Hutton’s “Warning” To Celtic Keeper Over VAR Is Plainly Idiotic.

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The thing with this job is that you are constantly surrounded by media swill.

It is sent to me constantly, or I find it myself trawling through the forums and the aggregators looking for actual news to write about. Day after day there is the kind of thing I want to write about here; comments from Alan Hutton about our goalkeeper.

Hutton, as you know, is one of the new darlings of the media.

They think this guy is worth reporting on.

Every word that comes out of his mouth, no matter how ridiculous, ends up spread around as though it were Holy Writ. When the media complains about the blogs constantly running them down and when they debate the lowering of the tone of the national debate they want to look in the mirror and question the amount of coverage they give to halfwits.

I don’t know whether his comments yesterday were serious and just stone stupid and ignorant or if all he did was attempt to stir the soup – I suspect the former but you can never rule the latter out – but I do know they weren’t worth anyone repeating.

He has watched the highlights from our game at the weekend and plucked out a single incident and tried to push it into the spotlight. That he has failed is largely because the media has been focussed on promoting other nonsense, like the Juranovic lies.

His contention was that some innocuous incident in the game involving Hart barging a player, with his hands up, could have been looked at by VAR. He appears not to know that keepers play most of the game with their hands up.

Was he screaming for a penalty? No-one else was.

Was he suggesting that the incident constituted serious foul play, which is the only other thing VAR really looks at?

The incident certainly didn’t reach that threshold or anything like it.

So what in God’s name is this clown talking about?

Hart will have to “be careful” in the future? Of what? Of numpties like him dreaming up nonsense like this? Not a single hack highlighted this incident before he did. Not one, not even the Usual Suspects.

Honest to God, this is the sort of thing that drives me nuts.

This incident wasn’t worth even a second glance, but this muppet has looked at it 100 times and found something about it that he doesn’t like. This is why I lose my rag at the media time and time again, because a couple of their outlets published this idiotic story yesterday instead of ignoring it.

It’s not my job to ignore this stuff.

It’s my job to target it and those who write it.

Hutton is a joke, of course, but still this has to be treated semi-seriously as an attack on our player. It’s not the only daft one we’ve seen this week … but it is the dumbest.

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  • himuptheroad says:

    Where were his comments when Mcgregor dug his studs into Ajer’s ribs when they were on the ground following a coming together in the box? As clear a red as you could witness – except if you were a Sevco supporting referee of course.

  • Nick66 says:

    Just came away from reading the excellent Celtic By Numbers, Yorkshire Whistler assessment of”contentious” decisions. A very interesting part of CBN’s blog. The Joe Hart “offence”, looked at, explained, and dismissed.
    We are always going to get the desperados in the Sevco/ex Rangers biased reportage in clickbait sites bumping gums in the eternal hope that we will falter and Sevco will prevail.

  • Thomas Hendry says:

    Why do you bother about what anyone of them say

  • Nick66 says:

    PS, watching DU getting humped at AZ. What hope for Scottish football in Europe. DU I’d have supported. Let’s hope Sevco receive a similar fate.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Also watching Dundee Utd. 6-0 down. Commentator mentioned Hibs and Celtic losing heavily. Never mentioned huns losing TWELVE. HH

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Eintracht Frankfurt 12-4. Lovely stuff. HH

  • Johnny Green says:

    Being verbally attacked by Hutton is like being savaged by a gumsy sheep.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Cue Sean, after his earlier conniption, telling us that Hutton is entitled to his opinion.

  • John S says:

    The future of VAR in Scotland will be quite different from other countries. Folk will be wanting penalties and points for injuries in the warm-up.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Perhaps Hutton should be sending a warning to Alan McGregor re VAR. It was Hutton who infamously stamped on Ajer – Play on. Nothing to see here. Funny how McCoist and those who,like him, love to dredge up the past never revisit that episode.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Mutton is an idiot…However given the bias of our refs is it possible that when VAR is introduced that any and every incident involving the slightest wee thing by one of our players will be looked at in order to produce a card or disallow a goal?

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Although i’m all for it, personally think the VAR here will be in danger of turning into a charade.Too many individuals with leanings towards one particular team up here for it to run impartially imo. Think in most cases where its still almost impossible to tell one way or another, my money’s on who’ll get the decision and it’s no us. One thing, it SHOULD take care of the bulk of dodgy pens they get. We’ll see.

  • SSMPM says:

    Its just another attempt at corrupting the already heavily corrupted and bias press, media and football adjudicators in Scotland into seeing and making decisions in a certain way, their way.
    They don’t have any cheating refs or officials in Europe but in institutional Scotland they have and they know their team doesn’t have the stuff about them to do the job so corruption of VAR officials is the new target

  • Edward Murison says:

    No mention assault wen mcgregor kicked hibs player out his box right on.his spine was blatant assault he knew exactly wot he was doing and targeted hibs guy he went in.his studs up bout 5ft in air yet harly mentioned Hart forgot more bout goalkeeping mcgregor even knos he dirty b d simple as that hope gets num 1 spot back become a joke figure in goals more mistakes than scarecrow wud have in goals allways good for howlers

  • JimBhoy says:

    Not looking forward to VAR if it’s Scottish ref’s in charge of decisions.

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