Aberdeen’s Fans Rejection Of On-Loan Celt Is A Sign Of Their Incredible Intolerance.

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Yesterday, the worst fans outside of Ibrox visited our ground. They made their usual noise until we scored early and then they fell into their usual silence. I was glad. I consider the Aberdeen fans to be a lamentable bunch at times.

The news, last week, that some of their were protesting over getting loan players from our club – with their focus, apparently, on the kid Scales – is not in the least bit surprising. This is a support with a long standing chip on its shoulder and one which, although it certainly hates the Ibrox fan-base, doesn’t exactly have a soft spot for us either.

They would rather, literally, weaken their squad than take our players. That’s how dumb they are. Every club in world football has used the loan system to get stronger. Are they suggesting that our backup players aren’t good enough for their team?

The league table last season suggests otherwise. The league table last season suggests that the backup players from Hearts would have gotten into their side. It is stupid to turn your nose up at another club’s players when your own are consistently dire and underperforming; this is the way of that club’s fan-base though. Small minded and petty.

They are the only fans in Scotland who sing about both the Ibrox disaster and chant to Celtic fans about Ibrox’s favourite scandal. What is that all about? Taking pleasure in dead football fans and abused kids. They are a tough lot to like.

Their own manager has had to call them out on this one though, and his decision to ignore them on this issue is a real feather in his cap. Their club needs all the help it can get. We blew them away yesterday with indecent ease, and a good pre-season and a League Cup run isn’t going to convince anyone that they can start bridging the gap.

Their fan-base really does need to get a grip. The only fans in Scotland who sing “we hate Sevco more than you” and I believe them … but how often they act just like the supporter’s they claim to despise so much. It’s a wonder they don’t see it.

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  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Horrible fan base with a strange sense of entitlement! Weirdos used to go to thst city alot unsocial nerd types that are in awe of us in west central Scotland thats the real issue! They have no humour ,no confidence would never like us self depreciate , they really are like the huns I reckon that’s why they claim to ” hate them more than you” God thsts pathetic yeah come down here and live in act like that! That’s another thing they like der hun are cowards mostly, they really are ” try hard “wannabe huns! Pathetic people

  • Effarr says:

    I`ve never been to “Aiberdeen” and have nae desire tae gang, said Jota..

    Furryboots is it anyway?

  • Johnny Green says:

    First of all let me just say they are totally wrong when they sing that they hate the huns more than us, that is just not remotely possible. Secondly I agree that they are cretinous scumbags.

    However, I do see their point with loans from Celtic. They had Ryan Christie for two seasons I think it was, and all they did was to develop him and make him a better player for us then to reap the rewards afterwards. Loans within the same league is only good for the parent club unless their is a sale involved.

    • Roonsa says:

      That is, word for word, what I wanted to say when reading this article. So thanks for saving me the bother JG.

      • Johnny Green says:

        No problem Roonsa, and I’m sure you would have spelled ‘there’ properly.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I used to work in Aberdeen and found the locals to be inbred, clannish, intolerant, humourless bawbags,

    What’s the strongest muscle in a sheep’s body?, An Aberdonian’s dick.

  • Seppington says:

    I’ve lived in the North-East for 25 years now and it’s true the Aberdonians are a weird bunch. I found them to be stand-offish and cliquish for the most part when I first moved up, but over time I’ve found there are some really good folk up here once they get to know you…or maybe I’ve just worn them down with my incessant charm???


    The Dons fans, however, are a different matter entirely. 99.9999999999999% are loudmouth wallopers when they’re in a group and the topic is fitba, but right enough a ball flying past their keeper into the net usually puts their gas at a peep tout suite.

    In my everyday interactions with Aberdonians most of them barely mention the game at all. I think they’re in a state of acceptance that their team has sucked balls for decades now and in the present there’s little chance of it getting any better anytime soon. They just don’t want to admit it.

    Do I find them as objectionable as Hertz fans? Nope. When the wool-worriers of the NE sign about CA or shout the occasional “Feenyin Bas…” I think they’re doing it because they know it’ll push our buttons. When the Jambo’s do it there’s a large portion of them that are as fully behind the sentiment as their big cousins in Glasgow. That’s REAL scum right there…

  • Starman says:

    MUTANT SCUM just like the FILTH!! Will NEVER WIN FUK AW, A PUB TEAM!! Still as long as they take their customary 4/6 pts aff the Knuckodraggaz that’s GOOD ENUF FUR ME BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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