Ange’s Answer To The Bernabei Controversy Neatly Puts The Matter To Bed.

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Alexandro Bernabei is “fit and available for selection” according to the boss, even as he confirmed that an “incident” took place at the weekend. There are both “external and internal” investigations underway, and the club will take whatever action it deems appropriate.

As one would expect with Ange, he handled this with deftness and composure and has basically closed the issue down completely. Exactly as it should be. The player should be carpeted, but the club will do that behind closed doors where it belongs.

I expect he has already offered his apology to everyone at Celtic Park. This business is settled, and Ange has made it clear that when the internal investigation is over and whatever punishment the club hands down has been processed that he considers it case closed.

We should all do the same. The club has acted, or it intends to act, and the manager has put it behind him. I said in my articles on this that the club should kick this guy’s arse for him but that people talking about tearing up contracts and stuff were being over dramatic. Hopefully lessons have been learned and heads screwed on.

And we move forward from it, just as the manager appears to have done.

It has to be said, Ange handled that absolutely brilliantly today, as he’s handled everything the media has thrown at him since he took over this club. Every manager has these little crises to deal with from time to time, but I can’t remember many better than him at it.

I’ve seen managers in this position condemn their players openly, and publicly. I’ve seen others refuse to discuss the subject at all. Ange not only tackled it, but made it clear that once the internal process is over that he’ll consider it over with.

I am sure – I am certain – that he’ll have had a few words to say to Bernabei behind closed doors, but that’s where they will stay. It’s great man management again from the boss, and means that all of us can put this matter firmly behind us.

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