Celtic’s Interest In The Champions League Qualifiers Isn’t Just About The LOL’s.

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There are a lot of Peepul out there who have a very nasty opinion of me. They seem to think that I’m some kind of sadist, that I take pleasure in the suffering of others. Not “others” I tell them; the club at Ibrox and all who follow it. That’s the extent of it.

When I’m writing about their calamitous Champions League performance, it might be tempting for people to think that I’m doing so because it’s all about the funny. But in fact, it’s not. There are practical consequences, both long and short term, and which make this important enough to keep an eye on. Let’s start with the morale element.

Their club’s summer of bravado was all tied up in their European run. It is very obviously good for us if that illusion is shattered in as brutal a manner as possible. It is obviously to our advantage if their club is seen to have been humiliated on that stage.

For a lot of our supporters, none of that stuff really matters. But it has an impact not only their team but on the way their fans engage and interact with their team. If they are angry and on edge and intolerant of the least mistake, that’s how we want them.

Morale matters. But not as much as the money does.

If they exit the tournament at this stage the immediate impact is the loss of nearly £5 million which they otherwise would have gotten just by going through in this round. That’s the prize for getting to the play-off. They are guaranteed Europa Group Stage football either way, but there’s a £5 million UEFA bonus for getting through this round.

So if they go out in this round, that’s gone. They also lose the extra home fixture, which shaves more money off of them. We know about the loss of the Champions League pot of gold; what’s sometimes forgotten is that we make more money if they aren’t in the tournament. We make an extra £3 million from the national TV pool share just by virtue of their not being there.

And the consequences don’t stop there. I’ll discuss some of the others in an article later on today, but do not let anyone over there kid you that we should not have a very active interest in what comes to pass here. There are numerous reasons – numerous good reasons – why we should be watching it all very closely indeed.

Their trouble is our opportunity. But it runs deeper than that. If we can win this title and get ourselves another Champions League jackpot that will enable us to grow like never before. It’s taken them a decade and £100 million in overspending to get to a point where they feel like they can make a sustained challenge to us.

We can render all of it wasted if we can win this title and the next one. We can put them if not back to square one then at the very least in a place from which they cannot easily escape; our shadow. Believe me, these qualifiers are more important than they look.

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  • Roonsa says:

    It’s nothing to do with you being a sadist as far as I am concerned. I just think it is unwise to be counting any chickens. We all know that lot can easily overturn that result if they get an early goal. Even if not.

    I remember the qualifier v Karagandy when Commons lashed in the first goal just before half time. 2nd half we got 2 and 3 and the 2 goal defecit was overturned.

    I don’t see why that lot cannot do the same as much as I want them fucked out. If it happens, great. If they go through, we move on. Lets just wait till we know before working out the benefits and laughing in their stupid hun faces.

    • Johnny Green says:

      No one’s counting their chickens Roonsa, we all know the tale of a game of two halves, anything can still happen, However, there is no harm in speculating in advance and having the financial advantages explained to us in detail. It is a massive game for THEM but it is equally important for us if they fail. It’s nothing to do with hatred, bitterness or any of those factors, but it has very much all to do with the business side of things.

      Come on the Union Bhoys! Get right fkn intae them.

      • Roonsa says:

        If you can handle it if they do get through then fine. Wire in. I know it’s a war of attrition and we need to keep chipping away at them. I just want to see them out before I start taking it all in. SNIIIIIIIFFFFFF! Oh what’s that? Aaaaah. That’s right. The smell of HUN FAILURE. I do love it. But I’ll hold off just now. You carry on though mate. We need more people like you. Cocky bastards 🙂

  • Tony B says:

    Sound reasons for us to celebrate their failure.

    Schadenfreude at all the hun pain is a welcome bonus.

    Vae Victis.

  • Bob (original) says:

    IF sevco misses out in the CL, then it could be back to virtually weekly Share Issues to pay the bills.

    AND Gio might be hounded out of Ibrox for his troubles.

    Could be the best August ever! 🙂

  • SSMPM says:

    Trouble is its hard not to hate the haters, the ruiners of lives and a beautiful country. If you’re a Celt just walking the street or a decent minded individual you’re subjected to their rioting or their violence, their racism or their foul mouthed sectarianism and so its difficult not to eek out any and every bit of joy at their self pity. The potential negative financial implications and more importantly the droop on their gutted ‘pure gallas’ petted lips is an absolute joy to behold. It was a shit performance not worthy of the big league or praise so they’re not getting it.
    Every manager seems to say, ‘Its what you do in the moment’ well I fcking love this moment. Aye they can still go through or not but that’s another moment. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      It’s a war of information. It’s happening all over the World. The Internet has facilitated a situation where guys like the author of this article can set up at home and challenge the big boys who have been spouting lies since before I was born.

      Problem is, for every James Forrest there is a Gub or whatever his stupid fucking handle is. I am not comparing the two … I stand by what I said. For every James Forrest there is some bigoted fuck spreading hatred and lies and playing the pied piper to all the gullible idiots. That’s on top of the media which is heavily tilted in their favour to start off with.

      The media, as a whole, mainstream or independent, is right leaning. I think it might be to do with the fact that the lefties turned into overly woke arseholes. And now, as a result, we’re left with the bigots winning the information war because there is not enough of a viable opposition.

      I’m rambling now. I know what I mean in my head. It’s all coming out wrong – so I’ll summarise:

      Information war, they’re winning, we’re losing (but not on the pitch which is where it counts). Hun pricks.

  • Andy says:

    Ah, Infowars, wonder how they are getting on? Scumbags like Alex Jones everywhere in the SMSM.

  • Paul Sweeney says:

    Under no illusion that in my opinion they will combust from the outside in

  • Martin H. says:

    They always feel ill will towards us, so it works both ways, the start of last season we were treated with ridicule, about how they could put 3 teams out, we were going to the pub and listening to all this shit, I’ve been going to watch the hoops, since 1964, and last season, was the best I’ve ever experienced.

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