David Martindale, Give It A Rest And Get On With Your Damned Job.

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According to the press, David Martindale is still snarking at Celtic fans and “critics” over our reaction to his ridiculous pre and post-match interviews over the game against Ibrox the other week.

First he was whinging about it before their game on Saturday then he whined about it when he snarked talking to a reporter after the game when he used his goal scorer’s first name, and then self-corrected it to call him “Mr Montano” instead.

This guy is a bubbling bitch. He should get over it and get on with his job.

It is amazing to me that he has had criticism for his management style and his team’s performances and said nothing more about it but that he’s had such a visceral reaction to these critiques.

You get the impression of somebody trying a bit too hard to deny the obvious.

For the last couple of seasons now he has repeated the same behaviour every time his club has come up against the one from Ibrox; he has started with praising them, wrote his own team off and at the end of the games gushed with praise about how good they are.

If Martindale wants to be taken seriously, if he wants people to stop accusing him of being pro-Ibrox then maybe he should stop acting as if he is. If he wants us to stop calling him out on being more interested in their club than his own, then should stop raving about them as if he works there and not at Almondvale.

If he thinks it is not legitimate to question his motives he’s wrong.

If he thinks it’s not legitimate to ask whether he feels worse about losing to Ibrox than he feels happy about their having won, then he is delusional. He can snipe at people who ask these questions all he wants, but within hours of that criticism being levelled at him he was sitting down with one of their fan podcasts for a cosy chat, something I have never heard of before.

Derek McInnes is a self-confessed Ibrox fan and an ex-player there.

He returned to that ground at the weekend and lost.

Did he rave about how brilliant the home side was? No, at full time he expressed genuine disappointment in the result and was angry that his team didn’t show enough initiative. We know what McInnes is … but nobody either before or after that match had any cause to question where his loyalties lay because he put Kilmarnock first.

I am certain Martindale gets this. His bubbling about it all is an attempt to distract us from the reality of his performances against the Ibrox club. But he’s fooling nobody.

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  • Tam says:

    Martindale said that he could not get away with telling his team not to try. And the reason he gave was he has 5 or 6 CELTIC supporters in his dressing room. But Mr Martindale picks the team, makes substitutions, sets out the team formation, advises the team on the tactics. Maybe just maybe Mr Martindale using that power he could influence a game

  • Pan says:

    Agreed! He is a bit too noisy about it all which suggests that he is feeling the heat of being rumbled. McInnes gets respect, because even if he does support the Ibrox club, he still gives the club he plays for his full effort. Martindale is a long, long way from earning respect.

  • Tony B says:

    Martinjail is a hun fanboy.

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