If A Heavy Defeat To Celtic Gets You Sacked, Ross Will Not Be The Last Manager Fired.

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The news that Jack Ross has been sacked as Dundee Utd manager is not really all that surprising.

He was already on the brink before we rolled up at the weekend and inflicted a momentous defeat on his club. But Ross will not be the last manager to face Celtic when he is under pressure.

He will, therefore, probably not be the last one fired.

Because we’ll do this to clubs all season long.

We will rout any side who come into a game against us vulnerable or weak, and our manager has proved that he will not spare those clubs or their managers or show them the least bit of mercy.

Ross had already suffered a major humiliation, against AZ in Europe.

His side conceded 16 goals to two very good attacking teams. But their record has been poor aside from those mammoth losses and that’s why Ross has been ejected.

But if losing heavily to us can push a manager over the cliff, then anyone who plays us and who is already in the crosshairs is going to be in deadly peril. Clubs are too prone to sacking managers fast; the Motherwell boss went for his side’s horrendous European knock-out to a League of Ireland team, and a lot of folk thought that was harsh.

(I personally didn’t. It’s the kind of result you should get sacked for, more than if your side loses 9-0 to a vastly superior football team.)

This pushes up the stakes significantly.

Will Callum Davidson be in peril by the time we play St Johnstone?

Will Malky Mackay be in trouble by the time Ross County come to Celtic Park again? We play them tomorrow night in the cup; their bad start to the season already has him in the danger zone.

If we rout them … might he go as well?

Whether you agree with the likes of Chris Sutton that this sacking is a “knee jerk reaction” from the Dundee Utd board, a troubling precedent has been set for bosses who come up against us when we are on such blistering form.

It could cost a struggling manager more than just three points.

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  • Geoff says:

    Was just thinking of the day we were 5-0 up against Sevco under BR with 35 minutes left and it finished 5-0.
    How many would Sundays squad have finished with??

  • Martin says:

    I think we might get 10 against someone this season. Jack Ross should’ve been sacked, the score on Sunday was just the tipping point. But united are now looking to get a manager in with less than 48h of a transfer window to sign players? Good luck.

    We had a bad start to the season last year, with a “risky” appointment. Imagine we’d sacked Ange? Crazy the way clubs deal with managers and I think the Scottish premiership will see a spate of sackings this season.

  • Benjamin says:

    I don’t think it was the 9-0 score that got him the sack, rather it was the way the team has played for the past month. Losing to Livingston, Hearts, and St. Mirren by a combined score of 8-1 with two of those at home is simply unacceptable. They can’t score and can’t defend, and something had to change if they’re going to avoid relegation. If their board has any sense – and I suspect they do – they knew Celtic was going to walk away with 3 points. There’s no shame in that. But conceding 9 goals with no obvious plan to contain our attack is inexcusable. Parking the bus isn’t going to get results against Celtic, but it’s at least a viable strategy to keep the score respectable.

  • MarkE says:

    United went from having one of the best defensive units in the league last season, to this! Its a shocking turnaround, but they did look like they had the makings of a half decent side, all things considered!

    You could see they were trying something different this season, and with a little more time, maybe they’d have turned things around, but we’ll never know now.

    I’m assuming whoever takes over there will revert to type for a Scottish team outwith Glasgow and play backs to the wall defensive football and long punts upfield.

  • Johnny Green says:

    He should have been given more time, shame on the Dundee United hierarchy, are any of them getting sacked for having a half empty ground?

  • S Thomas says:

    Unfortunately for me, he deserves the sack, terrible performances and results. They were decent under Courts, since then horrendous. Scott Parker was sacked at Bournemouth, which I thought was harsh, when you consider who they have played in first few games. It’s just not happened for Jack Ross , since he left St Mirren. A shame, seems a decent guy as well.

  • john clarke says:

    Your headline is most apt. Paddy reported that Ange was “sad” to hear of the sacking of Jack Ross, because Clubs have become impatient with Managers efforts. He gave the example of Jurgen Klopp’s slow winning start at Liverpool. It was reported that Dundee Utd players said, THEY let the Manager down. When the majority Owner/Chairman of the Club bought the Club in late 2018, he said something like; I am only the custodian of the Club. The Club belongs to the Community. Well said.
    After last season finished The Record reported the following:
    28.05.2022 daily record… Sorry can’t find the Journalist’s name.
    Dundee United owner Mark Ogren admits the club needs to sell some of its top talent to balance the books. The Tangerines sold several stars last season including Lawrence Shankland to Belgian side Beerschot, Jeando Fuchs to Peterborough, Kerr Smith to Aston Villa, Jamie Robson to Lincoln City and Louis Appere to Northampton.
    Other clubs are now casting envious eyes on some of the brightest talent coming through the ranks at the Premiership club such as academy graduates Lewis Neilson, Ross Graham, Archie Meekison and 16-year-old Rory MacLeod.
    American businessman Ogren has ploughed millions into United since taking charge of the club in 2018 but recently insisted the club has to become self-sufficient.

    I wonder what the Dundee Utd support (community) thinks.
    I think that the managers of Scottish Clubs in the SPL would agree with Ange’s
    sentiments. Jack Ross has a reasonably good record as a Manager. He needed more time. The best players were sold. “Fair go Mate”.

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