Celtic Fans Continue To Suffer For Ibrox’s Pandering To Its Lunatic Fringe.

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The least surprising news of yesterday was that the ticketing situation when we go to Ibrox, and when their fans come to our ground, remains what it was. The reports have huffed about it, because they are coming to Parkhead first, which ordinarily would give the media the chance to write about how we were the ones setting out the stall for the campaign ahead.

The thing with that narrative, of course, is that it’s plainly not true and Celtic has made sure that we have put our stance on this out there first, on the record; we had tried to resolve this. Again. We had gone to the Ibrox club and asked for a restoration of the way things used to be. Again. To no avail. They aren’t interested in going back.

Our club knows this, but I think it’s important for us to go through the charade every year, lest people forget whose fault this all is. Celtic did not do this, and every effort we make at resolving this, and which Ibrox rebuffs, puts the focus where it belongs.

Our fans, and their fans too, are suffering because their club bowed to a small group of fans on the fringes of their support. That’s the truth of it. They bowed, and bent, to their most poisonous elements and changed an accepted practice going back decades.

The SPFL should never have let them do it, but they stood back and watched. It was a joke. Those in the media who constantly bang on about this, and claim that it has “lessened the spectacle” can’t be that concerned about it, as they never pressure the club responsible but rather try to paint it as a plague on both of our houses.

Time and again though we’ve tried to fix this. Last season, the Ibrox club actually denied us any supporters in their ground at all for the first game … we repaid them in that coin at New Year. I think most of us were delighted by the atmosphere that night.

I know Ibrox was shocked that we took that action though; they really did think that they would get away with their little stunt in spite of our club warning them repeatedly that we would respond in a reciprocal fashion to everything they did to us.

Ibrox’s arrogance is such that they do believe they can act how they want to and that there won’t be consequences.

Let’s face it, the governing bodies have given them no reason to doubt it, but in their dealings with Celtic they have again and again been reminded how far they can push their luck.

Their presumption that we would go along with their efforts to brand the Australia friendly as an “Old Firm game” were thwarted when we imposed our will on that matter, and they dropped out at huge cost and embarrassment as result.

This is what they do. They act reflexively. They act without thinking. They act because their lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Do not ever expect this policy to change whilst the current board is in place. Do not ever expect sense or sanity where there is none.

And as long as they don’t change their view on this, neither will we. We’re not the BBC. We’re not going to go down whimpering or apologising for standing up for our fans.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Their ticket allocation and our response etc, done to death, who cares.

    The only thing I care about is gubbing them in 2 weeks time when they come to Celtic Park, already behind us in the League Table and playing catch up.


  • Mark b says:

    It does lessen the spectacle of course it does. The reason they do it is they figured long ago if they can build a team to beat most of the poor sides in the SPFL it makes the league very close and makes the CeltocRangers games even more important. So by reducing our fans to 800 they gave themselves as much chance as they could at beating us. Also they were fed up with us celebrating win after win. It will never change now and that is very sad. I used to love going to the Broomloan end at Ibrox

  • Jon Malaxetxebarria says:

    A very clear and true explanation of the Rangers´ attitude towards our beloved Celtic. What happened last season must remind them of our firm position on the issue. CELTIC HH YNWA.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Listen james I like many would rather none of those bigoted, poisonous hate filled perma raging orcs got anywhere near or ground!! Its lose lose for our fans and club! As they showed again last year with their bottle assaults that no action was really taken on then attacking our family section in the next month ! And you want them in or to make it look like we are trying to accommodate those cretins nahhh if some our fans like going to ibrox tough! It’s a great price to pay having a few hundred in our stadium tho as I said it should be none!! Distance ourselves from that ” o f” bs at every turn and give der hun no validation!! You really are a paradox at times eh you cant have it both ways ! I like millions of our fans want no part of that poison or connection to their toxic bile cut them off and it dies a bit more! So please leave this alone as it looks like your the ” ex” reaching out!! Leave it please! We dont want or need no orcs in PARADISE!

  • SSMPM says:

    I’m amazed at this pathetic article. Why should we being seen to bow to them or their thugs, what a stupid stance. To basically argue it shows we’re the bigger or more moral club with the high ground is utterly contemptable.
    So if they decide to increase our allocation we’ll dance to their tune and respond likewise, pathetic. You argue about bad board decision then come out with this dribble. They have made their stance and created an unsafe place for our players, our fans, our staff and for reporters with a Celtic background. You should be arguing for them to be sanctioned for their stance, not gone to bed with. The position this articles takes is weak and well simply pathetic. There will never be an old firm game again, this isn’t the rangers, its thugs. Surely its easy get your head round and deal with the issue of actually letting union nationalist thugs into our house time and time again to smash as much up as they can. They’re thugs ffs.
    If any building visited by the public got smashed up, its supporters and staff assaulted, then the people responsible for it would not dream of letting said thugs in time after time. Stupid, stupid, stupid

  • Bob (original) says:

    In a parallel universe…

    CFC announces that sevco will no longer receive any tickets for games at Parkhead.

    This position will only be up for review lf/when sevco has achieved 2 seasons without any UEFA sanctions for their fans’ behaviour.

    That would get everyone at Ibrox foaming at the mouth! 🙂

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