Ibrox’s Whingeing About The Belgian’s “Disrespect” Is The Act Of A Pitiful Club.

Image for Ibrox’s Whingeing About The Belgian’s “Disrespect” Is The Act Of A Pitiful Club.

What a pathetic, contemptible press conference they had at Ibrox today, full of blubbering bitchery about the Belgians and their after-match celebrations. Ibrox really plays the victim card for all its worth, don’t they? And their demands for “respect” sound ridiculous when delivered by a club which doesn’t have the least bit of it for anyone else.

USG were playing in Europe for the first time in 50 years. The Ibrox club was, if you believed their own hysterical hype, fresh out of a European final where they had established themselves as a top continental side. (No laughing in the back.)

Knowing this, and believing their own bullshit, they expected what? The Belgians to do a quaint wee walk around the pitch at the end of the game applauding their own fans? I repeat, and without the need for hyperbole; they were in their first European game in fifty years and had beaten a European finalist. Some would say they were entitled to party.

But as usual, Ibrox cannot see beyond its own self-centeredness. Their players had been brought crashing down to Earth. They had turned up expecting an easy night and instead were played off the park, and that must hurt, the same as having your delusions shattered must hurt, but to demand respect when everyone else knows it has to be earned?

That’s just shameless self-pity and misplaced arrogance.

Read this wallowing codswallop in The Daily Record.

“USG lapped up their fans’ adulation after Teddy Teuma and Dante Vanzeir goals put them in the driving seat to win the tie. Their players linked arms at full-time and saluted the jubilant home fans as the Light Blues trudged up the tunnel following a damaging night in Belgium. The outcome stung Rangers, as did the post-match scenes, with Lundstram vowing to use them as a form of motivation ahead of the return meeting.”

Honest to God, isn’t that dire? Isn’t that just the most wretched thing you’ve ever read? It “stung” them? Watching people take a well-deserved lap of honour? Are these grown men or children having a tantrum?

Does that club not realise how bad it looks when it pulls this sort of thing?

What’s worse is that it actually pushed the Belgians to explain their behaviour, as if they had done something wrong on the night. Their manager had this to say.

“”I think after the win we were happy. When my players win in training or in games they are happy that they have won. This is our culture. It’s not disrespect for the opponent. Not at all. We were happy for us and the efforts we made and we celebrated together but the respect we have for Rangers is very, very big, I can tell you this.”

I’ll bet that respect is a lot less now that their club has behaved in such a chickenshit fashion. It will be even less again when they go to Ibrox tomorrow and knock these swaggering idiots out.

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  • Frankie says:

    Does that lot know the meaning of the word disrespect.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Felt the same when celtic players and fans totally disrespected them under the lights at Celtic park.
    Celebrated as if the league was won.

    Oh it was!! You got to roll with it.

    So should OFFC.

  • John Copeland says:

    I got the distinct impression watching thug Lundstram talking piffle today, that he wants to leave his calling card on an opposition player tomorrow for having the gall to disrespect the Rangers! Disrespect! That really is a tuppenny yin coming from lazy, languid Lundstram.

  • Charlie dee says:

    Anything to wind up the tension for Tuesdays game1690 and all the same old rehtoric No doubt a resident of the Vatican will get a welcome as warm as the Belgians Follow!! Follow.!! and all their hate filled diatribe .

  • Dinger says:

    Lucky they never got to George’s Square

  • Dando says:

    Instead of moaning about everything and everybody they should just be grateful they’re still in the tie, only just !!!!


  • john clarke says:

    Exuberant celebration on winning the first game in a home and away contest is justified for
    reinforcing team confidence and for gamesmanship. They did beat the “Second Best” Club team in Scotland. In the next game If Union S G get the first goal, the Bluebags will lose their cohesiveness and start dashing around like Blue Arse Flies, burning-up energy. If Union S G win; I will say it worked.

  • DavieBhoy says:

    Moaning, whining, complaint after complaint, negativity begetting more negativity – twatp
    Provided an early goal isn’t forthcoming.
    Things could go Resident Evil tonight with hoardes of Zombies in the stands.
    If that mob wake up from the dead just long enough to Boo their own players after 15 minutes of no goals.

  • john clarke says:

    Wrong again. Rangers win 3-0. They used the surprise high ball from a back to their on running forwards successfully. They are a dangerous team. They also grapple their attacking opponents and get away with it. Sepp Blatter tried to clean-up this type of play.
    It’s getting worse in all the big Leagues.

  • Michael Conway says:

    Did anger fc show the league sponsors any respect last year,course they didn’t,no club has any respect for anger fc due to there continued butting of heads with everyone associated with scottish football,this sorry club should ply its trade in Russia or korea

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