Online casino games: How to kill time while waiting for the upcoming Scottish Premiership

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On the 30th of July, the 2022-23 Scottish Premiership will commence with Celtic as the defending champions. But while you are waiting for the first match to kick off, you might as well warm up with some fun games. Here are the best casino games for ardent football fans.

Waiting for the Scottish Premiership

The Scottish Premiership is right around the corner, but even though you will soon be able to sit in front of the TV or go to the stadium to watch your favourite team on the football field, even the shortest waiting time can feel like agony. Especially this year, when Celtic have so much to lose. After all, in 2021 Celtic won the Scottish Premiership after drawing 1-1 with Dundee United. This time around, they will not only try to defend their title but also be back in the Champions League group stage after a five-year hiatus.

Whether or not Celtic manages to defend their title and obtain European cup glory, you can be successful at playing your own game while you are waiting for the tournaments to begin.

Play casino games and become a winner

If you want to make sure you will feel like a winner this summer, regardless of how Celtic do in this year’s Scottish Premiership, you can take up online gambling. It is an entertaining way to divert yourself while you are waiting for the tournament to begin. You can even find football-related casino games, such as football-themed slot machines. To ensure that you win, you will need to select the right casino and the right game for you.

If you want to maximise your chances of a big score, you must keep the volatility of each slot machine in mind. High volatility will make the prizes bigger, but often also keep the RTP (Return to player) down. Therefore, you need to have both in mind when choosing a football-themed slot machine for you.

One online casino worth mentioning is Netbet. At Netbet every player receives 500 welcome bonus spins when becoming a member, so it is a great place to start if you are not familiar with online gambling. What’s more, Netbet is one of the largest casino sites in the UK with over 1000 games to play. This means you can find a game you like and a game you are good at, furthering your chances of winning. You can read the review of Netbet here to find out if this is the casino for you.

Prepare for the upcoming matches

While you are entertaining yourself with a football casino game, make sure to keep yourself prepared for the upcoming matches. Celtic will play their first match on Sunday the 31st against Aberdeen and it will surely be an exciting match to see. Once the Scottish Premiership has started, you can read all the match reports here to keep yourself informed on how your favourite team is doing in this exciting new season.

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