The Juranovic And Bassey Stories Sum Up The Difference Between Celtic Fans And Sevconuts.

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With the resurrection of the Juranovic story – or rather, the media’s failure to just let it die – on the same day as Bassey is again in the news, it is worth examining the reactions from both sets of fans to the way these two tales have developed over the window.

On the night the Juranovic story broke, the Celtic fans were broadly split into two groups; those pissed off at the clear attempt to unsettle our player and those who were worried that it might succeed, or that it already had. Nobody was happy.

Nobody was rubbing their hands together, counting the money, although it is perfectly obvious that we turn a nice – a substantial – one season profit on the guy.

But the thing is, Celtic fans don’t care at all about that. Celtic fans are more interested in keeping the best players at the club than they are with boasting about a transfer profit. It’s difficult to understand why the fans across the city aren’t the same.

These guys can’t wait to offload Bassey. If he really is the superstar their media acolytes claim, why would they not be more desperate for him to stay than they are to get him out the door? What is with them? Why all the excitement about a major sale?

They understand that the player simply isn’t worth all that money.

They know he’d be easily replaced if they had that kind of cash to play with. Bassey cracked the first team last season in a big way, but some of his high profile mistakes were so glaring – including in the European final they all talk about how brilliant he was in – that it’s obvious that if they don’t do the deal this summer they face never being able to do it at all.

The press today says two clubs are “in talks” with them over the guy and the excitement in both the media and on their forums is palpable. But what’s the truth? That no actual bid has been submitted and both of those clubs – as I pointed out yesterday – aren’t likely to spend what in Brighton’s case would be a record fee and in Ajax’s would be bear enough one.

Those discussions would have gotten as far as the Ibrox board quoting their ridiculous price, and then stony silence, followed by the hang-up click, on the other end.

That might not be what they want to hear, either in the press or over on their sites, but it’s true nonetheless. He simply isn’t worth that kind of money … which is why, as they look enviously at what Celtic gets for its players, they are praying they get a crazy offer.

We, on the other hand, want some players in and then this window to shut so that all such talk is consigned to the bin. We have a title to defend after all.

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  • Christopher Parkes says:

    No question he’s a good player but never 20 million good. Speaking to Sevco supporting work mates they say fans will be apoplectic if he goes for any less!! Also the narrative seems to be striking while the iron is hot with him. Ie his value will never be more than it is now. Over inflated or not

  • SSMPM says:

    Desperate. He’s got a long way to go to prove he’s worth anywhere near that kind of money, in fact that’s not going to happen because he’s not. As highlighted in the article they believe he will be replaced by a cheaper version, another so called gem, and they will be the beneficiaries of millions in profit (that won’t be reinvested in the squad) which they believe will highlight the revival of their club as a power house. Failing as usual to recognise that they’re not the same club. The are delusional fantasists caught up with their nightly excitement. Desperate.

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