This Celtic Manager Talked Straight On O’Riley. Still The Hacks Insist On Twisting His Words.

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Yesterday Ange spoke to the media after the game with Legia Warsaw.

Boy, oh boy, I bet he regrets that now.

He was asked about the stories “linking” Matt O’Riley to Leicester.

I read them earlier in the day and they were so tiresome that I skipped them and didn’t even bother to comment. Every half decent player we’ve had has been linked to Leicester.

Here’s my take on it. Rodgers has already missed out on getting a decent fee for a player Ajax just signed for a ridiculous sum.

So of course he would want to pay Celtic a ridiculous sum for a player we bought in December, from right under his nose, for a song.

Honestly, if the stories have even a shred of truth to them his “scouting team” are sleeping on the job big time.

The stories yesterday were yet more trash, rumour mill nonsense which the press couldn’t wait to blow up into a big deal.

Remember, this was not confirmed interest, just a local story down there that found its way into our lazy press.

Yet Ange was asked about it. And he answered as he always does, in plain and simple language. Still, the press up here has found a way to manufacture more garbage from it. He said we “welcome” interest in our players because that means the players are doing well and that the coaches and doing well and the team itself is doing well.

Nothing more to it than that. Straightforward.

But the press, of course, has twisted that into “Celtic would love to get big offers for these guys.”

Yet we’re not the ones who’ve spent the whole of the summer so far trying to punt somebody.

Celtic does not need to sell a single key player.

They do not want to sell a single key player.

There is value on this squad, but for once we have a club which recognises that it’s better that it be realised here, on the pitch, rather than flogged to England or elsewhere.

This is the reality. Just not one the media here wants to live in, or even to acknowledge. Too bad.

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  • Seppington says:

    They hun hacks should be careful what they wish for. They’ve been desperately but so far unsuccessfully trying to flog a hun player, any one of them, for a fee that breaks the £25m Scottish record we got for Tierney. If Celtic decide to sell anyone there’s a very good chance that £25m will be surpassed in a sale that they will never ever match…and we don’t have to worry about paying off director loans etc. so we could easily replenish the squad to a level good enough instantly to wipe the floor with Sevco and the rest. Either way, we’re going to be skelping huns for years to come…

  • Johnny Green says:

    Being a part of a Champions League Group and reaping the financial benefits it guarantees means that Celtic need not be tempted by any offers that they may or may not receive for our star players. Furthermore, the players themselves relish the challenge of being in the Champions League limelight and pitting themselves against the very best in Europe and are therefore not yearning or even contemplating a move, Let the media do their mischief making, but they are wasting their time attempting to unsettle a very happy squad.

  • SSMPM says:

    The more I see of O’Reilly the more I like and its not surprising that others are seeing that too, including the Danish national side and the hun press. He’s not only a great acquisition but sadly in Celtic terms he’s a great piece of business too. The press know that of our board too and they will big him up and stir the pot because if they can assist in getting a good and improving player out of our club they will. I only hope Ange has changed the selling mindset of our board

    • Seppington says:

      I don’t think anything could change their mind about that, but maybe Ange will convince that letting the lad show his quality and consistency over a longer period will eventually garner a bigger fee instead of them doing their usual “flog at the first smell of big bucks” crap….

  • Tom Foolery says:

    I imagine welcoming interest in our players would include big bids for our players . Is it a really slow news day, James? As for Ange. Well i can see the same kind of drooling over his every word much in the same way there was much drooling over Rodgers, anyone remember that?. It almost seems like a section of our support will never learn the lessons of the past. And lol at Ange calling Leicester a ‘big club’ which i assume (im not twisting his words, James) means that Ange thinks Leicester are bigger than Celtic….I wonder if Ange will join that big club or similar should they come looking for a new manager at the turn of the year or end of season…

    • Johnny Green says:

      There are lots of big clubs in England and in fact all over Europe Tom, The fact that Ange said big and not bigger tells you the difference in his description of them, at least it should.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Good luck to Union of Belgium against the filth put them in there place the scum that shames Glasgow Scotland UK Europe the planet the galaxy all the universe the sooner the all go extinct the better

  • Gerrard Duffin says:


  • Jimmy says:

    I just don’t see the sense in even commenting on it. Are we going to comment on every story about us. I suggest ignoring the nonsense. I know you have a site to run James but, give the 99.5% of Celtic fans that are above all this shite some credit, they have more to deal with in their day and to respond to such waffle. .

    • Johnny Green says:

      Wise words Jimmy, but you ignored your own advice and commented just the same.

      Most people who visit this site do so with the expectation of reading an article about the current news on Celtic and James’s take on it. No one is forced to comment on it, like you just did there, but they still have that option. They might well agree or disagree, in which case they are allowed to bump their gums to their heart’s content. So whether you deem it relevant or not, it is still of interest to some. You are of course correct in that the large majority of us do know it is all media waffle, but it does no harm to point that out to the few naïve fans in our support who do tend to swallow it.

      • Jimmy says:

        Dont disagree with a lot of what you write Johnny. Surely though rather than being tormented every day it is healthier not too give a flying fox about these people. That is the point I was making. If you’re going to be offended every day it’s going to be a long week. I would rather not give the clowns the value.

        • Johnny Green says:

          I know where you are coming from Jimmy, but a blank canvass every day would be disappointing.

  • Sonny says:

    Why o why do we listen to the garbage that sent by so called journalists, who can’t even pick their nose
    Properly everyone has to know why they write rubbish , it’s because or television. And many other ways of
    Getting the news today . The newspapers, are going downhill their circulation is down nearly 60 percent
    What do they do embellish the reporting that they do

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