Tory Loony Has An Unhinged Rant About The Unseen Fenian Union Barons.

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You think you’ve seen it all and then you get a day like today. A Tory MSP has slammed the RMT for organising a rail strike, and then suggested that it was done to disenfranchise Ibrox fans.

I mean come on. These Peepul really don’t inhabit the real world.

I know what he means, but we’re so used to hearing this mob rant about the Unseen Hand that it’s not difficult to imagine them conjuring up the conspiracy of the Unseen Fenian Union Baron.

The only amazing thing is that it wasn’t Adam Tomkins (who is no longer an MSP) but Graham Simpson, their Transport Spokesperson.

“The dates for this industrial action have been cynically chosen to maximise the disruption to Rangers fans on match days when thousands of them use the subway,” the MSP for Central Scotland ranted, before demanding that people stop campaigning for better work and conditions.

Let’s be honest, these strikes have been timed for to have an impact on the services and on management first and foremost; this is generally how industrial action works.

It would do these guys no good if they organised a stoppage which only went into effect for an hour on a weekday, would it? There has to be some sort of drop-off at a time that matters.

So no, it’s not a coincidence that these the strike actions have been timed for days when their fans are at Ibrox. But the Glasgow subway system is tiny, and we’re talking only about people having to use another mode of transport instead.

This is not a crucial part of anyone’s match-day experience, so the idea that it causes maximum disruption to their fans is just loony.

Celtic Park doesn’t have a subway stop; that plan has been vetoed more times than Warren Zevon’s entry to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Yet our fans manage to get to games just fine.

For these four days, so will theirs. Victory to the workers!

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