Celtic Fans Can Safely Ignore All The Hype Over The German We Passed On.

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What a ridiculous story filled our media today; that Celtic were told to “sign unseen” the German “wonderkid” currently plying his trade at Ibrox. The whole thing is absolutely crazy, and the media’s embrace of this player is desperate stuff.

Tillman has scored a goal in an important game and fair play to him for getting to the ball ahead of the keeper in the game. But in the three competitive matches before it he did very little of note.

He showed some nice touches, but was wildly inconsistent.

On the back of that single goal we’re supposed to be gasping with fury about how we missed out on this guy. You know what? It’s nonsense. The whole way the story has been framed is patently daft.

We were told to sign him unseen?

And our scouting department was meant to take that seriously, were they?

Just go out and do it, having never watched him?

(But of course we had, as I’ll get to in a minute.)

What a joke that article is, and what a joke that we’re expected to turn on the club for making an epochal mistake just because he’s turned in one good performance.

What do these people take us for? Over emotional children who lose our shit at the least little thing?

Clubs do not, for a start, sign players unseen.

We actually moved for a Bayern Munich youth player at the start of this window, and that deal was thought to be almost done when he decided he wanted to move elsewhere.

It happens.

If we’d watched Tillman – and of course we did, by then we knew exactly who he was – we very definitely passed on him.

A mistake? Who knows? Even if he turns out to be a good player – and the jury on that is well and truly out at the moment in spite of the media’s hysteria – there are other factors.

What’s his personality like off the pitch? How does he integrate with other players? Does he fit into the playing style and the system?

Apparently none of them concerns the people who write this stuff for the media.

So Mark Fotheringham thought we should have signed him. Big deal.

Maybe if he’d done a better sales pitch than “you don’t have to watch him, just take my word for it” the idea might have been taken seriously by people inside our club.

But it wasn’t a serious suggestion of the sort that a pro would make.

Which is partly why we didn’t.

But Fotheringham was told at the time that Celtic knew exactly who Tillman was, and it was another of their youth players we were interested in.

How does he think it all works exactly?

In the act of going to watch one specific player others will stand out to a good scout. So we didn’t have to “sign him unseen” as even then we knew what we needed to. And we passed.

The story is absurd. It is a gross over-reaction to the guy having one good game, but it’s the kind of thing the media here excels at when the player in question is at Ibrox.

All of a sudden, this complete unknown is a world beater who we missed out on.

What a desperate grab for attention. It’s a story we can safely ignore.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Agree James. I get the feeling that we always make errors in our recruitment if a player turns out for Sevco has a good game, and we missed a chance, as the press would have you believe. Mercedes Jenz scored for us at the weekend past, nobody in the media are saying how Sevco missed out. Perhaps they did look at him, perhaps he chose us over them, who fckn cares. I look at what we have in our ranks and am satisfied with our recruitment. I care not a jot for who is the Sevco flavour of the week In LaLa land. I’m surprised though, that it was not a Celtic snubbed sort of story.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Tilman looks to be a half decent player, as you would expect a Bayern Munich prospect to be, but at this stage of his Ibrox career he is still really got to be tried and tested. Initial signs are that he will be a good addition to their squad. However, if he does have a good season, unlike our loanees from last season, they will have to hand him back as I don’t think there is a purchase clause involved.

    The ridiculous insinuation that we have somehow missed out on this American genius is instantly dismissable and easily forgotten, because we don’t care. Perhaps if the huns give him the experience he needs and develops him sufficiently for his German masters, we might take him off Bayern Munich’s hands further down the line. 🙂

  • Johnny Green says:

    Okay, I just checked and he does play for the USA, so not entirely wrong.

  • Effarr says:

    Hope they don`t live to regret it.

    Wasn`t Aribo`s name not on the famous list that the cleaning lady found in the bin and Celtic denied interest?

    They were given the same advice from a priest in Ireland to scout Pat Jennings and didn`t bother.

    And what about John McGinn that they saw play often?

    They could have had Hickey from Hearts rather than go to Argentina for someone who is going to struggle for a place.

    They don`t always do the right thing.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We don’t always do things right, that’s for sure, you win some and you lose some.

    However, I don’t think Hickey was one of them. He was at Celtic Park for 4 years before he decided to go back to Hearts, where he had previously been as a youth player, and I’m not sure what we could have done about that one. Who knows, maybe we did let him go too easily?

  • John S says:

    Snub stories. Written by Desperate Dan.

  • SSMPM says:

    Adidas is the only German entity that I’m interested in

  • Martin H. says:

    As I said the other day killie not the problem, the pitch is.

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