Why Celtic’s “New” Targets Might Be Mark Lawwell’s First On The Job.

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When Ange announced today that we are still in the business of looking for players, it was a surprise to those of us who thought that we might wait until a couple more weeks had passed and we were closer to the window closing before we decided we needed more.

The news that we are still in the market was surprising, but maybe it shouldn’t have been. Because according to some people I speak to regularly, and a good friend in particular on Twitter, today is actually the first day on the job for on Mark Lawwell.

That’s interesting, and it suggests that we might be about to find out what he can do.

Has he brought with him a list of possible candidates?

Has he spent the day working the phones, trying to get us close to a deal or two? You would think that he’s certainly given the process a jolt, since that’s literally the day job.

Perhaps that’s why Ange felt able to make today’s statement.

Everyone knows this blog has severe misgivings about this guy, and the way in which he was appointed, another grubby instance of one hand at Celtic washing the other instead of a thorough search for the best person for the job.

He has a lot to prove.

The Celtic fans as a whole are willing to see how he does before passing judgement on him, and so must we because that’s only fair. Until this week it was impossible to truly tell how good or bad this appointment might be.

But there are only a handful of weeks left until this window shuts and if the big guy expects more players – which he does and he’s said so – then let’s see what the guy can deliver. Let this be the start of the process of subjecting him to evaluation now that he is actually in the building.

The boss has proved that he can move this board just by opening his mouth, and getting them to move a little quicker. Now he has the guy he spoke so highly of in a role beside him. If their relationship is as good as we’ve heard that can only help.

Mark Lawwell, it’s over to you. Let’s see what you’ve got.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    When will sevco die when will the demo squad flatten the auld hoor when will every loyalist orange scum be extinct

  • John says:

    Why is your default position that nobody at CP is working hard to get players in other than Ange? once again you give the impression that you want something to fail so that you can rant on about Mark Lawell and Michael Nicholson not being up to the job. As far as I can see the board have backed Ange all the way and have delivered. So Cill!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    I definitely wish him well, the better he does; the better for everyone in the Celtic Family.

    re. Peterbrady comment above, Peter, sadly; we can but dream…

    Or, maybe they’ll try living in the present and not the past, oh wait, I forgot who we speaking about; not a chance of that, never. Steeped in hate, their ‘kulture kills’ and it’s socially accepted in bigoted Scotland. Disgusting state of affairs, shoulda buried them when we had the chance. Ended it for them once and for all, an opportunity like that sadly, will never happen again.

  • john says:

    James, as you say time will tell.

    One thing which interests me and had never been discussed with bloggers. What happen if The Rangers qualify for the champions league(god forbid). Will they get £30-40m.

    With their recent sales will they not be in a healthy or healthier position?

    • Tom Foolery says:

      Whether we like it or not the 10 year old club is on the up and naturally qualification for the CL will not only put them in a healthier position it will also get them on a near level par with us. The biggest problem with that if it happens is that they will spend spend spend while we, as it appears we are now doing, are running to stand still.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    I’m confused about this. So Lawwell has just started the job and we have already signed players. So if Lawwell had no say in the players already bought (specifically the fb and cb) then who did and why were they signed when the ‘new guy’ could potentially have had far better targets in mind for those two positions?. If Lawwell had no input into those two then it all seems a bit shambolic to me.

  • Gerrard Duffin says:


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