Fear, Loathing For Sevco, And A Load Of Belgian Waffle About VAR.

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Sometimes it just isn’t your night.

But sometimes you get exactly what you deserve, and tonight the historic record stands thus; 22 European games last season and this, and seven wins. On the back of that they got to a final.

They also crashed out of the Champions League once.

They need a big performance at Ibrox or the record will be seven in 23 and out of that tournament again.

When the dust settles at Ibrox next week I expect that a lot of revisionism will be going on. But this site has said it from the start; their European displays have just not been that good. Certain results stand out, but overall it is not impressive. Especially away.

There will be revisionism too about how long it took some of our players to settle in. It’s all nothing but Belgian waffle. Giakoumakis in particular will be held up as the proof that Colak will come good. He’ll have to do it quick.

Most of our players hit the ground running and never looked back.

There are players in their team who are a triumph of hype … the new signings have been expected to lift them to a new level. It’s early doors … but the signs are more amusing than anything we need to be concerned about.

They were all over the place tonight. The Belgian Bhoys pulled them to pieces. I thought they looked a lot like us; they play a high press, they move the ball quickly, players know when to move and where to move to … they are well capable of scoring at Ibrox because that tonight finished 2-0 but it could have been a much more convincing score-line.

VAR is getting it in the neck, of course … I find it hilarious. It’s a penalty kick. Kenny Miller is greeting like a big wean about not knowing if it’s intentional but admitting that he doesn’t understand the rules.

No shit, Sherlock. I am sure the ref does.

All of a sudden, all these people who have been looking forward to VAR’s introduction have realised that it’s not being introduced to give their club every decision.

Their bubbling about this one tonight is hilarious. It caps the whole night off.

“Van Bronckhorst looks frustrated …” Alan Hutton said.

Aye, that he wasn’t managing against David Martindale tonight.

You could see the fear on his face.

The loathing will come when their fans have to watch a Champions League knockout next week.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Most amusing, I wonder how long it takes for the hate Gio mob to get into full flow. The hate Souttar mob has started already it seems.

    Still trying to punt the £60k guy from Dundee for £10m.

    No rating their keeper at all.

    I can see hagi, Kent and Moreorless desperately trying to get back into first team contention.

  • Nick66 says:

    I watched the game with The BBC Sportsound Comments and Malaysian commentary. The neutral Malaysian v the Biased Been was distinct. Hadn’t a clue what the commentator said, but got their enthusiasm for the play. Listening to the Beeb trying their hardest to big up Sevco,then realise that VAR hates them, priceless.
    Not a lot to fear with that team, only the “unbiased” refs in the SPFL.

  • SSMPM says:

    It all well and good to laugh and to take joy from their misery, though they still believe it will be a walkover next week, but as Sutton said what about the coefficient?

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Only saw the second half of the second half, so I’ve missed the goals; ach, I suppose watching them will be the cherry on top.

    Iboaks next week will be unmissable.

    Hope they get pumped again and gio gets flung under the bus, unsettling times…lol lol

    • Seppington says:

      Next Ayebrokes manager – David “hun-lovin’ criminal” Martindale. Get the bets on.

  • Martin H. says:

    Totally disjointed, if you run at them with pace they brick it, as you say James not a Martindale team, sitting back waiting for the goals.

  • Martin says:

    The penalty decision was terrible. No justification at all in current laws. But, these things even themselves out and Ibrox have had dozens of very soft penalties so ho hum. They were lucky to keep it as low as 2, to be honest. This was like our match on Sunday… 2 nil going on 10. That Ibrox team really doesn’t cope well with pace or teams taking the game to them. I hope Ange was paying attention.

    • Pan says:

      I hope you know that Ange pays attention to everything. Detail is his thing.
      I am quite sure also that the referee is well acquainted with the laws of the game regarding penalties. It’s the refs in our wee country that have problems with this.

      • Martin says:

        I am a ref, not in Scotland. It was a wrong decision. Not to the lunatic level the media over there are making out, because it actually still left a far too flattering scoeline for the ibrox unit- by rights that tie would’ve been over long before the penalty incident, such was the gulf. But it was a poor decision. I wonder if the fact VAR referred it to him held any sway, as I wouldn’t expect that to be something VAR would flag up going by the things outlined in our pre-season meetings. Little things like that can affect you “VAR flagged it, there must be something in it” etc.

        But as I say, it’s a wrong decision but not one I’d have lost a lot of sleep over either way and there won’t be any sanction for him from UEFA- because it was a wrong decision, not a bad one. And in the law of averages, they’ve had this coming for a while due to some very dubious penalties they got domestically for the 10 years they’ve been about.

  • harold shand says:

    Their defence is fcking honking . McLaughlin was being made out to be some kinda ready made wonder replacement for the Mcgregor , if Hart had two games like his last two the media would be slaughtering him , Goldson is a donkey who doesn’t want to be there but had to stay cause no one wanted him , he hates the orcs and the orcs hate him

  • Roonsa says:

    I am keeping my powder dry for now. I am glad they got beat but an early goal at Ibrox next week and I can see that lot caving. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out that way. But I am keeping my HaHaHa’s in the bank for now till the bastards are out.

    • Martin says:

      Always wise. It’s never over til it’s over. We must not forget we lost to Red Imps, then comfortably overturned that. I actually wonder if the ibrox lot looked so bad because they are really awful, or if it’s just because so many new players not bedded in yet. I’ll be very happy if they fail to progress, but until that time I won’t gloat.

  • Gerrard Duffin says:


  • Michael Conway says:

    It could be a long messy season down at castle greyskull,they have already flung out the PR for todays game,anger fc are always angry

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