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How Long Can Some People Kid Themselves On About The Strength Of This Celtic Side?

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The delusion goes on.

Yesterday, in the aftermath of the game, Ibrox fans were on their forums telling each other how poor we looked. Were they watching a different team than I was? We were excellent for large parts of that game yesterday, and only the finishing was missing.

Had we got that right, we would have racked up the cricket score.

At the start of last season, when the team was still being assembled and the whole country wondered what shape it would take, it was perfectly feasible for the sneering halfwits of the media and their support to believe whatever they wanted.

But the evidence is in. We are champions, still on an outstanding unbeaten run. How the Hell do these clowns think that happened? That run included beating them home and away in the league. They are deluded to believe that this is not a good team.

Ange was angry yesterday. Angry, after a win that was as routine and simple as you could hope for. Their own side toiled against Livingston and their manager thought they were excellent, and so did many of their own fans. Yet Ange was not impressed because he knows that we’ve got even better in our locker, and he’s determined to get it out.

The stupid thing about their delusion is that it hinders rather than helps them. If Martindale’s team had shown a bit more guile on Saturday they might have dropped their first points of the season; even they have to recognise – as we do – that unless other sides can get results against us that we’re going to be in very good shape when we play them.

They aren’t the only ones who believe this, either.

This morning, I read Keith Jackson’s idiotic pro-Ibrox puff-piece this morning; he thinks our title win last season had nothing to do with the number of games we won and the long unbeaten run … he thinks it happened because Ibrox underestimated Ange and they took their eyes of the ball. What a gross insult that is to everyone at our club.

But that’s an insult I can live with, because it reeks of arrogance and fear. The media most certainly did underestimate our manager, and they still can’t bring themselves to admit that they were wrong. What Jackson is saying is that they only slightly underestimated him; he was better than they thought but on his own not quite good enough.

It took an Ibrox collapse to make him into a contender.

This is stupidity on a colossal scale, of course, and the proof that these people still haven’t grasped how good we’ve become, or that we deserve to be taken seriously. They continue to wait for us to fall apart, for the coach and four to turn into the pumpkin and mice … and so they continue to insult us and to sell us short.

But because they also fail to grasp the seriousness of their own position, they are going to make mistakes. Ange will too, but not as many as not this serious. Apart from the strength of this squad, and this team – and it is significant – that’s why we’ll win this.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Fear, rage or delusion, the Sevco mindset at any given time. They manifest in everything that they say and write on their blogs. As long as we carry on in the way we’re going at the moment we’re looking good for another title. Let them bleat and rant all they want. It’ll not make Sevco any better, or Celtic any worse.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Let them continue to underestimate us, more fools them. It is early days I know, but they are already playing catch up. It is a slight gap that will only grow as we assert ourselves and pick off the opposition one by one, week by week. Let’s see if they can handle the pressure, starting tomorrow night in Belgium while we are relaxing at home. I don’t know how good the Belgians are, but I’m sure they will give a good account of themselves and they might well even triumph. It is wishful thinking on my part, but the Huns have helped me with my wishes before. Progres Niederkorn, lest they forget.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Celtic are strong all over the park ,twice over in every position. When the players take the field on a weekly basis just now, they do so knowing full well that they have to play out of their skins to make it impossible for Ange to drop them, They are well aware that they have an equally good quality player breathing down their neck and that there is no room for relaxation or error. We the fans can, and are going to relish this, we are spoiled and we fully deserve to be, We have a season to remember in front of us and the Champions League groups are sure to be exciting, no matter the outcome. Our players will be fully committed in every game and so will our wonderful support, so bring it on Glasgow Celtic. We do not stop.

  • Pan says:

    Why in God’s name do you concern yourself with what they think?
    They are irrational. If they want a false sense of security then good.
    There thoughts do not concern us.

  • Pan says:

    There should be their. Apologies.


      Thank fluck. At least one other contributor knows the difference.
      It gets on my wick as does, knows and noes or nows or nose, where and we’re or were.
      Your and you’re.
      Don’t start me on no commas and full stops (periods).

      • Seppington says:

        None of it is any worse than “would/could/should of”. That really boils my piss.

  • Tony B says:

    Giofanni was found out big time last season and it will be much worse this year.

    Celtic are solid favourites with the bookies and with anyone who knows anything about football, which rules out the sevcvnts and their fanboys in the SMSM.

  • Roonsa says:

    It’s all bluster from both sides till we play them.

  • Damian says:

    Fans of rival clubs often console themselves by looking for arguments which suggest their rivals are poor, even when there is demonstrable evidence to the contrary. You don’t need to look very far to find that kind of thing.

  • Patrick McCarthy says:

    Our squad has excellent options in every position. This season will be substantially better than last year. How many wins in a row will it take to make people realise how good we are. What will you be thinking when we win every domestic and European tie home and away this calendar year.

  • Margaret Hoy says:

    The great deluded as usual think they are superior side but Ange knows different Hail Hail

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