BBC Scotland’s Anti-Celtic Bias Summed Up In Two Different Pictures And Reports.

Image for BBC Scotland’s Anti-Celtic Bias Summed Up In Two Different Pictures And Reports.

Ange was quite snappy yesterday when he stood in front of the BBC’s interviewer, and no wonder considering the ridiculous nature of the questioning. Were we lucky? Were we wasteful? Was he worried?

All of which Ange answered emphatically in the negative.

We were none of those things. We won and we thoroughly deserved to win.

Today even the Ibrox fan sites aren’t terribly impressed with their performance at home against Kilmarnock, in a game that was 0-0 until the 51st minute. We scored our opener at around the same time, but although we conceded the equalizer I agreed with Ange that there never was a moment during the match in which I thought we’d drop points.

As I said yesterday, we’re the only team not allowed to score late in a game. We’re the only team for whom this is not a sign of resilience but simply good luck.

The BBC took an overwhelmingly negative line of questioning yesterday, which Ange swatted away neatly. But their coverage remains abysmal, and so one sided when it comes to how we’re covered as opposed to the side across town.

“Moritz Jenz rescued Celtic with a late goal on his debut,” reads the first line of their match report. Rescued. What a joke.

This is how they covered the Ibrox club’s win in Livingston last week.

“Rangers’ Scottish Premiership title challenge got off to a winning start as two goals within two second half minutes floored brave hosts Livingston.”

No “rescued” or anything else like it in there, eah?

Two pictures should give you the right overall feel for what it is that our “neutral” national broadcaster does in covering these clubs.

This is how our win was received yesterday.

This is how theirs was covered.

This is how they chose to cover the key segment of the Celtic game.

“The game burst to life within minutes of the restart as Callum McGregor played a weighted pass to Jota, who took an intelligent touch past a defender before picking out Kyogo in front of goal for a simple finish.

The goal seemed to intensify County’s endeavour, as they enjoyed decent attacking possession before Iacovitti bulleted home an Edwards corner just short of the hour.

Celtic toiled in search of a second goal until centre-back Jenz glanced a header home from a terrific Jota cross to send the travelling support wild.”

It intensified County’s endeavour? We ended the game with 77% possession.

We had 23 shots at goal. 7 of them were on target.

We toiled? Do those stats suggest that we were toiling? We came up against a packed defence, but we were getting in behind them and opening them up … and we ended the game with three goals.

And how did they cover the Ibrox club’s game?

“Rangers came out determined to improve upon Tuesday’s defeat in Belgium and dominated possession and territory.”

They are allowed to dominate possession and wait for the openings. We are not.

When they do it is patient football. When we do it is “toiling.”

Such bullshit, but what we’ve become accustomed to.

They say that peace is not just the absence of war; well, the BBC has made its peace with Ibrox, and that’s been evident for a long time even if the “war” was still officially ongoing until recently.

Their coverage gets worse with every day that passes.

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  • Dando says:

    One word covers every aching moment of the SMSM and their attitude towards the Champions of Scotland… FEAR


  • Johnny Green says:

    Cue Sean, standing up for the BBC, by saying that they are entitled to their opinion.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    We’ve been “rescued” ten of the last eleven years. UP THE ‘RA

  • Bob says:

    Again, excellent, James. Why is BBC Scotland so anti celtic? Or is there a deeper bias?? I have emailed them on various occasions about this but they deny this so obvious bias. Look at who they employ …

  • Celticdaft says:

    And James for the reasons you wrote about are the reasons I never watch Sportscene or listen to the radio, I’d much rather pull my finger nails out and pour salt in the would than watch BBC coverage of anything Celtic related. The rags along with splurtscene and sly splurts are all the same!

  • John Copeland says:

    I believe the BBC are desperate for Celtic FC to ban it from Celtic park! Why? This way it can spend all their time and resources on their pet project,The Rangers. It would be hugely embarrassing if all Celtic affiliated commentators and reporters were to get together and put out a statement on the bias ,partiality any general favouritism of the state broadcaster for one clumpany over other clubs throughout Scotland! The damage done would be cataclysmic!

  • Nickybhoy says:

    Is there not even one single MP that can stand up and call this out for what it is, blatant bias and one-sided clap trap from the tax funded state broadcaster.

    There needs to be a total clear out of the BBC sports department replaced with a team of professionals asap.

  • Geoff says:

    There was also a number of questions determined to find fault with the debut of Moritz Jens.
    We were told and probably knew that it was a difficult away game.
    Yes we got a victory but not without some difficulty?
    Will only get more biased with McIntyre now in charge.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The media’s bias against our Club has always been evident and I don’t see that changing for the better in my lifetime. All we can do is to keep annoying them by winning every week and, after we beat Kilmarnock next week, we will only be 4 weeks away from a full calendar year without defeat. Now that is impressive, no one can argue with those stats, so let them stew in their own juices as Celtic continue to create more and more records. As long as we are winning we can ignore their petty digs,

  • Michael McCartney says:

    BBC Scotland coverage of Scottish Football is about as balanced as their political coverage and their coverage of the so called Royal Family.

  • Pan says:

    Don’t watch BBC and don’t pay the licence fee.
    There are other ways to get news apart from newspapers and the BBC or TV in general.
    You simply encourage them when you contribute to the licence.
    I have been without TV for 7 years and simply love it. There is more time for things that are important. I am no longer mis-informed by people who try to tell others how to think and what to believe. My School and University education gave me the reasoning powers needed and I know which sources to get reliable information from. The BBC and the MSM mis-report and mis-represent and do so in order to control the general population, most of whom are easily controlled.
    Get a life and give up the TV. It is a drug to many. Be strong and resist.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    140 years of history ended they reported that fact of law in 2012 we will never ever let them forget .

  • Gerry Graham says:

    BBC Scotland had the Newco game live on radio and it was on Newco Tv..We had a game away from home with no Sky or Bt Sport coverage and That says it all..Cancel your Tv License like I done years ago and put these rancid bastards on the dole..If you have a License your paying these parasites wages..Give them absolutely fkn nothing

  • Pan says:

    It is the nature of this bigoted little country. Everything is seen in the light of the supposed superiority of a particular group (klan), reminiscent of the southern states in America.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Bring on Saturday 3rd Sep, that may change a few opinions, the league position is all I am concerned about.

    Killie are a tougher team to beat at home, next up…

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