Brendan Rodgers Has Brazenly Used Celtic To Send A Warning To His Current Bosses.

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Yesterday, something pretty astonishing happened. After years of silence on the matter, Brendan Rodgers finally laid out his justifications for leaving Celtic Park the way he did. In doing so, he showed that what Brendan values above all else is his own reputation management. He didn’t have to make these disclosures, so why did he?

Brendan Rodgers, not to put too fine a point on it, has brazenly used our club to send a warning to his current employers. That’s what he’s up to. The cynicism of it is breath-taking.

He has no shame whatsoever, and no loyalty to anything but himself.

He’s been asked this question a hundred times, so why now has he answered it? He left because of lack of investment in the team, he says, because the club couldn’t meet his ambitions for it.

Without a doubt, that’s part of the story, but only part of it … we know he didn’t get on with a certain person inside the walls, but Rodgers had one eye on the exit anyway.

Why’s this come up now, all of a sudden? It’s because he wants to warn the Leicester board that he left Celtic when the money wasn’t there for him to strengthen and he won’t hesitate to jump ship if they don’t find the cash to fund his grand designs.

What balls this guy has to pull a stroke like this, one that I’m sure they’ll recognise for exactly what it is. He’s laying the groundwork for his rupture with the club, he’s doing it openly and in public view.

The last time I saw something as undisguised and naked as this was when Gordon Brown went on TV during his feud with Tony Blair and suggested that no-one wanted to see him dragged out of Downing Street in the manner of Margaret Thatcher.

Rodgers left Celtic for a multitude of reasons.

Part of the reason he didn’t get backed that window was that Celtic knew he already had a foot out the door.

He had made that plain when he went public with the China story, and there were other things happening behind the scenes which no-one at Parkhead has ever publicly disclosed.

Oh don’t get me wrong, people at Celtic played their part in souring the relationship but they didn’t trust Rodgers as far as they could throw him anyway and with good reason. I wrote the other week that he was clearly on manoeuvres and setting his departure up; this is further proof that he really is manufacturing reasons for leaving his current club.

The irony of ironies is that he framed leaving Celtic as about wanting a real challenge, which reeks of his arrogance and his view that no-one could have done at Parkhead what he did.

If I were his bosses I’d be asking him, “isn’t this challenging enough for you now? Working with the players you’ve got, the squad you built, the money you’ve already spent? Not a challenge anymore, or just too big a one for your ego?”

It would be interesting to hear his answer.

In the meantime, he’s using Celtic to get one over on them.

That is without doubt a dreadful and desperate act and one we shouldn’t forget.

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  • Brian says:

    Snake then, snake now.

  • Gary Brophy says:

    Fuck Leicester fuck Rodgers they were gloating when they got him now reep the whirlwind

  • Nick66 says:

    Thing is, the other half of the “conflict” has now left the top job, and now we see have a CEO and Manager building a team. So Brendan and Peter never saw eye to eye. I put it to you if Ange was in the realm of Peter how long would he last until his enlightenment. The PL and BR ship has sailed and we now seem to be in accord. Long may it continue.

  • Joko says:

    Whit an absolute maggot this guy is.. Absolutely no shame.. Sociopath extraordinaire! Just uses whomever and whatever he chooses..

  • SSMPM says:

    In all honesty James you need to let it go. Leicester, with him, is not the place to be.
    If you want to play or see proper football with a tradition par excellence, win leagues and cups galore, then come to Celtic. You can do that.
    If you want to be in Paradise under the lights on a CL group night agin the best clubs and the best players, then come to Celtic. You can do that.
    If you want to be fan, a player, a singing entertainer, a blogger, a brother fighter of a Celtic way, then come to Celtic. You can do that.
    If you just want to be a lover of a baddass Aussie manager extraordinaire kicking hun ass into 2nd class, in a place nowhere near Leicester. Come to Celtic Ange is doing that

  • Johnny Green says:

    He’s not really pulling a stroke if everyone is aware of it and it is pretty obvious. It’s more like managerial politics, all’s fair in love and war etc., deviousness in plain sight I would say. However, after he had sold our support a dummy about supporting Celtic since he was a foetus, and most of us believing him, including me, I do recognise his ruthless, selfish ambitions. He’s just another charlatan in the Charles Green mould, I still love Charlie though, what a con man he was.

    I agree with Gary Brophy above though, Leicester City brought it on themselves, so fk them.

  • Martyn Gallogly says:

    Brendan Rodgers is a rat and is only concerned about Brendan Rodgers. He talks about coming back to Celtic one day (once the dust settles)
    Aye right!!!

  • Roonsa says:

    1) I really wish you wouldn’t write articles that make the assumption that we’ve all read what you’ve read.

    2) I looked up what Brendan actually said. Hardly anything new in it. He was probably on a non-disclosure which tied him to not saying anything official for a couple of seasons.

    3) So what if he is using that story to “send a warning” to Leicester? It doesn’t impact on Celtic in any way, does it? Could not care less about that team.

    4) Get over yourself with Rodgers. Most people have moved on. I have no idea why you haven’t but it doesn’t make for good reading, I can assure you of that fact.

  • Tom Conway says:

    If he hadn’t bottled the CL qualification two years on the trot he may well have been given the money he claims he needs. Once a Rat…….

  • Quinny says:

    I couldn’t care less about Rogers , he told us he was staying for 10 in a Row and he lied to us , he jumped ship leaving us in the lurch . He’s not said anything we didn’t already know , St Peter put a hold on his spending and he chose his own Selfishness over the aspirations of the Celtic support … so we move on …. Don’t mention the quizling again , he’s not worth it .

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