stamped on it, but there’s no killing this one it seems.

Today The Scotsman had a go. “Celtic transfers: Josip Juranovic boost as La Liga interest cools – for now” says the headline.

Which is fine except that the Atletico interest was never real in the first place, as their club has confirmed repeatedly.

Honestly, I’ve never known a crap story to generate such immense traffic over its course.

When this story broke – due to a single tweet from an online writer – I said there was nothing whatsoever to stand it up. The tweet said he was “expected” to leave this summer; the question I posed was who exactly is it who expected this?

Since then, Celtic has denied it.

The player has denied it.

Crucially, his agents have denied it.

The one club linked with him denied it.

The story was garbage. It had no legs to stand it up. The whole thing was has been a farce, and an embarrassment to every outlet which has tried to keep it going.

That The Scotsman is still trying to, even when Atletico has signed an alternative player, tells you how desperate some of them are to prop it up.

The story they’ve published today is rank rotten.

They’ve suggested that Madrid might come back in at a later date, although that would mean either that their new signing flops or that they bring our boy in as a backup for him.

The article also mentions Leicester City, another piece of dreadful journalism which suggests that Rodgers is a fan.

Based on what? Based on Rodgers forever keeping an eye on Celtic, it seems, although he hasn’t once “raided” this club for a footballer since leaving, although he’s been linked with half a dozen of them at least.

The thing about a story like this is that it takes no effort to produce it. It is the height of journalistic laziness. That’s why these are so popular with the hacks.

There is no need to engage with facts, no need to have it based on a single piece of concrete information.

It’s sheer speculation, and idiotic speculation at that.

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  • Tony B says:

    The Hootsmon has been a joke for years. Buncha hun f@nnies that write for it.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The one piece of concrete information was printed in 2012. We will never ever let them forget.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Every time any media outlet mentions Juranovic they are inadvertently giving him free exposure and helping to increase his worth in the transfer market for when he does eventually go. I’m sure Celtic are not concerned with this free advertising and if anything it is will be giving the player himself a boost in his own self esteem and might even push him on to better things. I don’t see it immediately affecting him in any negative way, he knows exactly what he wants to do this season. So let them chirp away, it will do more good than harm in my opinion.

  • Johnny Green says:

    James, do you know the headlines that annoy me, I mean so much so that I do not even click on them. It’s the ones that mention a player as being a brute or a beast or another such inappropriate description to attract your attention. Does this clickbait actually work? Journalists are supposed to be well educated individuals but this nonsense refutes that idea. It’s quite maddening that these idiots think we will be attracted by these inappropriate words that bear no resemblance to whatever player they are talking about.

    It really does my heid in!

    Am I just getting auld or does anyone agree with me?

  • Seppington says:

    “Journalists are supposed to be well educated individuals…”

    Where on Earth did you get that idea? I mean…Keith Jackson? Chick Young? Chris Jack? Hugh Keevins? Surely these guys don’t have degrees? Other than degrees of stupidity I mean….

    Maybe they all went to Hollywood Upstairs Journalism School….

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